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Why Every Small Business Should Embrace Social Media?

By Admin | 26 September 2017 |

Social media has become an important tool for every business that can help strengthen its brand. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have come a long way from being just a “fad” for teens to share their latest gossip. The top social media platforms have turned into powerful marketing tools that all businesses, large and small, can use.

If you are looking for more reasons to expand your presence across the social media networks, here are 7 reasons why your business should embrace social media. You will also find out some great social media business ideas.

1. Strengthen brand recognition and loyalty 

It’s a proven fact that companies that have developed strong brand recognition sell well. Having a strong brand across many social media platforms helps set you apart from your competitors. The majority of internet users have at least one social media account that they actively use. Many use multiple accounts. Connecting with your customers via social media is one way to increase your customer base by strengthening your brand and also keep existing customers loyal.

2. Gain customer insights

Another reason to use social media is that you can gather much more information about your customers to deliver the goods and services they are looking for. You get to know who your customers are, what their likes are, and what they think about your brand.

3. Engage with your customers

One way that social media can benefit your business is that you can engage with your customers on a very personal level. Research has shown that businesses that post information to social media on a regular basis have a better brand reputation among their competitors. For example, posting regular updates, company’s achievements, and videos and pictures are some ways to engage your customers.

Social media also gives you the chance to quickly respond to customer’s complaints and questions. This can help to diffuse a potentially damaging situation to your company’s reputation.

4. Targeted ad campaigns

One of the biggest benefits that social media offers to business users is to run targeted ad campaigns. When these campaigns are executed properly, they can greatly increase your company’s revenue. You can easily target specific groups of customers based on their age, location, interests, connections, and behaviours. What’s more, you can get results in real-time and tweak the campaign to boost its performance.

5. Improve customer experience

Another reason for your business to embrace social media is that your customers expect you to have a presence on social media. Studies show that more and more customers are turning to social media for customer service and support. This is another way that social media helps to boost your online reputation and improve customer engagement.

6 Increase inbound traffic

Many businesses have found that their website and blog receives more traffic when they become more active on social media. This works on a number of levels, for example:

  • Many internet users now use social media platforms as their main search engine and will find your profile in the search results. Links to your website will direct interested users to your main online presence.
  • Social media shares also help to boost your rankings in search engine results. So, the more tweets and posts get shared has a direct impact on your online marketing campaigns.
  • Social media users will find your company via their friends and network connections that follow you. When one of your followers likes, reposts, or comments on one of your posts, this is seen by their connections. If the post is interesting and catchy enough, they will most likely click through to your site.

7 Cheaper marketing costs

Although it takes some time and resources to run a marketing campaign, it doesn’t take much to see tangible results. According to Hubspot, you can generate more website traffic with as little as one hour per day on social media. As you know, more traffic to your site results in more conversions and an increase in revenue.