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Shaun Micallef


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Actor/ Writer & Comedian

Shaun Micallef is one of Australia’s most respected and loved comedy personalities. His on camera presence includes hosting his own shows Micallef Tonight and The Micallef Program, Logies host, actor (Seachange, Blue Heelers) and guest appearances on Rove Live and The Panel among others. Behind the scenes Shaun’s talents as writer and producer have delivered a number of popular shows including Blackjack, Full Frontal and The Big Gig.

Shaun is something of a Renaissance man. Bad teeth, appalling personal hygiene, and a life expectancy of 33 are just three of the qualities that make him so.

Shaun got tired of being a solicitor in 1993 and came to Melbourne to write sketches for Full Frontal and Jimeoin in 1994. Halfway through that year he started appearing in both shows, tried his dead hand at stand-up with Bob Franklin and Glenn Robbins, and acted as co-producer for Full Frontal's second series. In 1995 he joined the Full Frontal cast.

During 1996 he returned to Full Frontal and co-write for Artist Services the telemovie for a series he has created about the life of fearless bareback rider Poodles Hannaford.

His involvement with Glynn Nicholas began in 1986 when both of them were performing at the same comedy venue for the Adelaide Festival. Shaun was appearing in one of his delightful undergraduate romps and Glynn in a piece of crap called "The Yellow Tortoise Show". Glynn was going to an obscure festival in Scotland that year and invited Shaun to contribute material. Glynn accidentally left the scripts in a bin on the way to the airport and so, unfortunately, the material was never performed. However the two men became firm friends, from then on or would have had it not been for the fact they did not see each other for the next two years.

In 1988 they again shared the same venue. This time Shaun was doing the piece of crap, and Glynn his immensely successful "Glynn With A Why". It was on the opening night of their respective shows that Shaun made a gift to Glynn of a script that would one day launch the staggeringly popular Pate Biscuit. Again Glynn mislaid it in a bin on the way to the airport. In 1989 Glynn appeared in the Big Gig and invited Shaun to contribute material (1989-91). He also helped a bit on Glynn's stage show 'Crossing The Line" (1992) and other things too numerous and obscure to mention. In 1994 Shaun and Glynn created a television show. It's name escapes him for the moment.

He has written plays for the Magpie Theatre Company; Prince Of Numbskulls (1992), The Mystery Play (1993) and adpated David Greason's book "I Was a Teenage Fascist" into "Oops I'm A Nazi" (1996) for which he apologises profusely, particularly to David.

In 1998 he did the Micallef Program. The next year he did The Micallef Programme. Two years later he did the Micallef Pogram. In 2001 he hosted the Logies.

Mr. Micallef eschews more noble pursuits like missionary work or working with the aged, choosing instead to devote his life to building a monument to himself and creating around him an environment of indulgence and frippery.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Comic entertainment

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