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Sean Choolburra


After Dinner - Comedy - Entertainment - Humour - Inspiration - Inspirational - Motivation - Music

Cultural Performer MC/ Comedy

Sean Choolburra is a warm and charismatic Aboriginal performer and is carving his niche as Australia's only Aboriginal comedian, proving himself a popular and versatile indigenous performer. He is a didgeridoo player, singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, and now one of the fastest rising comedians in the land.

As a comedian, Sean draws on his life experiences as an Aboriginal and blends his skills as a performer into the show to give audiences a blend of hilarious black fella yarns and didge playing. As a comic, Sean draws on his life experiences as an Aboriginal from a small country town trying to adjust to the bright lights of Sydney. He blends his skills as a performer into his routine, to give audiences a blend of hilarious black fella yarns, didgeridoo playing and dancing. Sean Choolburra's Aboriginal heritage is central to his comedy routines and his shows blend music, dance and monologue to create something truly hilarious.

After winning through to the National Raw Comedy Final at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2002, Sean Choolburra has become a mainstay on the Australian comedy circuit. Originally from Townsville Sean Choolburra had already become a respected dancer and had previously worked with the Bangarra Dance Company. He has performed at several major international festivals, including a special performance for the Dalai Lama.

Hailing from Townsville and already established as a respected dancer Sean has worked with Ngaru Company and the Bangarra Dance Company. Jilkamu has performed worldwide at major Festivals with special performances for very different icons, the Dalai Lama and Hale & Pace - one of his career highlights was a personnel performance for the Dalai Lama himself.

Sean has toured many parts of the world and played at the most exclusive venues in Australia. He has performed in the corporate sector, schools, theatre, festivals, jails, universities, political events, television, radio, cruise liners, workshops, museums, conventions, and was the artist in residence at the NSW Art Gallery for three years.

Sean was the founder and leader of Sydney's first independent traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Company, the Ngaru Dancers, which he formed in 1993. Sean is also a former NAISDA graduate and has danced with the internationally renowned indigenous contemporary dance troupe Bangarra.

Sean also led one of the first indigenous tours ever to Japan with Ngaru in 1994 and he was the star and co-writer of Australia's first full-length laser movie "Reef Dreaming", which played for three years in Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour in Sydney, on a screen of jet propelled water with laser images through it. "Reef Dreaming" was watched by an estimated million locals and tourists.

Sean was also the first Aboriginal performer involved in dance fusion work with other cultures. He performed with Flamenco, Indian and Native American artists and made a name for himself as the lead performer in "Flamenco Dreaming", a show that mesmerised audiences to sell-out houses for two years. He also played a leading role in the 2002 Sydney Festival indigenous production of "Crying Baby", and many other successful productions including To India with Love, Gammon Ol Yarns, Sing Awake the Lands and Spirits of the Soil. He also toured in 2004 with Descendance to the UK representing Australia at the World Destinations Fair.

Charismatic and cheeky, Sean Choolburra's talents demand attention.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Comedian
  • Entertainer
  • Didgeridoo player
  • Dancer
  • Singer
  • Actor
  • Songwriter


Sean did really well at working the crowd and receiving laughter from a tough crowd! The way he read the crowd and implemented his comedy incorporating music was very well received.
ESS Support Services Worldwide

BBC Worldwide ANZ absolutely loved Sean’s performance.
Sean’s spark for life is infectious! We loved how his performance brought together his many talents, humour and high energy to create a truly enjoyable experience. Our office is still on a high and I’ve had multiple colleagues stop and thank me for organizing Sean’s show and to sing his praises. Thank you Sean, you made our NAIDOC week better than we could have hoped for!
BBC Worldwide

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