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Kirsty Dunphey

Kirsty Dunphey


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Renowned Entrepreneur, Multi-Millionaire by 25

Kirsty Dunphey exhibits an unbridled can-do attitude that saw her achieve entrepreneurial success as young as 15, and rampage her way to a self made multi-millionaire by 25. Kirsty built her reputation in real estate, operating in a two bedroom apartment and growing to six locations across Tasmania. She is the youngest ever recipient of the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year Award. Kirsty transitioned into training and education and now inspires others with her passion and considerable experience to achieve their own dreams.

Kirsty Dunphey has first and foremost always been entrepreneurial. From her start at an early age working in her parents small businesses or opening her first business at 15 – she’s had the bug her whole life. With two businesses and two part time jobs under her belt by the age of 16 to her own real estate agency at 21 Kirsty has been described as “a Little bit Aussie Battler, a Little bit Sassy Entrepreneur". 

Business Woman of the Year Award

In 2002 Kirsty was named as the National Winner of Telstra’s Young Business Woman of the Year Award. Winning this prestigious award and in fact being its youngest ever recipient shows the depth of her knowledge, experience and most importantly passion. Through speaking, training, coaching and wide variety of products and materials Kirsty takes that passion, that experience, and that drive and injects it into your organisation, your career, and your life. Anything is Possible and Kirsty has developed presentations, workshops and reading materials to show you how to use simple techniques to change your mindset and change your life.

When both Kirsty’s parents went bankrupt not even this could set her back from achieving her entrepreneurial goals. In fact, this actually gave Kirsty further motivation and accelerated her progression towards financial independence. 

About Kirsty

At age 21 when the banks wouldn’t give her funding to open a real estate agency she would not be deterred growing that agency from a team of just three. With all owners of the company operating in a 2-bedroom apartment with no phones or Internet site, Kirsty expanded to a team of market leaders of over 50 across the North of Tasmania operating in 6 locations with business partner Tony Morrison.

When Kirsty was purchasing her sixth investment property in her early twenties and her bank wouldn’t cooperate – did she stop there? No way, she was creative and found the solution that suited the problem, blasting her way to being a self-made millionaire at 23, and self-made multi-millionaire by 25.

Kirsty has eagerly launched into the next chapter of her career selling in mid-2006 her interest in the first office she started at 21. She says “My passion is training and education, and I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had in running this business – but the next chapter is exciting and waiting". Kirsty now concentrates on training, speaking and educating whilst still maintaining ownership of one office and an active presence in Tasmanian real estate. 


Kirsty’s first book “Advance to Go, Collect $1Million" was released in 2005 outlining the first chapter in Kirsty’s career and life and she has fast become a well known name in national business circles. Kirsty has been featured on the Today show and Today Tonight, as well as Cosmopolitan, Ocean Drive and Marie Claire Magazines, and the Herald Sun and Age newspapers. Combining her passion for entrepreneurialism, customer service, property investment, building wealth, developing your sales skills, youth potential, business practices, real estate and enhancing public perception and skills of real estate agents Kirsty now delivers around 30 keynote speeches a year and is available as a speaker and trainer on the above topics.


  • Tasmania’s Youngest Licensed Real Estate Manager/Owner
  • National Telstra 2002 Young Business Woman of the Year
  • 2004 Young Australian of the Year – Tasmania
  • Director Harcourts Tasmania and Director Harcourts Northern Midlands
  • Ranked 24th in the 2004 BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Australia 


I have been raving about your presentation all day to-day. I liked your energy, the level of information and the relevance to me and I am sure to many others in the room. I would love to get you up to Darwin again to talk to our staff - what you said made a lot of sense - its not always the big things that make a difference it’s often the little things. 

Thank you for your inspirational address last Tuesday. It is great to have such an enthusiastic young person deliver a message liberally laced with a "can do" attitude. You are a shining example for young and old. We hope to have you back sometime in the future. 
Hocking Stuart

I've been in the real estate business for a long time, and over the years I've listened to a large number of trainers and presenters. In the majority of cases they just regurgitate the same old stuff in a slightly different way. So, when I'm looking to invest in adding value for my sales team, I try to choose carefully so that they do indeed value what they get. Without exception, my sales team loved your enthusiasm, your energy, and your refreshing new approach to the sales business. Every one of them has taken something of value away with them to use in their business, and the offices are buzzing. Thanks again Kirsty for a fantastic presentation. 
Harcourts Hibiscus Coast Session, New Zealand

On behalf of the REIV Young Agents Group, I would like to thank you for your contribution to what was a fantastic night at Georgio’s Restaurant in Malvern. The feedback that I have received is that it was the best event yet. You managed to create relevance to all attendees, whether they be Property Managers, Sales People or Directors. You exhibited excitement, fun and the interaction you made is what made it a fantastic presentation. The comment that ‘you are just a normal person’ was a credit to you personally as you connected with the audience. Personally I would like to thank you for your co-operation in the organizing of our event. 
Chairman of the REIV Young Agents Group

The REIV Young Agents Group held a function at Giorgio's Restaurant and Bar on Thursday 27th July 2006. Kirsty Dunphey was the keynote speaker at this event, which was aimed towards Estate Agents and their guests, where her presentation was not just informative and inspirational, but also very well received by all as she interacted with the audience. Kirsty shared her story in a way that could relate to any one who has a motivation to become successful in life and business. Overall, it was a fantastic night, where she stayed around to speak one-on-one with guests and keep a smile on our faces. Thank you for a great presentation! 
REIV Chapter

Kirsty is a first class speaker. She is confident, fresh, dynamic, entertaining and has the ability to deliver her content in a "unique way" that draws the audience in. There is never a dull moment. 
PPM Group

I was so happy to have you speak at our Women’s Networking Event. You were professional, inspirational and delightful and all of the feedback from the event was positive. I hope we get to work together again in the future.
Carmen Woods 
Sponsorship & Events Coordinator

Of the many comments made about how delightful and inspirational you were several people noted they had never been to a presentation where they had so actively participated- I think this is a great accolade to your style. I hope we see you back here soon. 
Ernst & Young

I would like to sincerely thank you for your wonderful contribution to our No Dole Launch in August. We wanted a special guest speaker for our inaugural launch and we certainly achieved this goal due to your inspirational speech. You engaged with all present particularly the grade 10 students. Your contribution to making the day a success is greatly appreciated, as is your generosity of time. Thank you so much. 
Principal - Cressy District High School 

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