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Malcolm Dix

Malcolm Dix


After Dinner - Business - Comedy - Emcee - Entertainment - Hoax Characters - Humour - Inspiration - Inspirational - MC's & Facilitators - Master of Ceremonies

Corporate Comic / MC

Malcolm works as a Corporate Comic, Speaker and MC and often performs all three roles at events, making him the perfect all round choice for your next happening. Malcolm has worked with people from all walks of life, including the business sector, community organisations, and charities, and he looks forward to working with you one of these days too! 

Malcolm has been making audiences laugh for over 20 years so most of the time he knows exactly what he's doing! Having started out as a stand up comic working in comedy clubs, country towns and dingy bars, Malcolm now works exclusively with Corporate and Community audiences. He prefers these audiences for many reasons - the people, the diversity of work, the hours, the money, the respect from his clients and the fact that there is never a danger of being hit by half drunk beer cans.

Malcolm has entertained people from all works of life all over Australia- scientists, politicians, the mining and resources industry, religious organisations, teachers, real estate agents, banking and finance industry, and not-for-profits to name but a few.

So why do we need to laugh? is a question Malcolm often hears

1.When an audience laughs they relax

2.As people laugh they listen more intently, retain and process information much more effectively and are far more willing to accept different ideas and concepts.

3.Laughter helps in delivering and reinforcing key messages to any audience...any!

All this results in happy staff and delighted clients and customers...yep - a win-win for all.

Whether the event is a conference, staff awards, gala dinner or training event, Malcolm will work with you to create a damn fine event for all.

(Malcolm works 'clean' which means nobody gets offended...unless you wish to be!)

See Malcolm's characters below...

Vlad The Reverse Futurist


Let Vlad - the legendary reverse Russian futurist -  astound you with his unique insights as he forecasts the future challenges of your industry and the entire world.

Utilising your Company website, mission statements (along with some select inside information) Vlad will 'crystal ball' your future...leaving your audience laughing and inspired to tackle the baffling world around them!

Remember this my friends, Vlad knows all…

Gary Steele The Sensai Of Success

Direct from London - Garry Steele is a Motivational Maverick, the likes of which you have never seen before. 

Corporate coach extraordinaire and pioneer of the world famous motivational technique, “Exhiler8 by Eight!”, Garry will transform any event into chaotic laughter.

For some Garry Steele is a myth, for others he's just a man. But for the true believers he’s an international living legend. Unleash Garry upon your audience to achieve their full potential -  times 8!

Mick The De- Motivational Speaker


Well maybe it’s time you experienced the phenomenon that's captivated audiences across the country: "Mick the De-motivational Speaker"!

Since his first presentation for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, "Mick" has been flown all over the country to entertain audiences and present his Seven Magic Steps for Suppressing Your Potential.

His clients include: Enron, Harris Scarfe, HIH, Ansett, One.Tel and certain sporting teams - you can probably work out which ones!

Mick’s presentation includes such important messages as:

* The Advantages of Being Mediocre

* How to Blame Others and Avoid Responsibility, and Learn To Be Pessimistic!

In addition to Mick’s tried and tested methods for sabotaging success, he offers an in-depth analysis of your company, department or industry, tailoring his presentation to your specific demotivational needs.

The real story behind Mick
Andrew Horabin, came up with the idea of 'Mick' and with the growing demand for appearances as 'Mick', Andrew approached Malcolm in 2005 with the idea of also performing as Mick. The rest as they say is history and since then, “Mick” has worked all around the country


"A tough Audience that really responded exceptionally well. Malcolm did a phenomenal job as Doctor Vlad."
Ipswich Council

Hiring Malcolm for a corporate hoax to motivate my sales team was the best career decision I have made to date. Not only did he have everyone laughing and engaged, but he also managed to get across a crucial motivational message that reinvigorated the team’s excitement around a product portfolio that had preciously struggled to meet budget. Malcolm is a true professional who is not only a pleasure to work with but also an outstanding entertainer. (January 2014) 
Marketting Manager IDEXX Laboratories Victoria

Malcolm's skills as an MC and presenter were outstanding. He absolutely made the difference between having a good conference and an exceptional conference! It was fantastic to have someone who understands our business, acknowledges our work, and at the same time enables us to laugh at ourselves. He brought energy, vitality and humour, and effortlessly made the conference flow. The feedback from staff was exceptionally positive, and left all participants wanting Malcolm to return again next year! (December 2013)
District Director Department for Child Protection & Family Support WA

Well what can I say, other than a BIG thank you for your wonderful contribution in making this years conference on the Gold Coast another huge success. In fact some Franchisee's rate you so highly they are saying you were the highlight of the conference! Your professional MC work and also your efforts in setting the tone and participation at the social events was greatly appreciated.
Smartline Director Victoria 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. You did a wonderful job and so professional. I don't have the words to describe how much I appreciated your humour and empathy etc. Absolutely brilliant.
Chairperson Social Work alumni UWA 

Malcolm was fantastic, he did a superb job and we were amazed at how well he knew what was going on and what the issues were, very clever using the information we provided to create what he did. Once again many many thanks to Malcolm for an excellent job!
Property Council of New Zealand

Thankyou for the laughter you created for the Hyundai Team. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour and many have phoned to say how wonderful the night was and commented on some of your quotes. You really helped make the night a huge success.

This was the second time Woodside has utilised Malcolm's services and he certainly did not disappoint. It was very, very clever and extremely funny: a most polished performance.

The best speaker was the loud, brash 'American' whom we fell for hook, line and sinker. Thank you so much Malcolm for tailoring your presentation to the specific requirements of our group. The National Conference delegates founf extremely funny and entertaining - even more so once they realised it was a Hoax!
Hardware and Building Traders NSW 

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