Glenn McGrath AM

Cricketing Legend

Shane Jacobson

Award Winning Actor & Presenter

Allan Pease

Mr Body Language

Tom O’Toole OAM

The Baker from Beechworth

Robyn Moore

The Power of the Word

Ian Elliot

Pitching to Win
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Successful Speakers P/L is a specialist bureau that presents distinguished public speakers in Australia who have earned the right to speak from experience. Individuals with extraordinary success in their chosen field and have hard - won learning's to share with audiences. They deliver speeches, corporate presentations and trainings that are educational, motivational and entertaining.

A little bit about Successful Speakers

Successful Speakers specialises in working closely with organisations to understand their objectives and recommend the most outstanding professional speakers and trainers to deliver the outcomes the audience requires for their conferences, seminars, webinars, training workshops and master-classes.

Our speakers are all professionals who have been successful in their chosen fields, who have 'earned the right to speak from experience'. Audiences are engaged, educated, entertained and motivated by their real life achievements and leave inspired to embrace these practical learnings and emulate their success.

Our speakers cover a vast range of topics including management, finance, technology, education, innovation, sport, adventure, leadership, politics, sales and marketing, corporate culture, sustainability, social responsibility and global trends. We are recognised as a reliable and trusted source of business speakers, motivational speakers, celebrity speakers and entertainers

Whilst many of our speakers are household names, sometimes the lesser known (and lower cost) hidden gems can provide the outcomes you require. That's why it's important you are open in sharing with us, your objectives and aspirations for the event.

So take some inspiration from the speakers on our site, but communicate with us about your needs, so we can tailor the perfect solution to ensure the success of your important event.

If you would like to know why we are constantly preferred above our competitors, please refer to the 'About us' page on the site.

Experienced and Engaging Celebrity, Motivational and Guest Speakers

The power of the spoken word and the person who delivers it cannot be underestimated. The spoken word can inspire change, motivation and awareness; whist its messenger carries the potential to educate, stimulate, entertain and transform the world.

These beliefs drive and influence our mission at Successful Speakers—and that is to connect companies and organisations with the most distinguished celebrity, motivational and guest speakers in Australia who can provide the audience with much more than simply good feelings, but actionable takeaways.

We are a specialist bureau, representing extraordinary individuals who have achieved success in their respective fields and who have messages of vision, courage and inspiration to share with audiences. 

Book Guest Speakers for Schools, Corporate Functions and Other Events

At Successful Speakers, we understand that every organisation and event is unique and has different needs. That’s why we strive to provide you with not just any keynote speaker, but one who is right for your event.

Our specialty is helping you find the perfect match to ensure your event becomes highly memorable and brings the best possible outcomes. To achieve this, our representatives will work closely with you, understanding your needs and objectives, to find the right individual who can help you fulfil your goals, whilst meeting your budget. Our team is highly knowledgeable in the business, and keeps a finger on the pulse of the world to recommend suitable individuals, and deliver services and solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Our roster of speaking talents includes business leaders, female guest speakers, sporting heroes, celebrity speakers, charity workers and more.

Let Us Connect You with the Right Guest Speaker - Contact Us Today

Aside from sourcing guest speakers in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and other Australian locations, we are also able to access speaking talents from any part of the globe. Our wide network of connections enables us to get in touch with pretty much any speaking professional in the world. Simply let us know who you’re looking to engage in your event, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Explore our database today using the topic search or alphabetical search. We feature all the details you need to come up with a confident and informed decision. Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you’ve found speaking talents you want to hire or if you need help in getting started. 

We look forward to helping you make the right choice.

Why Book Motivational Speakers in Australia?

Motivation can drive us to reach higher goals in life regardless of where we come from or what our specific goals may be. For those that aspire to achieve greatness and success in their chosen field or in life, there's nothing more inspirational or motivating than hearing the life experiences from a celebrity or well-known public figure. Quite often the celebrity motivational speakers will have tales of hardship and challenges that they themselves faced and overcame to be where they are today.

Motivational speakers come from all walks of life. Sporting heroes, business leaders, celebrity entertainers and charity workers to name a few. There has never been a better time to engage a motivational speaker with your audience as the Internet has made guest speakers accessible to the public. At Successful Speakers our mission is to be able to recommend the best success speaker in Australia from our database for whatever occasion you are looking to make a success.

We welcome you to browse through our list of celebrity speakers using the topic search or alphabetical search. Contact us once you've found a motivational speaker that you are interested in and we would love to help you arrange a booking. You can also contact us if you're stuck for ideas and need a few suggestions on suitable motivational speakers for your event.