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Jeremy Meltzer

Jeremy Meltzer


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Founder i= Change

At age 21, Jeremy lived in Cuba, where he became acutely aware of many issues facing women and girls.

This lit a fire in him. In an effort to understand these complex issues, Jeremy began travelling to over 30 countries, meeting with dozens of NGO’s that work with women & girls. What he found was extraordinary; the opportunity to unlock massive social and economic benefits within communities. Although he realised this opportunity would need funding.

So Jeremy began an olive oil business with his father in 2005, called Yellingbo Gold. Seizing the opportunity to be the first Australian extra virgin olive oil in the US, Jeremy grew Yellingbo into a highly successful export, sold across 40 US states.

Now running a profitable business, cooking with Martha Stewart and being featured in The New York Times, he never forget the issues he wanted to impact, and looked for a way Yellingbo could give back to the charitable projects he’d visited.

Although, he couldn’t find a simple way to do this. So Jeremy imagined a new model…

What if, instead of asking customers to donate, Yellingbo made the donation and customers, after checking out, could simply choose where it goes? What if, via a tech platform, Yellingbo’s customers could see in real-time how much their purchase has raised and it’s impact?

Nothing like this existed. Jeremy decided to build it.

i=Change was born over five years of failing, refining, learning and re-launching. Since finally cracking the code, i=Change has become the first technology solution of it's kind, making it simple for brands to give back and turn their business into a 'force for good' with every sale.

i=Change has since grown into Australia's fastest-growing social enterprise tech start-up. Now in partnership with global brands, i=Change is creating positive change in 14 countries, impacting the lives of over 130,000 women and girls, and counting.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Business as a Force for Good
    In 2018, capitalism is reaching a tipping point. Without a deeper purpose beyond product or service, no business can realise it’s fullest potential.
    Learn how Jeremy turned a 3am idea into Australia’s fastest-growing social enterprise tech start-up that‘s now impacting over 130,000 people in 14 countries. Understand the global movement of ‘business for purpose’ and the game-changing opportunity this presents.

    • Failing fast & the journey to social entrepreneur.

    • Why consumers have moved on… and the enormous opportunity this presents.

    • How purpose drives profit and, when authentic, can be the most powerful form of marketing.

    • The heart of retail pain and what every organisation can learn.

    • Millennials and the ‘experience economy’. How enlightened retailers are reversing the prevailing trend by turning every purchase into a memorable experience.

    • Build a highly engaged tribe of customers & staff.

    • ‘Radical transparency’. Why now?

    • Women as key drivers of growth

    • If 2018 is catalysing a new era of purpose, what’s coming in 2019.

    • A powerful example of innovation and entrepreneurialism, Jeremy’s story illuminates how digital disruption can create significant social good with many business benefits – highlighting the global call to humanise business, to reflect our common values and the world we wish to see.

  • 2018: Women & millennials, changing the world
    Millennials - and women especially - are becoming this century’s greatest drivers of growth. Jeremy explores this global movement and how progressive, forward-thinking businesses are simply doing better. 

    • Jeremy predicted women would become the leading drivers of economic growth. This is now becoming a reality, as women and girls‘ empowerment becomes the defining issue of our century.

    • Learn how truly progressive businesses are succeeding beyond expectations.

    • How are enlightened retailers reversing the prevailing retail trend and thriving?

    • Over 85% of all purchase decisions are made by women. Understand the enormous opportunity of the female economy.

    • With powerful case studies, explore unconscious bias and the opportunities we miss, for e.g. what have we learnt from female entrepreneurs in the developing world?

    • Understand the unexpected benefits of diversity, investing in women, and why men’s involvement is fundamentally important.

    • If 2018 is catalysing a new era of purpose, what’s coming in 2019?


A powerful talk that deeply inspired, and has given our business even greater purpose. As an important message that’s enormously relevant, Jeremy distilled a global movement into an exciting and simple way forward, urging us to remember our ‘why’, while understanding the business case and how giving back meets the emotional expectations of customers today.
CEO, Esther

A genuinely charismatic speaker on a subject increasingly important to businesses, their customers and staff. Jeremy is one of the very few able to connect the dots and inspire audiences to understand the business rationale for having a clear 'purpose beyond profit', and explain this fast-growing global movement and the opportunity.
Director of Commercial and Innovation, Octomedia, Inside Retail Live

Jeremy’s story was inspirational and moving. He clearly and effectively articulated this growing movement and the opportunity. His innovative business model to create social change through corporate ‘giving’, helps my team understand the benefits and impact our customers could have on extremely worthwhile causes around the world. Jeremy has a natural and very engaging presentation style, which stirred many positive emotions within my team and myself. We're promoting his worthy business across our customer base.
Head of Transactional Banking, NAB

Jeremy is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve encountered. He speaks with great passion as he motivates organisations to unite in using the power of business to support women and children around the world. His engaging and charismatic style has the power to motivate and influence, making him the perfect ambassador for real and lasting change. I hope Jeremy’s work encourages more men to lead with such conviction, compassion and care.
CEO, Cristina Re

Jeremy is an engaging and compelling speaker who has the talent for connecting deeply with his audience, through his authentic and credible communication style. With the right balance of charisma, wit and substance, Jeremy has the ability to make complex and difficult topics resonate and move people to action.
CEO, Childwise

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