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Cynthia Morton

Cynthia Morton


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"Emotional Fitness"

By her story alone Cynthia Morton challenged the audience of Parliament House to quell their tears. Cynthia tells of her amazing and inspiring story of her life’s journey overcoming drug and alcohol addiction to building the Emotional Fitness Foundation. Today, her work has earned her recognition awards of excellence and distinction, including a film award for a documentary based on the pilot of her Emotional Fitness Program.

Cynthia is the bestselling Author, Blogger, Lecturer and Founder of the multi award-winning Emotional Fitness Program. Since 1995 she has helped nearly 30,000 Australians – from the leaders of commerce and industry, indigenous communities, elite athletes and teens - improve their emotional health and well-being. Her extraordinary work has been recognized with an Australian of the Year Award, The Prime Ministers Award of Excellence Award, and The Pride of Australia Medal.

As a columnist for Better Health Magazine, Spa Life, Brisbane Circle and Spark Magazine Cynthia is often asked to comment in the media on emotional issues. The Emotional Fitness Program has provided services for: Australian Federal Government (Dept. of Health & Ageing) Griffith University Royal Brisbane Hospital, QR National, Relationships Australia Queensland, State Government (Dept. Health) Lifeline Australia, The Department of Education, The Step Up Foundation, Montessori Australia, Family Relationships Services Australia, Brisbane City Council, The Proteus Group.

Cynthia’s keynote presentations and workshops offer a common sense formula and emotional tools that take the individual on a voyage of discovery. She explores the impact emotional illiteracy and heart trauma has on a human heart as it gets stuck in the mode of survival.

Emotional Fitness

“To thine own self be true" is the catchphrase of Cynthia’s workshops offering the opportunity for participants to review their current state of Emotional Fitness in all areas of daily life.
The award winning Emotional Fitness Formula delivers the three essential emotional structures that improve emotional self care, knowledge and resilience. 

Session Overview:

  • Understanding why and how some people become emotionally unfit and “hard work"?
  • Universal emotional avoidance techniques via the misuse of “weapons of mass distraction" (alcohol, drugs, food, spending, workaholism and other obsessive compulsive behaviours)
  • Fight & Flight reactions with drama and conflict
  • Behaviour is a language – decoding Victim, Rescuer and Perpetrator personalities
  • Anger Awareness
  • Personal Boundaries and emotional self preservation
  • The stages of the grieving process and how this impacts daily life (divorce, death, sickness, violence, abuse, betrayal etc.)
  • Constructive responses when other destructively react
  • Addressing patterns of self sabotage
  • The art of minding your own business

The unique Emotional Fitness Formula has enabled thousands of Australians to successfully make that u turn away from just emotionally surviving life, towards heartfelt and intimately fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. Cynthia’s workshop provides the opportunity for delegates to do an on the spot Emotional Fitness Health check to ensure they are not approaching emotional burnout themselves. A six minute DVD is also included documenting Cynthia’s work in this field over the past decade features client feedback, clinical opinion and television interviews.


When Cynthia talks about her life, she takes you on an emotional journey so powerful, you start to question things about yourself that perhaps you choose to ignore. Hers is a story of emotional recovery – from intense anger, deep sadness and pain, she found the strength to change her life and then grow into the extraordinary person she is today helping so many others with their emotional wellbeing. Cynthia connects with people through her language of words. Words that remind us that we are all human and share a continual roller coaster of feelings and emotions. Her ‘Daily Word Vitamins’ are insightful snapshots of the way we feel, helping us reconnect with ourselves and others.
Deborah Hutton

As a strong fit man I once presented a physically powerful external shell but internally I was struggling. In a nutshell, I was immature and emotionally unfit. I’m grateful for Cynthia’s Emotional Fitness tips over the years, she has helped me to build the emotional muscle I needed to become a more emotionally accessible man and father.
Wayne Carey

Cynthia’s perspective was very different. It was based on her personal experience and also what she had seen in hundreds of others who had developed substance abuse or other addictions. Correctly she saw the link – abuse, its emotional and social impact, the desire to sooth distress, depression, loneliness and worthlessness, and self-medication leading to addiction.
Professor and Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine

She was one person I felt who would give me a perspective and insight that would help and that person was Cynthia. She is not a traditional councillor and says up front that what she offers is not based on text books or degrees and for me it worked. I can honestly say that with Cynthia’s guidance I have pushed through some life- long issues and have found some true happiness as a result.
Robin Bailey

Hundreds of people from my portfolio have participated in this one-day revolutionary program. My 1200 staff are drawn from an incredibly diverse range of occupations, towns, ages, backgrounds and educational levels. They have repeatedly stated that this is the best program of their lifetime. I absolutely agree. This is the first time in my 30-year work career that I have ever observed such an overwhelmingly positive response from such a large number of people that are from such an enormously diverse range of backgrounds. The positive flow-on effects to the work-culture have resulted in a quantum leap in awareness and attitude. That impact was immediate and has now embedded as a self-sustaining set of behaviours. Staff frequently state that it has significantly changed all aspects of their life." 
Dave McMah, General Manager, Freight QR National

“Cynthia is the most amazing woman; she has changed the life of thousands of Australians with her Emotional Fitness program." 
Jane Johnson CEO Lifeline Northern Territory

“Our member group had not heard of Cynthia but she quickly engaged the group. We were a group of 20 couples who had come together for a fun and networking weekend. Cynthia’s topic did get to all of us and we would highly recommend her to any group looking to listen and learn about life. Emotional fitness is something we all ignore but understand it when made to think about it. I personally have changed the way I think and live" 
CEO Victorian transport Association Inc.

“Cynthia, Thank you so much for being a part of the May 2011 conference – we have had some awesome feedback and inquiries to get your details so I am sure you will be in high demand in Adelaide moving forward (I am sure you already were).So a massive, massive thank you for an amazing session, your story, life, challenges and actions are very inspiring! Thank you so much!" 
National Events Manager, Proteus Events

“Cynthia Morton’s Emotional Fitness Program is unrivalled. Learn from her how to support yourself and others and be renewed". 
Aust. National Council on Drugs & World Health Org. Advisory Committee.

“This lady is a brilliant communicator and motivational speaker". 
Director of the Australian Institute for Suicide Prevention Griffith University.

“Cynthia shows us that patience, persistence and personal effort can achieve emotional fitness despite tragic experiences." 
President of Australian Medical Assoc of Qld

I believe Cynthia's work 'Emotional Fitness' has much to offer to members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community who are seeking more tools and a road tested map to healing. Cynthia has an honest, personal, 'down to earth approach which is something, I am sure Goori would be willing to hear. Gallan Goorringen! 
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Programs Relationships Australia

“When I first heard Cynthia speak, to be perfectly honest I was incredibly impressed by her raw gut wrenching honesty it was immensely moving". 
Dr Timothy Sharp Happiness Institute Sydney.

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