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Motivational Speakers and the Principle of Exclusivity

By Stefanie Warner | 14 November 2015 |

Every speakers bureau you come across will have a team of motivational speakers.

The prevalence of this type of speaker is an indication of how much value companies and organizations put in the matter of motivation.

But with all the time and energy companies spend on employee morale programs, trainings and change management, why would they need added motivation from an outside source, especially when it comes with a modest price tag attached to it?

It’s an excellent question and it’s certainly something we’ve thought about as we’ve hand-selected our team of motivational speakers. As we thought about why motivational speakers have such a powerful effect on audiences, we discovered the “principle of exclusivity”.

The Principle of Exclusivity

The world of self-help is teeming with literature about motivation. Just stop by any bookstore and you’ll see shelves upon shelves of books by motivational speakers…how-to’s for adding vision to your life, steps for turning your life around and more.

While this is a tremendous resource for the individual, businesses can’t necessarily say, “Ladies and gents, head to your book store and find some motivation because our sales are down.”

Why? Some people won’t do it, some people will, and nearly everyone will have a different opinion of motivation and what it takes to bring about real change and transformation.

However, if you hire a motivational speaker for your next event, you do away with the uncertainty and ambiguity. You get to bring all of your employees into one room to listen to one speaker talk about one or two very specific ideas.

In other words, your speaker gets exclusive access to your team and you give your team exclusive access to the speaker. You get to control what your team hears and from whom they hear it.

Consider this principle a monopoly of motivation, through which you can control the environment in which your employees receive a powerful, inspirational message.

The Responsibility of Exclusivity

Because there’s an element of exclusivity when you hire a motivational speaker, there’s a sense of responsibility which comes with it.

In other words, now that you’ve got your audience in one room and they have an exclusive opportunity to hear one speaker, what topic are you going to choose?

Consider with great care the focus of the presentation as well as the speaker who will deliver that presentation. Take a moment to meet with your colleagues/fellow executive team to review the company’s greatest needs and the areas which need a boost in morale or vision.

Choosing the Right Motivational Speaker

Once you’ve completed this important task, contact us and talk about it with us. We’ll consult with you about which speakers have the right experience and the right personality to speak with authority in the areas which you’ve identified.

We take your decision as seriously as you do. We want to connect you with the speaker who gives you the best chance of unlocking the potential and power of a motivated, inspired team of employees.