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Meeting the Challenges: What Companies Face and How You Can Choose the Right Speaker

By Admin | 23 March 2016 |


Meeting challenges for your business requires agile solutions.

A one-size-fits all approach doesn’t always work because each business faces somewhat unique challenges, and often there is more than one challenge present. In the same way, organizations looking for a speaker to help them overcome their difficult times should consider several different speaking topics.

What the Numbers Say About the Challenges We Face

According to a recent survey by leadership development firm Stephenson Mansell, Australian businesses deal with nine main issues:

  • Leadership and talent
  • Competition and the cost of doing business
  • Pressure to be productive and efficient
  • Proper responses to change customer trends
  • Dealing with the rate of change and its complexities
  • Australian dollar struggles/liquidity/credit
  • Increasing bureaucracy and regulation
  • Reacting to tech advances
  • Anticipating and entering growth markets

As you can see, “challenges” is a general term that includes a wide variety of micro-issues that require specific expertise to overcome.

Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Challenges

Because challenges are numerous and varied, it’s important to choose a speaker who can speak directly to your organization’s difficulties.

We recommend you create a list of your company’s greatest challenges. Think about why those challenges exist, what feeds them, how your staff is responding and what possible solutions there are.

When a Challenge Speaker is a Good Choice

Take a look at the list you created. Are the challenges overwhelming or do you think your staff has the intelligence and creativity to overcome them? If the challenges are too great or your team is able to move past them but can’t seem to do it, there may be a psychological barrier holding them back.

In this case, it may be wise to hire a Successful Speakers challenge keynote speaker to address your group. These speakers have extensive professional experience with challenges and can break down the mechanics of a resilient mindset.

Speakers like Adam Gilchrist can take you inside the pressure-packed moments he experienced at One-Day International matches. Other athletes, military leaders and entrepreneurs dive into their unique challenges as well, helping you understand what it takes to overcome nearly any hurdle ahead.

When Choosing A Non-Challenge Speaker is a Good Choice

In the two scenarios we mentioned earlier, your particular situation may call for a change in challenge mindsets or an equipping for a micro-issue within challenge.

Let’s say, for example, your business is having a hard time understanding changing customer tastes and preferences. In this case, you may benefit from a keynote presentation by a retail specialist or guest speakers whose expertise lies in demographic trends.

If you’ve identified emerging tech innovations and rate of change as your biggest challenges, Successful Speakers futurist keynotes can be a tremendous asset to your team. Their original thinking and disruptive ideas can be the perfect antidote to the problems plaguing your organization or clients.

Finalizing Your Choice

Identifying your organization or client’s challenges is an important part of selecting the right speaker. You might find that a challenge speaker is the right choice, or you may defer to a micro-issue speaker who can address micro-issues which lie within overall challenges.

Whichever route you choose to travel, we can help you get to your destination. Contact us today and we’ll help you analyse your needs and pair you with the perfect keynote speaker.