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5 Winning Strategies To Retain Top Organisational Talent

By Admin | 8 December 2016 |

According to a survey, 47% Australian employers believed the turnover is too high, 40% of organisations reported loss of personnel is a top concern, and 55% of employees are in search for better job opportunities.

What is the real story behind employee turnover and disengagement in the corporate world today?

Inefficient managers

There is a direct correlation between how employees are managed and their job satisfaction. It is estimated that a large percentage of the employees leave due to ineffective or hostile management.

No work-life balance

Expecting employees to work like robots will cause ill-will against the management and company. In order to keep them working at their efficient best, they need to be given enough time to recharge their batteries by giving them time off to take care of their personal responsibilities.

Lack of proper work culture

Humans have the innate need to feel appreciated. Employees also need events that give them a break from their work routine, and increases their engagement and understanding with their peers and seniors.

Lack of professional growth

Nobody intends to get stuck in a rut. Employees are looking for professional development through career training and internal promotions.

Crafting A Winning Strategy

Be an invested manager

Focus on giving more positive recognition, coaching struggling employees, and promoting high performers.

Conduct employee survey

Ask the employees what changes they would like in their daily routine. Always conduct exit interviews for outgoing employees to understand the reason for leaving.

Establish open communication

Having an open door policy is highly imperative. Employees need to be encouraged to voice their concerns without the fear of consequence.

Hire a motivational speaker

A one-on-one with individuals who have successfully overcome professional hurdles and made it to the pinnacle of success works as an ideal morale booster. It also provides practical result-oriented insights for managers.

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