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Top Podcasts for Every Entrepreneur’s Arsenal - Part 1

By Admin | 19 February 2017 |

Today’s movers and shakers and aspiring entrepreneurs, now more than ever, are searching high and low for the best ways to set themselves apart. They want the most cutting edge methods for success, and inspiration to help guide their ambitions in their professional and personal lives.

With the energy and time that goes into such pursuits, finding time to indulge in bestselling books promising to impart a lifetime of wisdom in just a few hundred pages can be difficult.

Web seminars, social media communities, business-savvy books and blogs are all excellent ways to add something extra to a business venture, but only podcasts allow listeners to “sit in” on some of the most intimate conversations with the world’s most influential and innovative business leaders.

Turn rush hour into inspiration hour with these five top podcasts for the dynamic entrepreneur:


After building a multi-million-dollar enterprise with his younger brother in his early 20’s, Andrew Warner decided to go into the business of helping others build up theirs.

By doing away with the “get rich quick” format of similarly advertised podcasts, Mixergy allows listeners to mix and mingle with industries’ most inspirational business founders.

Mixergy spurs engaging conversation with guests like Barbara Corcoran of Corcoran Group and Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, who aim to energize people with their experiences and insights.

Warner uses his podcast to showcase the immense personal and professional hurdles and failures even the most seasoned entrepreneurs and startup founders went through to become a top performer.

Dose of Leadership

When it comes to common sense, Richard Rierson is king. Former U.S. Marine Corp Officer turned commercial pilot-turned-entrepreneur noticed a startling lack of what he calls “common sense leadership” after marching fearlessly into the minefield that is the corporate world.

Through interviews with influential and inspiring professionals like Bob Burg and Steve Forbes, “Dose of Leadership” serves as a call-to-arms for people who want to better the world through outstanding leadership, something Rierson believes is sorely lacking these days.

His podcast is a great guide to becoming “calmer, confident, consistent, and courageous,” inside and outside the office.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Affectionately referred to as the “Oprah of Audio,” entrepreneur, public speaker, and best-selling American author of “The 4-Hour Work Week,” Tim Ferriss is devoted to providing extensive content to help eager professionals glean wisdom from the brightest, and boldest guests, running the gamut of fields.

Ferriss takes a freeform approach to the podcast, treating each interview like one long, casual chat, prompting more genuine and intriguing conversations.

The show is a glimpse into the professional and personal lives of insightful icons like Tony Robbins, Malcolm Gladwell and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whether you’re looking for lessons in organization and healthy living, or simple inspiration and entertainment, iTunes #1 business podcast for the last three years has something for everyone

Off the Charts Business Podcast

Nathalie Lussier tops the charts in iTunes’ “Inspired Women’s Voices” category with her inspirational, informative, and “quirky” podcast.

Creating her first website at just 12-years-old, Nathalie put herself on the fast-track to becoming a highly sought-after programmer and digital strategist.

Turning down a job offer from Wall Street right out of college in favour of creating her own online business, her career as an entrepreneur and keynote speaker has gained international acclaim.

Interviews with charismatic entrepreneurs like Australian entrepreneur Leonie Dawson set the stage for a bi-weekly podcast that goes to the heart of how to nourish one’s passions and ideas and advocates for a positive and healthy lifestyle can boosting listeners’ lives, both inside and out of the entrepreneurial arena.

Entrepreneur on Fire

With over 1,500 interviews with some of the most fascinating and inspiring names in their field, EOFire’s award-winning host and Puerto Rico-based entrepreneur John Lee Dumas takes no prisoners.

With a novel interview configuration, Dumas wastes no time getting to the heart of top business influencers’ expertise.

Instead of peppering huge names like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, and even Tim Ferriss trivial chit-chat, Dumas goes straight for the jugular, leading the conversation with the guests’ biggest failures, then onto their big epiphany moments.

She typically ends in a lightening round: a rapid-fire series of questions about anything and everything that might elicit candid and extremely useful answers.

Looking Ahead to Part Two

While today’s go-getters are all vying for the next big idea, podcast have become a staple in entrepreneurial repertoire. There’s more to success than the status, however.

Check out part two of this series, where we focus on podcasts that strengthen not only the outer business we build and love, but our inner selves, too.