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Tom O'Toole OAM


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The Beechworth Baker - "Ingredients for Success"

One of Australia’s greatest success stories, be inspired by the “Baker from Beechworth" who turned a poorly performing regional bakery into a thriving business that not only enjoys $4 million of annual turnover, but is credited with reviving an entire community. A self confessed kindergarten drop out, Tom’s instinctive business skill and acumen has him at the top of his game, and his business model emulated world-wide. Audiences relate to his Aussie larrikin style and charming guile.

About Tom O'Toole

The beginnings of Tom O'Toole’s rise to business triumph originated in a small bakery in a small, dying, and isolated country town with a population of 3,000 people. Gradually, under Tom’s guidance, the business grew from two employees to 70 full and part timers; from an annual turnover of $100,000 to well over $4 million. The Beechworth Bakery is now serving in excess of 900,000 customers per year. Tom’s work energized a small country town and instigated the rebirth of a community.

Tom O'Toole has not relied on formal education for his success. A self-confessed kindergarten drop-out, O’Toole was poorly educated as a child. Knowing first-hand about poverty and deprivation, Tom came from an impoverished background and has experienced the lowest of lows.

But Tom has overcome all obstacles to become a beaming icon of an entire industry. Tom O’Toole is one of a kind, and all Australians who own a business owe it to themselves to get a dose of his insights.

“My bread is probably no better than the rest, but our service vision lifts us right out of the crowd."

The O’Toole Philosophies

•  If you wouldn’t buy it, then don’t sell it.
•  Attitudes are contagious.
•  Nothing changes if nothing changes.
•  If it is to be, it is up to me.
•  Don’t let someone else steal your day.
•  The most important thing about goals is having one.
•  Don’t tell me what I am doing wrong, tell me what I am doing right.
•  The most important thing about goals is having one.
•  Don’t tell me what I am doing wrong, tell me what I am doing right.
•  Choose to be happy; it’s as simple as that.
•  Goals are just dreams with dates.
•  Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.
•  Take a risk, smile, live - don’t just exist!
•  The person who does not take risks has nothing, is nothing, becomes nothing. Only the person who risks is truly free.
•  Enjoy your work – we all spend a lot of time there – so we might as well enjoy the experience.
•  If you’re not getting what you want out of life, check your level of enthusiasm.
•  To become enthusiastic, just act enthusiastic – that’s how simple it is. Fake it ‘til you make it.
•  Be grateful.

Tom O'Toole preaches a consistent philosophy on quality of product and service. Ever-changing quotes appear around the working environments of the bakery and in the staff newsletter. He believes that if staff are to perform, they must be a part of this culture.

Tom’s passion for spreading the word on motivation and achievement has resulted in a natural ‘metamorphosis’ with speaking engagements throughout Australia and overseas.

His passionate, witty and natural way of presenting has created great interest. Tom O'Toole is now in constant demand as a speaker.

Topics Include

•  Employee Motivation
•  Leadership / Team Leadership
•  Importance of on-going learning & training
•  The need to invest in yourself
•  Getting out of your comfort zone
•  Refusing to be ordinary
•  Marketing / Branding
•  Business Innovation
•  Customer Service
•  How to grow a business
•  Setting and achieving goals
•  Team work
•  Training
•  Motivation / Inspiration
•  Mental Health & Wellness
•  Helping Communities in Crisis


Excellent. Very enthusiastically received by our network of authorised dealers. Tom provided an inspirational, yet ‘real’ model for our team."
ADT Security

“Excellent. Tom O’Toole was excellent and very entertaining and motivational." 
Centro Properties

“Tom’s energy and enthusiasm was infectious. He spoke about experiences in a manner that our dealers could relate to. A first class start to our business conference."
L.D Wholesale Tyres

“Excellent. Simple messages that we constantly need reminding of – portrayed with such vigour and enthusiasm – the audience loved it and laughed a lot."
Spencer Institute of TAF

“In the wrap of the conference today the Federal President stated that in the 12 years of the conference Tom was the most inspiring motivational speaker to ever present at this conference."
Liquor Stores Association Conference

“The Delegates obviously enjoyed your dynamic, inspirational, enthusiastic, vibrant presentation and the rating comments definitely reflect this. Your presentation rated the highest of all the sessions and was a great finish to Congress."
CPA Congress

Excellent. Very enthusiastic and down to earth with real life experiences.
Wendy’s Super Sundaes

Excellent. Tom captures your attention immediately with his very natural & down to earth approach. A very strong message that everyone can receive & act upon. “Don’t let the dreamtakers steal your dream".
Lorraine Lea Linen Pty Ltd

Excellent. Very motivational – good to finally hear from someone who is practicing what he preaches & has the runs on the board.
Terry White Chemists

Excellent. Tom’s animated style in delivering his message (on how to improve business) was both insightful & hilarious – It was the tonic we needed.
The Age

Excellent… Exceeded all our expectations – hilariously fun & motivational yet filled with numerous business tips & words of wisdom. Reaches all levels. Highly Recommended.
WA Tourism Commission

Personality plus. Great character. Great presentation. Excellent message. Unique style. Among many excellent presentations, yours was the highlight of the Conference

Tom was highly energetic and engaged the audience from the moment he opened his mouth. His messages are simple, yet they resonate and are relevant to all in a customer service industry.
National Australia Bank

I spoke to several of our Hoteliers after the presentation and Tom got they all thought he was fantastic because they could all relate to some of the management pit falls that they had fallen into and felt Tom was humorous and inspirational in getting the message across how they could improve their businesses.
Liquor Marketing Group

Tom’s message was perfect; it was like we had scripted him. Perfect speaker for any franchise group.

Information was excellent. Had the audience attention at all times. Tom went the extra mile to ensure the information he was providing fitted with our requirements for the day. Thanks Tom, an amazing job.
The Country Care Group

Tom delivered an outstanding session with passion, conviction and a number of key messages, all built around a huge number of photo’s that told his life story of the success of Beechworth Bakeries. Thanks Tom!
GPL Network

It is easy to see how Tom has built his business over the years to become the success story that is ‘The Beechworth Bakery’. Tom presents with the sort of passion and character that you don’t see every day.
Unigas Australia

Excellent. Tom’s presentation was inspirational and entertaining. He captured the attention of a young group of managers and held their focus for over the hour he spoke.

Thanks for a wonderful session, and which really was John Cleese on steroids! It is amazing how these things work out, Tom's message dovetailed directly in with a number of our other presenters. It was truly entertaining. Thanks to Tom, we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.
PGA of Australia

Tom was a terrific speaker, and provided a very lively diversion from the technical content of the Conference. His dynamic style and obvious passion for what he does kept many in the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the presentation.
William Buck


Under O'Toole's management, the Beechworth Bakery has become the highest earning single bakery retailer in Australia, and is the worthy winner of various national and state marketing and business awards. His business model is being emulated around the world. Tom has now opened successful bakeries in other parts of regional Victoria including Bendigo, Albury, Echuca and Healesville. His business enterprise is growing nationally with a new venture in Western Australia.

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