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Chelsea Pottenger

Chelsea Pottenger


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Mindfulness & Productivity

Chelsea Pottenger, a former Division One basketball athlete and top performing corporate executive for Johnson and Johnson, was hit with Post Natal Depression in 2015.

Chelsea founded EQ Consulting Co. in 2016, driven by a passionate belief in the need for businesses to invest in the psychological wellbeing of their people.

Chelsea is an internationally accredited Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner and is the ambassador for R u Ok? and The Gidget Foundation Charities.

Chelsea unpacks Mindfulness from a scientific approach, where even the biggest sceptics in the room are curious enough to start taking their brain to the gym.

When Chelsea speaks everyone walks away feeling inspired, having relevant practical tools to implement, a detailed resource book and access to Chelsea’s on-line guided meditations.

Chelsea is currently studying a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience.

Presentation Topics:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness: What is Mindfulness and Why should I care?
    Over the past couple of years, just as technology has soared, peoples need for calm, and mindfulness has also increased. We approach mindfulness from a clinical perspective, not a spiritual one. You will learn about the neuroscience behind mindfulness, the benefits for your brain, how to upgrade the hardware of your brain. You will walk away with 3 mindfulness tools. 3 minute guided meditation, mindful eating chocolate exercise and an intrinsic motivation activity. 
  • How to thrive?
    This session teaches you how to recognise your own stress triggers, offering quick techniques to calm down your stress response and how react to stress differently. Participants will walk away with 3 mindfulness tools: Activating The Parasympathetic Nervous system through breathing, gratitude activity, nourishing versus depleting activity. 
  • Mindfulness & Productivity
    How do we become more productive, with less resources and less time? This session teaches you how to squash procrastination and minimise multi-tasking. Participants will walk away with 3 mindfulness tools: Walking guided meditation for the time poor, Pre-commit activity, minimise distractions activity. 
  • Mindfulness & Resilience to stress
    This workshop teaches you strategies to build resilience and stop rumination in its tracks. You will learn about the neuroscience behind stress, anxiety and rumination. It will stop people getting stuck and getting on with their day. Participants will walk away 4 mindfulness tools: Journaling, Cognitive-behaviour therapy, growth mindset, calming anxiety meditation. 
  • Mindfulness & Compassion
    The session teaches you how to cultivate self-compassion for yourself and others in your organisation. It helps you shift your perspective to enable you to see things from others point of view. Participants will learn about the neuroscience behind empathy and compassion. Participants will walk away with 3 mindfulness tools: Loving kindness compassion meditation, pay it forward activity, Silence the inner critic technique. 
  • GUT Health and Sleep Hygiene
    We spend 30 years in bed. 40% of us are suffering some form of insomnia. This session teaches relevant, holistic and western medicine approaches to get deeper rest. You will also learn about the second brain – the GUT. How the GUT is linked to the brain and how to take care of it for psychological wellbeing. Participants will walk away with 3 mindfulness tools: A guided sleep meditation, sleep hacks, GUT health tools. 
  • Mindfulness & Connection
    This workshop we establish strategies to have a healthier relationship with technology and how to establish a morning routine to set you day up for success. You will learn about the neuroscience on how social media is rewiring our brain. Participants will walk away with 3 mindfulness tools: New mindfulness techniques for the time poor, Time management, Setting your morning up for success activity. 
  • Mindfulness & Sales Excellence
    This workshop is around sales and relationships. If you realise how important your networks are, we would spend more time selecting who we hire, nourishing our talent and sustaining them. This workshop explores how to build instant rapport, what the great sales people do, what the sales people should avoid and how to chase the antelope. Participants will walk away with 3 mindfulness tools: Circle of Influence activity, Common Tribe activity, and Active Constructive Communication activity.


BAI Communications

Chelsea was FANTASTIC! She brought insight and tools to help kick-start focusing on the present and tools to bring a more positive you into your life. Thank you so much for talking to us Chelsea! I really enjoyed both sessions and am going to my best to practice mindfulness and good gut health (......after the bag of Malteasers of course. Good luck with your big talk tomorrow and I hope to see you again soon!
Workplace Health & Safety / HR Coordinator, National Tiles

Today’s Seminar with Chelsea on Mindfulness, was so empowering. Hearing Chelsea’s story and her passion and knowledge for the mind makes it really easy to relate to her.
OLD / NSW Local Purchasing Officer, National Tiles

Absolutely Inspiring! Chelsea is educated, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about educating others to have a healthy mind. I will certainly be adapting the tools she has provided me to create health and wellbeing in work my life and my personal life. Thank you again, was so great to have the opportunity to attend both of your sessions!
Team Leader, Local Purchasing, National Tiles

Chelsea, I would like to thank you for the Mind Training session today, the information and simple to follow Ideas you imparted on myself and the others in attendance was fantastic. I know for me just those simple little tasks of not trying to do 2-3 things at once (even though I thought I was very capable) has made an enormous difference already. The having a break after 60-90 minutes of focused work has given me much more clarity on the rest of my day. I can’t wait to sit and just meditate and focus on what I want to be, I am sure this will benefit me greatly. I look forward to your next session to be able to report my progress.
Operations Manager, Southern States, National Tiles

Thank you again for being so inspiring, I just want to say a huge thank you for coming in yesterday and speaking with our team! The entire team were super engaged, like I’ve never seen before, and it was the hot topic for the remainder of the day.
Executive Assistant, REA Group

Thank you for having such a great and positive impact around Cook Medical. The feedback has been fantastic both around the course you are delivering but also about you personally as a warm and passionate person. Thanks for being part of our team.
CEO, Cook Medical

We were lucky enough to have Chelsea present to our teams on Mindfulness and Productivity. It was an amazing experience personally and the engagement and feedback from our most valuable people have been terrific. If you are serious about the wellbeing of your people then give a shout out to Chelsea. She has an engaging, down to earth approach to what can be a challenging topic to unpack!
CEO, National Tiles

Chelsea’s honesty and authenticity captivated a very diverse crowd. The scientific-based advice makes her highly credible in the corporate environment and brings a secular approach to mindfulness. We would highly recommend Chelsea to any organisation that would like to learn more about the link between mindfulness and productivity.
Corporate Affairs Manager, Graincorp

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