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The Hon. Pru Goward MP


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Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Pru Goward, former Sex and Age Discrimination Commissioner and recipient of a Centenary Medal for services to journalism and women’s rights, is nominated as one of Australia’s top cultural and industrial relations influencers. Her speeches are published, she is author of A Business of Your Own, a study of success strategies for women in business, and has authored a biography of former Prime Minister, John Howard. Pru is described as an articulate and captivating presenter with a sharp intellect.

Pru Goward was elected to the NSW Parliament in March 2007 as the Member for Goulburn. She has served in the position of Shadow Minister for the Environment and Shadow Minister for Women, and from 2008 to March 2011, as the Shadow Minister for Community Services. Pru is delighted to be the NSW Minister for Family and Community Services and the Minister for Women, following the victory of a NSW Liberals and Nationals Government on 26 March 2011.  

Prior to entering Parliament, Pru served as Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner for six years from 2001, and the Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination from 2005 to 2007. During her time with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission she became best known for her advocacy of a national paid maternity leave scheme, the implications of demographic change, and the challenge of finding the right work-life balance.

An economist by training, Pru entered broadcasting and spent 19 years with the ABC as a reporter and national political commentator for television and radio. She has received a number of awards for journalism, including a special Walkley Award, journalism’s highest honour.

In 2001 she was awarded a Centenary Medal for her services to journalism and women’s rights, and in 2007 an Honorary Doctorate of Business from Charles Sturt University.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Politics
  • Media
  • Maternity Leave
  • Sex discrimination
  • Community Services
  • Work-life balance

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