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Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson


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Sydney- Hobart Rescuer

From one of the worst marine disasters in Australia’s history, Peter tells his story in his role as paramedic aboard the first rescue helicopter, amidst some of the toughest weather conditions in sailing history. Peter shares the incredible experience that tested his mortality on two occasions, in humbling contrast to the six who lost their lives that day.  A powerful story that illustrates the capability of ordinary, well trained and dedicated people, complete with incredible rescue video footage.

Peter Davidson is a humble man but a remarkable Australian.

On December 26th 1998, 114 Yachts left Sydney harbour in the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, yet only 44 finished. Of the remaining vessels, 12 yachts were abandoned, 5 yachts sank, 6 men lost their lives and over 50 yachtsmen had to be winched to safety.

The event is recognised as one of the worst Maritime disasters in Australian history.

Peter Davidson, a paramedic aboard the first rescue helicopter to reach survivors, talks about what it took to rescue 8 men from the stricken vessel “Standaside” in the midst of some of the worst conditions in sailing history.

Sea conditions were described by many of the survivors and rescuers as “a Hurricane” – waves running and breaking at over 25 metres (that’s as tall as a six story building) and winds gusting at over 120 km/hr. - Conditions into which Peter was winched to conduct the most testing rescue of his career.

Peter and the crew of Helimed One undertook rescues that are seen as beyond that ever asked of rescue helicopters. The crew has been recognised nationally and internationally for their bravery, skill and dedication.

As Peter relates “Awards and recognition are great, but nothing was better than the smiles on the faces of the survivors and their families.”

This is a powerful and moving story of showing the best of what ordinary, well-trained and motivated people can achieve.

Peter shares this incredible story in which he himself almost lost his life twice. A gripping, real-life drama that tested Helimed One and stands testament to achieving under extreme circumstances.

A story of success and achievement that explores themes including:

 • The ability to adapt to a changing environment
 • Leadership
 • The power of preparation, training, planning, systems, teamwork and trust.
 • Training not luck
 • How to perform under pressure
 • Overcoming failure - From failure to success


“A sensational presentation that inspired us all”
Australian Financial Services

“Peter Davidson gave a very moving and motivating presentation and with the Q & A at the end we were able to draw out key messages/objectives of the presentation as we needed.”
McKinsey & Company

“Excellent. Peter’s presentation was very well received and appreciated by our clients.”
Outlook Financial Planning

“Excellent. Humble but very impressive speaker...received a standing ovation from delegates at the conference...very well received...INSPIRING”.
Exceptional Events

“Nothing less than a standing ovation for a Good Aussie Bloke.”
Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club

“Peter Davidson was fantastic - He has been the most inspirational speaker we have had to date. I could hardly get him out of the building as the guys had so many questions to ask of him. His attention to detail and ability to recapture the moment was amazing and he was such a nice person too, an absolute pleasure to listen to. You could have heard a pin drop the team were so attentive. There was nothing but praise for Peter. A lot of people shook his hand and thanked him as they exited the room.”
Corporate Express

“Excellent. Exceptional – kept everyone spellbound. Very unassuming and down to earth. Worked our theme of ‘communication’ very clearly into presentation.”
William Adams Pty Ltd

“Excellent. Enthralling account of a real Australian hero”.
Livestock Transport Assoc of Vic

“Excellent. Everyone was captivated by Peter Davidson's presentation, especially the females.”
Financial Planners Association

“Excellent. He was as always superb and captivating.”
Timbercorp Ltd

“Peter Davidson presentation enthralled and captivated the imagination of the audience. Not only was he inspirational but it put our own problems into perspective.”
The Age

“It was truly an inspirational story and you deserve all the accolades that have been bestowed on you. Your story touched everybody in the room and the matter of fact style with which you portrayed the events had everybody in awe of your courage and humility.”
Lumley Life

“Excellent. Peter Davidson successfully combined what was traumatic life experience into an example for professional learning in teamwork. His presentation content was inspirational.”
ADT Security

“Excellent. Peter Davidson had all in attendance enthralled. He was the best speaker I have ever seen this year… said one of our guests.”

“Excellent. Everyone was very impressed with Peter’s story and presentation. A true inspiration.”
Mint Organisation

“Thought Peter Davidson was absolutely fantastic. A moving and emotional experience, one of the best!”
Guardian Financial Planning

The feedback I received from dinner attendees on Peter's talk was excellent. They were absolutely enthralled with his presentation. His down to earth manner and "boy's own annual" story was exactly right for that audience."
BlueScope Steel

“Peter was exceptional. He was a delight to work with and thoroughly professional. Feedback from his presentation has been unanimously positive. He delivers his story in a style that holds his audience spellbound - I have no criticisms or negative comments to make. He was wonderful
Barfoot & Thompson

Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Assoc

Great presentation that resonates with the audience due it being such a significant event in Australian history. Peter was outstanding and easily connects with the audience and left everyone wanting more, great down to earth guy who was involved in an amazing situation. Highly recommend Peter.
Arrow Energy Pty Ltd

Peter was fantastic. Delegates were impressed with the heroic efforts by Peter and the team aboard the Heli-med. Apart from being completely mesmerised by his story, key messages of team building, belief in yourself, belief in your team, understanding and cooperation were adopted by all delegates. We thank Peter for taking the time for a Q&A post presentation and for sharing his story with us
John Holland Southern Region

Excellent doesn’t do justice to how powerful, profound and engaging Peter is. As a presenter he taught a room full of health professionals the true meaning of humility and integrity. Peter delivered a once in a life time presentation that left most people speechless and connected key theme's of resilience, tenacity and ingenuity. We cannot thank Peter enough for what he has given our business.
Maximus Solutions

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