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Andrew Horabin


Actors / Actresses - Comedy - Communications - Creativity - Emcee - Entertainment - Hoax Characters - Humour - MC's & Facilitators - Master of Ceremonies - Motivation - Talent Retention - Teamwork

The De-Motivational speaker

Andrew Horabin, the man behind one of many alter-egos, Mick Stupp, is a comedian and performer of serious talent and creativity. He delivers the messages of his corporate clientele through a mix of storytelling, interaction and humour that leaves his audience in fits of laughter. Andrew’s highly polished, satirical humour, and unique ability to engage and educate have earned him many repeat performances across Australia including his standing as preferred MC for the West Australian Symphony.

Mick is a hilarious satirical performance that is customised to the client’s specific organisation or industry and usually lasts approximately 30 minutes.

He is one of the characters of the unique, profound and hilarious speaker and performer, Andrew Horabin. As a professional keynote speaker Andrew is in increasingly high demand on the corporate circuit throughout Australia and has recently worked in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, The Gold Coast, Adelaide and New York.


Mick Stupp has been a De-motivational Speaker for several years. A truly self-made man, Mick started with nothing – and he’s still got most of it. As a De-motivator, Mick is responsible for the track record of a few large companies, many Government departments and certain Australian football teams. His “clients" have included: Enron, Harris Scarf, One-Tel and the Western Bulldogs.

Mick speaks on The Seven Steps to Suppressing Your Potential including:

  • How to Avoid Responsibility At All Costs
  • How to Blame Everyone Else
  • The Joys of Mediocrity
  • Sabotaging Your Success 

A huge hit with jaded audiences looking for a different approach, Mick counts the Australian Institute of Company Directors among the audiences he has wooed with his unique brand of contemporary satire.
Invite Mick to your event for this sidesplitting parody of the true dynamics of motivation.


Andrew is known and highly regarded for his ability to communicate important information in creative and interesting ways – that’s what people call on him for!

When the West Australian Symphony needed to acknowledge 45 sponsors without boring the pants off the guests – they called Andrew. When National Mutual wanted to communicate with their team about new changes and overcome anticipated resistance – they called Andrew. When God wanted everyone to understand the Ten Commandments – he called Moses. But if he’d called Andrew, they would have been a lot more interesting!

Through the use of humour, interaction and story telling, Andrew can raise the interest level of any subject and help to make the audience feel that they are a part of something special.

Andrew has been a professional speaker, comedian, humorist, edu-tainer and facilitator for eight years. In that time he has worked with Police Officers, engineers, lawyers, sales people, managers, CEO’s, garbage collectors, musicians, technicians and the rest. He has run countless interactive training programs in various areas of interpersonal skills.

He has been a huge hit as a keynote speaker at many conferences in WA, was the only male asked to speak at the Women in Public Sector Management Conferences in Adelaide (2000) and Brisbane (2002) and in 2001 he flew to New York for a special event to entertain people in the IT industry.

His MC work includes being preferred presenter for the West Australian Symphony for many of their premier concerts and corporate events and various stand up comedy nights around Perth. He has also worked in more than 100 schools throughout WA with more than 50,000 students, teachers and principals.
Before all this, Andrew won state and national awards in public speaking and debating, represented Australia in international competition and performed in professional theatre.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Bullshift
  • Communicating for Influence
  • Body Language for Business
  • Adults only Workplace
  • King/Queen, Warrior, Magician, Lover
  • Why We Don't Change (and how we can change that)
  • Success Less the Stress


“The manner in which you conducted the MC duties was, in my experience, without peer. 95% of delegates rated your performance as excellent. To provide some context, the next most popular keynote presenter rated at 52% excellent and 38% good. One delegate, who in the course of his work attends many conferences in Australia and overseas, stated that your performance as MC was easily the best he had seen." 

“An indication of our staff’s endorsement was 98% attendance throughout. The staff really appreciated the style and delivery and were amazed at your energy, originality, enthusiasm and confidence." 
Mallesons Stephen Jaques

“Thankyou for the fantastic job you did as MC. It was such a good idea to present the awards using poetry – a great way to draw their attention in a very difficult environment. The feedback from everyone in attendance was really positive and both the staff and management were delighted with the outcome of the night. Thank you so much!" 

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your wonderful presentation at our Ladies’ Luncheon. The feedback we have received has been extremely positive and I am pleased to say you were the highlight of everyone’s day." 
Variety Club

“I would like to thankyou for your fantastic presentation. I have had nothing but positive feedback about your session and think you have really made an impact on our members who attended." 
Urban Development Institute of Australia

“He was great. I have had lots of positive feedback from the guests saying "that it's great to be able to see funny side of what we do but still have the clear message built in". I really do appreciate his professionalism. I will be recommending him to others and I will not be surprised if he does not gain some work from those who attended." 
Alcoa Wagerup

"Mick" was very, very good. He had the group in stitches and was highly entertaining. He managed to build in some of the characters of the group which went over very well.
"Mick" was an outstanding entertainer and I would be happy to be a reference for any future potential events. 

“Fabulous entertainment - knocked em dead. I was at a loss for words for about half an hour - completely demotivated." 
Arc Energy Limited

“All our delegates agree "Mick" was a great way to kick off the conference, very funny, involved almost everyone and fitted in perfectly with our first night relaxed feeling." 
Delia Attard, Ausnet Real Estate

“Thank you for all of your help during convention – it was great working with you. I had a quick browse through the feedback sheets over the weekend – and both you and “Mick" got rave reviews. Mick got lots of scores of 10 (the columns actually went to 5). I think Mick was the perfect end to the convention – it was really good to finish off the two days with lots of laughter!" 
Carol Birch State President, WASSRA

"Andrew, You were the tonic that everyone needed! What a talent to make folks 'belly laugh' like that. Your performance was excellent and all could see the intelligence which made it so very clever. A million thanks from us all for your memorable and extremely funny performance. I have no idea how we are ever going to better this in future years." 
Edith Cowan University

"Andrew - 2 words: Bloody fantastic. Well done with all your research - I was most impressed, as were all our guests. The scary thing is amongst all that humour is a lot of truth! I will definitely be recommending you ..." 
Executive Assistant, AMP Financial Planning

“Thank you very much for last night. It was terrific and I had nothing but great feedback … Thanks again for the effect you put into our evening as it was just what was needed. I don’t usually like comedians but you were fabulous!" 
Telstra, Call Centre Staff Meeting 

"What a hit you were with our staff, they loved you! The feedback about you was fabulous and I was really impressed with how well you were able to include our key issues and challenges. Many speakers talk about customizing their presentations but none have executed it as well as you did." 
Australian National Credit Union, National Conference, Hunter Valley

"Thanks so much for making our conference end on such a high!! The feedback was excellent for 'Mick'... he went down a treat.. some of the women were laughing so much they were crying!!!" 
WA Police Service, Women's Advisory Network

"thankyou for your excellent address... our members, and their guests, obviously enjoyed your humorous speech judging from the applause and feedback received since." 
Australian Institute of Company Directors

“Mick was very good and very well received by the audience and we were impressed by the content and the structure of what was put together for the night." 

"Mate. It was great. The scary thing is that several of the customers (albeit somewhat pissed) began quoting some of the suggestions Mick made as making perfect sense - perhaps they do! Send me your invoice. You did a marvellous job." 
WA State Sales Manager, Orrcon Steel

“Mick went over very well!! The room was very noisy with the laughter from the members and those that I asked, thought he was fantastic!" 
First National Real Estate

“Everyone at our function yesterday, myself included, thought that you were hilarious. I have had very positive feedback and everyone is thoroughly impressed." 
Harber Real Estate

“As you can appreciate, it can sometimes be a bit of a gamble using someone like ‘Mick’ when you have such a varied audience - but you managed to pull it off in spectacular fashion (even our Chairman was impressed!). The extent of your background homework was impressive and certainly came through in your performance. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. I look forward to the next time I'm fortunate to witness a genius at work." 
St Andrew's Insurance, Christmas Dinner, WA

“Mick was a huge hit. The guys could not stop laughing and it was the perfect way to start off the day and get them all revved up." 
Hocking Stuart Franchisee Conference

“Everyone I have spoken to absolutely loved 'Mick's' presentation. It went down extremely well with our member delegates. I got to sit in on the presentation also and found it hilarious and perfect for our guys so a big THANK YOU! Loved it!" 
Hardware and Building Traders

“Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation. I have received nothing but positive feedback about Mick, even though he did look a little dodgy when I first spotted him … I greatly appreciate the amount of effort you put into your presentation to tailor it to our audience." 

“Everyone is still raving about you! Mick was truly a success! It really made the night!" 
Argyle Diamonds

"Andrew - 2 words: Bloody fantastic."

“Everyone is still raving about you! It really made the night!”
Argyle Diamonds

”Mick got lots of scores of 10 (the columns actually went to 5)!”

“It was terrific and I had nothing but great feedback!”

"Some people were laughing so much they were crying!!!"
WA Police Service

“Many speakers talk about customizing their presentations but none have executed it as well
as you did."
Australian National Credit Union

"Everyone I have spoken to absolutely loved 'Mick's' presentation!"
Hardware and Building Traders

"Your performance was excellent and all could see the intelligence which made it so very
clever. I have no idea how we are ever going to better this in future years."
Edith Cowan University

"… you managed to pull it off in spectacular fashion … I look forward to the next time I'm
fortunate to witness a genius at work."
St. Andrew's Insurance

"A great hit. Everyone is still talking about it."
Transport Expo

"… hilarious and insightful. Except of course for the uncontrollable laughter, "Mick" managed
to render a group of mortgage professionals speechless for a good half hour…"
Homeloans, National Conference

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