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The Power of Thank You in Business

By Admin | 18 January 2017 |

Saying “thank you” to employees, co-workers, customers, and even managers has tremendous power to lift the morale of everyone. It is important to say thank you to other because showing appreciation to others boosts their self-esteem, creates a spirit of confidence, and helps others reach their full potential.

The reason why the words “thank you” have so much power is that it fulfills a basic human need to feel appreciated and valued. However, many employees and managers feel undervalued for their contributions to the company. Even if we are only doing our “job”, all of us like to know that someone else has taken the time to notice it and express gratitude for it.

In this article, you will learn the importance of saying thank you and why expressing thankfulness to others can do much to boost your company’s productivity. You will also find out how being in the habit of saying “thanks” can be even more effective than providing company perks.

Why Say “Thank You” in the Workplace

It a known fact that the success of any business is down to its employees. Usually, it is the employees who carry out the backbone of the company’s operations. It’s also the employees who have most of the interaction with clients. So, their morale and attitude towards the business in general will be reflected in their dealing with your clients and customers.

A report by TINYpulse showed that employees rate appreciation as one of the most important factors in their employee-employer relationship.[1] The study compiled data from over 30,000 employees and found that those who feel appreciated viewed their workplace as more fun. This is because appreciation and gratitude forge strong workplace interactions and positively impacts on employees.

One of the report authors said that recognition was an important factor in employees choosing to stay with an organisation. Other studies have shown that employees would leave their current job for another one if they knew that the other company recognises its employees’ contribution.

The Benefits of Saying Thank You at Work

If you are a manager, employee, or work as part of a team, why should you be in the habit of recognising the efforts of others? Here are 3 important reasons:

Recognition boosts workplace morale

One of the most important ways that gratitude benefits the workplace is that it boosts workplace morale. The morale of an organization’s staff can directly affect the success of the business.

Low morale is like driving with the brakes on, it just slows everything down. It can also cause extra tension between co-workers and between employees and managers.

So, take the time to show respect and thank a co-worker for his or her assistance and it will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. This may motivate them to help you again in the future. If a manager has taken some time to help you, then show your appreciation to them. Or, if you have noticed that another employee has done an excellent job, take the time to say thank you.

Improves Employee – Manager Relationships

Showing appreciation is an important management quality. If you are a manager, it’s very important to show appreciation to your staff. Don’t just think that they are getting paid for their work, so, in the end, they have done what they should have done. Remember, staff members that don’t feel appreciated are more likely to change jobs.

Managers who are in the habit of saying “thanks” help to improve the relationships between everyone in the workforce – from the top to bottom.

It’s also important for employees to thank their managers. This can even influence managers to entrust more responsibility and offer promotions.

Thanking clients promotes loyalty

In the end, your clients are essential to the success of your business. Of course, first and foremost, you need to provide high-quality services and products. However, showing appreciation for the business your clients give you can keep them coming back. At appropriate occasions, you should express this verbally or by sending a gift.

How to Say Thank You

For your appreciation to be the most effective, it has to be specific and based on facts. This can help you avoid saying thank you as a matter of routine.

So, why not write a card, buy a gift, offer to take someone for lunch, to express your gratitude at a staff meeting? Those are very positive ways to use the power of “thank you” to boost morale in the workplace and work to the success of your company.

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