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Graeme Alford

Graeme Alford


Authors - Business - Corporate Culture - Customer Service - Entrepreneurs - Executive Stress Management - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Leadership - Management - Retail - Sales - Small Business - Teamwork

Customer Service Expert

Graeme is the CEO of Complex Consultancy Services which provides OH&S solutions for the “white collar industry." His speciality is Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Workplace Harassment.

Over the past 15 years there has been a dramatic shift in what behaviour is, and what behaviour is not permissible in the workplace. Legislative changes are happening all the time and in many cases affected workers are availing themselves of the legal system in an attempt to seek compensation. Organisations who believe because they are compliant they are safe from the damage caused by this insidious behaviour are deluding themselves.

Graeme’s view of workplace bullying and harassment is that it’s a toxic disease which if allowed to exist will not only have serious health issues for staff but also corrode organizational performance. Left unchecked it can seriously damage an organizations culture and brand.

A lawyer by training, Graeme has been delivering presentations all over the world for the past 25 years and is a true professional when it comes to speaking. He was the creator of “The World Masters of Business" which featured such outstanding leaders as Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of Russia and Nelson Mandela, Time Magazines man of the 20th Century and has owned and run his own businesses.

Graeme has written 3 books Never Give Up, Inspirational Brainfood and Stop Sucking on Lemons, and has authored numerous blogs and articles. He is an inspiring and motivating presenter who thoroughly prepares each presentation to ensure it is tailored to the clients brief. And Graeme is equally at home doing a keynote presentation as he is conducting a 2 day workshop.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Customer service
  • Bullyproof your organization (keynote presentation with a management focus)
  • Bullying and Cyber Bullying (one day workshop)
  • What every manager needs to know about workplace bullying (keynote or workshop)
  • Customised presentations and workshops on any aspect of workplace bullying, cyber bulling and workplace harassment


"As an HR business owner I have seen countless presentations and videos on OH&S, however I have never seen anyone approach the issue of workplace bullying and harassment from the position of protecting all of the stakeholders in the organisation. Graeme’s presentation was not only compelling, well researched and extremely professional but also provided us with the tools to ensure we can bullyproof our business.
This presentation is a must see if you are serious about protecting your staff and your business. "
Enneagram Australasia

"Graeme’s presentation “Bullyproof your organisation" is an absolute must for any organisation that is serious about protecting all of their stakeholders. His legal background when combined with his vast business experience provides for a very compelling delivery style with just the right amount of humour for such a serious topic."
Managing Director, Channel 1 Communications

“Excellent.As co-ordinator of the workshop I sat through both workshops and found Graeme very motivational for all staff. Even the employees that went to the workshop to “get out of work" listened intently and were engaged. received great feedback from a few staff who have started them thinking about their customers in work and personal life.
Adelaide Cemeteries Authority“

Excellent.  Graeme was truly inspirational and his presentations were the talk of the conference. His ability to connect with people and clearly articulate actions everyone can take to make a difference was exceptional."
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 

“Excellent.  Captured the attention of the audience from his opening words and then captured their hearts and minds as he progressed through his riveting presentation."
Mitre 10 

"Excellent!!! Graeme offered the full package. His life is one of amazement with a fantastic story but his business experience also offers great inspiration."
Kubota Australia 

“Graeme's earthy approach appealed to both our Workshop & Gala Dinner audiences. He was generous with his time. He’s been there, experienced that attitude gives great credibility to his slogan 'Never give Up'. We really enjoyed his performance."
Kerang Business Council 

“Graeme has a interesting message...I believe there is a reason for everything ...Graeme had to go through his life the way he did so he could share the experience with the rest of us
Thankyou Sharon Dawe."
Sharrons Hairline 

“As Australia's fastest growing lifestyle company 2003-4, Waterwerks was knocked-out by Graeme's presentation, inspiring us to raise the bar even further and pursue our shared vision even harder. Graeme was very professional, well prepared and engaging. The content was inspirational and motivating. We'll definitely be seeking to hear Graeme again."
Waterwerks Australasia 

“Graeme was an inspiration to all of our candidates. It was a terrific presentation which engaged all involved.’
The Salvation Army Employment Plus 

“Graeme Alford provided an excellent presentation on customer relationships. His key note speech certainly had the interest of the staff, given Graeme's background."
Impact Fertilisers 

“Graeme, was excellent, we changed the format slightly to accommodate Graeme's style, which proved a winner!"
The Salvation Army Employment Plus 

“Graeme's presentation was spot on for our audience. His tone, content and overall message hit home with each participant at our conference and perfectly matched the tone of our conference. Our staff are still raving about how inspired they were after Graeme's talk."

“Graeme Alford was excellent, he prepared specifically for our conference and took time out to visit agents from our network to gain an understanding of wants and needs. All delegates attending his one hour workshop not only gained information to take back to their agencies but also enjoyed his workshop. Highly recommend."
Jetset Travel 

“Just a quick one to thank you for the presentation yesterday. I thought it was spot on for what we after and provided great insights for us. Feedback from guys I’ve spoken to has been extremely positive."
Agilent Technologies 

“Graeme hit the mark in terms of what we were looking for. His presentation style and content delivered a powerful message about personal commitment and drive, working both within and outside your comfort zone, and determination to focus and move towards goals. His work around customer service principles and approaches was also appropriate for our business."
Agilent Technologies

“Many of our delegates thought Graeme was inspirational and that our Conference theme of Never Give Up was just perfect for where we are at the moment.  Others thought Graeme was the highlight of the Conference.  An energetic, charismatic character who has our people changing what they do in their business and personal lives immediately by adopting the Mental Toughness principles.  He delivered!!"

“Graeme read the audience extremely well. He pulled everything together over the 2-day conference and tired back to relevant presentations as well as the overall theme of the conference. He asked all the right questions at the precise moments and used his initiative making the conference flow really well. Graeme added fun element to the conference, was very professional and engaging." 
Destination Event Management

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