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Rob Redenbach

Rob Redenbach


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Streetwise Leadership

Rob Redenbach excels in blending the art of self defence and psychology, then serves it in a dynamic and meaningful style. Consultant, author and former Australian Army solider, Rob has taught self defence to specialised defence outfits and law enforcement professionals including Nelson Mandela’s Presidential Protection Unit, British and European special forces, and protection teams in both Iraq and for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He successfully transfers the psychology of high risk situations into the workplace, demonstrating the value of using brains rather than brawn in conflict.

Ranked by Business Review Weekly as one of Australia's Top 10 professional speakers, Rob Redenbach blends humour, experience and hard facts to demonstrate the value of working with (rather than against) people.

Rob holds postgraduate qualifications in terrorism, safety and security from Charles Sturt University. His practical experience includes working with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, teaching self defence to the American FBI and British special forces and providing security services to aid-workers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Going beyond physical security, Rob provides unique insights into leadership and human behaviour. He has been featured in a variety of mediums, including: the Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly and Virgin Blue's in-flight magazine. Rob is also the author of Waveman ? From Backstreets to Baghdad and Beyond.
Equally comfortable delivering a 30-minute entertaining after dinner presentation, a dynamic 60-minute keynote presentation at a business conference or an intensive 2 day hands on program for law-enforcement professionals, Rob Redenbach has successfully transferred the psychology of high-risk reaction to everyday life.


From Nelson Mandela’s protection unit to leading high risk protection teams in Iraq in 2005, to developing individuals, teams and organisations in the corporate world.

Having served with the Australian Army in South East Asia during the mid-'80s, Rob's involvement in combative approaches sent him on an amazing odyssey through India, Korea, Japan, China and Papua New Guinea before travelling to South Africa where he spent five years teaching customized self-defence to government organisations, including; the Special Task Force, the South African Navy and Nelson Mandela's Presidential Protection Unit.

A successful author and respected consultant, Rob has lectured at the FBI Academy as a guest speaker, taught unarmed combat to British and European special forces, and during the build-up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics he provided specialised conflict-resolution training to subject-matter experts from Australian Special Forces, the State Protection Group and the Australian Federal Police. Rob continues to train Special Forces and Police around the world – from SWAT to the British and Australian SAS.

Hi most recent book Waveman has been described by Peter Fitzsimons of the Sydney Morning Herald as “A Tour de Force". Waveman is an inspirational road map on personal development, leadership and much more. Sharply humorous and wonderfully candid, Waveman goes beyond autobiography to draw compelling insights into the nature of integrity and two of the biggest threats of the 21st century: internal doubt and external aggression.

Rob's first book, Perform With Confidence, introduced thousands of readers to the value of using brains over brawn when dealing with conflict. It was this book that attracted the attention of the business and management community and has since seen Rob featured in mediums as diverse as The Today Show, UK Ultra-FIT, the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and Qantas InFlight radio.

His latest book Be Your Own Bodyguard, provides invaluable advice for dealing with the challenges and uncertainties of a less-than-perfect world. Interspersed with Rob's own experiences in places such as Israel, Botswana and Thailand, Be Your Own Bodyguard is an easy to read mix of tactics and techniques that effectively demonstrate why Rob's expertise has been sought by a wide range of organisations.

High Risk and Everyday Life

High-risk environments bring into focus how well organisations work or don’t work; problems and faults in high-risk environments are made starkly apparent. Success is not only measured in profit or loss but in life and death.

Rob speaks on leadership, training, planning and problem solving – successful teams and organisations in high-risk environments are no different to those in everyday life.

Key Presentation - Streetwise Leadership

Rob Redenbach's signature presentation, Streetwise Leadership blends hard facts and personal experience (plus a healthy measure of good humour) to cut to the bone of what it takes to be a better leader.

Drawing from a diverse range of extreme experiences in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Rob provides pragmatic insights into what it takes to influence the outcome of any situation involving people.

Streetwise Leadership has direct relevance to:

  • Business Leaders
  • Sales Managers
  • Coaches and Mentors
  • Team Members

Customer Service

Offering a refreshingly independent view of effective leadership, Rob's strategies equip delegates with practical tools needed to bridge the gap between mere authority and genuine leadership.

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving
  • Powerful Communication
  • Crowd Control

Generating Change

With a message that crosses industries, age groups and personality types, Streetwise Leadership is a fast-paced mix of original thought and inspirational entertainment.

Security Matters

Duration: Half-Day & Full-Day Versions

"Redenbach's training is an accelerated learning program which is able to accomplish a variety of teaching objectives in a relatively short period of time."
Commander FBI - Los Angeles SWAT Team (Extract from The Tactical Edge)

Rob Redenbach's Security Matters provides a tactical blueprint for, first and foremost; avoiding safety and security problems and, importantly, what to do and what not to do if avoidance fails.

Security Matters is not aggressive or confrontational training. You do not need to be a martial artist, a special forces solider or a security expert to benefit from this program. Past participants include:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Aid-Workers
  • School Teachers

Providing advice beyond the obvious, this interactive seminar has practical application to any situation where self-belief, tenacity and clear thinking are necessary components of success.
Security Matters modules include:

  • Avoidance Procedures
  • Proper Planning and Preparation
  • Proactive Security in contrast to Reactive Security
  • Understanding the Anatomy of Pressure
  • Understanding the Characteristics of Fear
  • Essential Self Defence
  • Survival Strategies and Guidelines
  • Negotiation Techniquez

These modules not only provide a valuable learning opportunity for anyone interested in improving personal safety and security, the structure and content of the program also provides unique insights into leadership, benefiting from change and dealing with pressure. If you are a Conference Organiser or a HR Manager, this one-day seminar can help to make your next event the best ever.

Security Matters has been developed and refined by Rob Redenbach, the successful author of Waveman - From Backstreets to Baghdad and Beyond.

Rob's latest book, Self-Defence in 30 Seconds! is now required reading for Applied Psychology students at the Cincinnati Christian University. Here's how University Lecturer Jay Kidwell, Ph.D., described Redenbach's book:
"After the first two chapters of Self-Defence in 30 Seconds! I realized I needed to slow down and really enjoy it. It's obvious a considerable amount of experience and thought has gone into this book. I've never read anything quite like it and it all makes perfect sense. It will be an invaluable resource for me and my family."
Jay Kidwell, Ph.D.

NB: Although Security Matters includes a self-defence component, this seminar is not physical self-defence training. The primary focus of Security Matters is on providing strategies and concepts for avoiding violence and mitigating risk.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Path of Least Resistance
              A master storyteller, Rob blends humour and hard facts to provide powerful insights into reducing conflict and building trust. His 'Path of Least Resistance' works equally well as a plenary keynote or an entertaining after-dinner speech. A highly experienced facilitator, Rob also provides 2-hour Leadership Without Rank master classes that equip existing and emerging leaders with practical tools for building collaborative, resilient teams.


“An outstanding presentation - we gave Rob the hard shift, immediately after the final lunch and he kept delegates riveted to their seats! His style is engaging, enthusiastic and he directed his presentation to the audience superbly".
City of Melbourne

“Rob provided us with a completely different view on ways to manage communication and conflict. Great stories and examples really enjoyed it!"
The Oracle Corporation

“Redenbach was absolutely FANTASTIC!"
First National Real Estate

“The whole team thoroughly enjoyed Rob Redenbach's session and it certainly invigorated us for the rest of the afternoon. We all loved the presentation and style and thought it was very relevant to everybody who took away different messages/experiences from the talk."
Shell Mining & Construction (Oceania)

“Finally, a really unique speaker with a fresh and truly amazing story to tell."

“Rob delivers an important message that applies to all of us in everyday life…entertaining and thought provoking. Feedback from delegates has been great."
Lend Lease Advisors Services

“Redenbach’s method of dealing with the risks and realities of hostile competition is a forward thinking, intelligent approach."
Barrister & Close Protection Specialist

“Rob Redenbach has an aura of hard earned wisdom about him"
Ultra-FIT Editor

“The additional benefit of Redenbach’s training is the development of mutual respect and esprit de corp".
Los Angeles FBI

“I have read many books and completed several courses on business and management subjects but this particular aspect of business reality is not dealt with anywhere else…extremely entertaining and informative."
Crewe Consulting Pty Ltd

“Our elite group expect the best and they were not disappointed with Rob Redenbach. The issues and methods he explained proved so relevant to the business challenges we currently face…the timing could not have been better."
Apogee Financial Planning

“Rob Redenbach’s address was clearly the highlight of our business program…an outstanding presentation."

“There are very many similarities between the hostile environments of business, combat and sport and your presentations were not only extremely interesting but very valuable to those in attendance."
National Partnership Ltd

“Rob grabbed the audience attention very quickly and kept them interested and entertained."
SAPRO Conference Management

“Excellent. Rob is an intriguing character. He worked hard for us in blending his message into a farm business theme. He gave us 110%."
Farm Management 500

“Excellent. An inspiring speaker. His experiences translated well to the local government industry."

“Rob was voted in the top three most inspirational speakers in our audience. His weaving of real life stories and his theories was very effective."
Farm Management 500

“Rob gave a compelling account of what can be achieved if we set goals and focus on outcomes."
Business Sales Telstra

“An excellent, practical no-hype speaker."
CPA Australia

“Rob’s presentation was both educational and entertaining."
City of Whittlesea

“Rob provided us with a completely different view on ways to manage communication and conflict. Great stories and examples really enjoyed it!"
The Oracle Corporation (Australia)

“Redenbach was absolutely FANTASTIC!"
First National Real Estate

"Rob Redenbach's presentation was by far one of the more inspiring and impactful messages delivered to our team in a very long time. Rob’s opening immediately caught the attention of our 120 delegation and with ease he successfully opened the door to his world. His message delivered great focus on the importance of thinking out side the square, emphasising the importance of adjusting, adapting and achieving our goals and missions through thinking differently and working smarter. Rob's interaction with delegates intensified his presentation, making the experience real. His personable nature and professionalism is definitely a key element to making his presentation memorable and meaningful. Thanks Rob for a job well done – and for opening our eyes to the bigger picture!"
Corporate Communications Executive - LG Electronics

“Wow - an action packed presentation delivered with humour while at the same time challenging the way in which decisions and the subsequent required actions are made. A must for all decision makers, team leaders and those involved in customer service." 
General Manager - Business Development, Phoenix Society Inc.

"We gifted every one of our broker and adviser guests a copy of Rob’s book What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard as part of our National Roadshow. Rob’s message of courage and relentless curiosity aligned perfectly with our values of initiative and helping others to be successful. His ability to fully engage an audience for over an hour without needing a single PowerPoint slide certainly justified our decision to work with him and I’m looking forward to exploring how he can partner with us beyond this year’s event.”

"Rob’s session was both invigorating and inspirational and feedback has been outstanding. Many of our people have now also read What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard and the application of Rob’s personal journey to his professional presentation created an environment of relevance where our people had a real opportunity to look at their own leadership style and consider appropriate changes.”
CEO – Barfoot &Thompson

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