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Top Podcasts for Every Entrepreneur’s Arsenal - Part 2

By Admin | 20 February 2017 |

The beauty of podcasting lies in its ability to bring all of the best parts of information sharing together in an intimate and empowering experience.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the business and entrepreneur genres. Easily accessible programs combine the wisdom and insight from critically acclaimed authors and businesspeople and the intimate connection between speaker and listener into powerful, yet easily digestible sound bites.

Truly exceptional advice can come from people in every walk of life, and podcasts provide a convenient vessel by which a broad spectrum of passionate, outspoken people can come together through the sharing of information and ideas.

The following five podcasts provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to excel in your workplace and in life:

Zen Habits Radio

This incredibly humbling podcast is hosted by Leo Babauta, self-proclaimed “non-expert” when it comes to changing your life for the better.

Babauta is not a millionaire, but just a guy with a few words of advice borne from his extremely relatable experiences. With a few key lifestyle changes, and a staunch determination to be a better human, the father of six created a bestselling novel, tripled his income, and created a fast-growing blog.

Featured in Times magazine’s top 50 websites, Zen Habits inspired the wildly popular podcast and brings the lessons he’s learned in life directly to his listeners, infusing it with a unique voice that covers a range of topics, all geared toward helping subscribers balance and declutter your daily life and free up brain space for grander life pursuits.

The Introvert Entrepreneur

Equal parts work and play, Beth Buelow takes great pride in providing a wealth of advice and inspiration for the doers and thinkers of today.

Her discussions and interviews focus on the business of life and the life of business from the “introverted entrepreneur's” perspective.

Creating an open channel between experts and listeners based on communication and learning, Buelow’s dedication to expressive and intelligent dialogues for her listeners earned her status as one of iTunes’ “Inspiring Women’s Voices”.

Daily Boost

Every Monday, the Daily Boost delivers to its listeners an engaging 9-minute jolt of the wisest and most wisecracking advice available.

With more than 9,000 episodes and counting, speaker, consultant, entrepreneur and host Scott Smith has been the quick-witted, straight-talking voice of what’s considered by many to be the most popular daily podcast in the world since 2006.

Smith is very candid with his millions of devoted listeners, encouraging them five days a week to break free from the various obstacles that bog down our daily lives and live happier, more successful lives.

Lifehack Live

This weekly podcast was the brain-child one of the most popular blogs on the web,

Contributor Scott Young chats with prominent personal development experts about how to excel in the areas of communication, productivity, technology, and more.

The podcast platforms a wide array of instructions for leading a more productive and organized life.

Lifehack Live gives listeners the tools to pry open the reservoir of our untapped potential through tips, tricks, and of course, hacks from today’s most motivated and influential speakers, consultants, and coaches.

Bulletproof Radio

Equal parts entrepreneur, author, and “biohacker,” David Asprey has become an authority on recoding the body, mind and spirit for success.

Bulletproof, consistently rated #1 in iTunes’ Health category, relies on awe inspiring interviews with scientists, medical professionals, and experts in holistic medicine and meditation. The goal? To eliminate the unnecessary and negative influences in our daily lives that keep us from achieving goals and becoming top performers.

It has become Asprey’s life mission to helping listeners reinvent themselves from the inside out, naturally.


As in Part One of “Top Podcasts for Every Entrepreneur's Arsenal,” these five podcasts barely scratch the surface of what’s out there for highly motivated, passionate individuals looking to make a difference in the world, corporate or otherwise.

Podcasts offer a largely untapped mine of knowledge and insight from around the world that not only speaks to the enterprising minds of ambitious entrepreneurs, but also promotes the health and care of their spirit.