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Eric Knight Dr.


Academics - Ageing - Asia - Business - Change Management - Demographic Trends - Forecasting - Globalisation - Inspirational - International Relations - Keynote Speakers - Negotiation Skills - World Affairs

International Business

Dr Eric Knight is an outstanding intellectual with the ability to be clear in his communication. As an Australian Rhodes scholar, he studied environmental law and economics at Oxford and has since worked for the OECD and United Nations as well as the World Bank. He is the author of the book Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems and his writings frequently appear in the Australian press. His session the Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas titled ‘What's Killing Australian Innovation’ sold out a month in advance. As the son of an Australian father and Chinese mother, he’s also well placed to discuss the future of an Asian Century and the rise of China.

Born in 1983, Eric Knight graduated from the University of Sydney in 2007 and was soon on his way to Oxford to take up his place as a Rhodes scholar. While at Oxford, also tutored Masters and undergraduate in the Department of Geography and the Environment.

After achieving his doctorate in environmental law and economics, he was employed as an economics consultant to the OECD in Paris and the United Nations in Geneva looking into the financing of clean energy projects in developing countries. He’s also worked for the World Bank and Australian government, assisting with the development of policy reports. He’s currently a research associate of the ANU Centre for Climate Economics and Policy as well as working for the Boston Consulting Group, advising leading Australian corporations as well as the Australian government.

He has been a frequent contributor to the Australian press, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian Financial Review, Quadrant, The Drum, The Spectator and The Monthly.

In 2011, he hosted a panel at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House. Titled What's Killing Australian Innovation, the session sold out a month in advance.

He’s also the author of the book Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems, launched by Malcolm Turnbull in February 2012. It was listed as one of the top five recommended books (fiction and non-fiction) by the Booksellers and Publishers trade magazine.

Reframe has been compared to Freakonomics but for politics and business. It questions how big decisions are made in a world filled with seemingly irrational people. It explores finance, immigration, climate change and terrorism, examining common patterns in the way problems are approached, and how they can be solved.

Eric is currently Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Management at the Sydney University Business School.

Eric is comfortable speaking to audiences on topics of business/ economics and politics/ current affairs. His research interests include international finance; private equity; infrastructure finance; public financing approaches to clean technology deployment; and investment management of pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Eric is comfortable talking to most business audiences as well as schools and universities.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Political psychology
  • Current affairs
  • Green innovation
  • Climate change
  • The Asian century
  • Australian innovation
  • Change management
  • Motivational talks


"Eric spoke at a breakfast of the North Sydney Chamber of Commerce held on Friday, 13 July 2012, at the Kirribilli club at Lavender Bay, overlooking Sydney Harbour.
His presentation topic was People Power- the Importance of Local Community in a Rapidly Globalising World and it was based on his book 'Reframe’. There were about 60 people in the audience and they engaged Eric in questions and answers at the end of his 40 min talk.
From the moment I contacted Eric and asked him to consider making this presentation, I found him to be warm, friendly, courteous and professional at all times. He was keen to know more about his potential audience and the issues they face in order to ‘frame’ his presentation appropriately for them.
As a speaker, I found him to be confident, clear and he had a well-structured presentation which had been well prepared. His presentation style is easy-going and storytelling, which made the audience feel comfortable while at the same time keeping them fully engaged with his presentation. His anecdotes were fascinating, topical and relevant to the audience.
It has been a pleasure to have had this opportunity to work with Eric and I hope that we will have future opportunities to spend some time with him and learn from him."
President - North Sydney Chamber of Commerce

“The extraordinary breadth and depth of Knight’s knowledge, and the scale of his insights, place Reframe in the rarefied company of books like Blink, The Black Swan and Freakonomics."
book critic at TIME magazine 

Eric Knight is a wonderful new player on the intellectual football field. He brings a rare combination of penetrating intelligence, deep knowledge, common sense and -- all too rare -- the writing skill to make ideas come to life. Judging by the chapters I have read his book `Reframe' is going to be an original and vital contribution to understanding politics.''
Author of The Rational Optimist, (which has sold over a million copies worldwide) 

“Eric Knight asks us to apply a different lens when looking at some of the trickiest problems. And by doing so we do indeed find new solutions. Great insight and intriguing reading."
Hans-Paul Bürkner, President and CEO, Boston Consulting Group 

“Not only is it well written and entertaining, but Reframe turns conventional thinking on its head and leaves one asking, what if?"
David Gonski – Chairman of Investec, Board of Sydney Theatre Company.

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