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Brian Doyle


Comedy - Emcee - Entertainment - Humour - MC's & Facilitators - Master of Ceremonies

Australia’s Foremost Comedian

The charming and witty Brian Doyle is renowned for being the man who worries a lot. Considered one of Australia’s foremost comedians Brian has the ability to command audiences from the palm of his hand and leaves them in fits of laughter. A 25 year career in the business has given the awarded Irishman plenty of ammunition. Nothing is sacred with Brian and he draws on wide ranging topics to entertain and delight audiences.

With a wicked sense of humour, Australia's foremost corporate comedian Brian Doyle delights his audiences. He has over 25 years experience as a standup comedian and is as fresh and lively today as ever. With his immense Irish charm, Brian Doyle is a natural with audiences of all types.

Awarded the Australian Male Comedian of the Year six times, as well as being named Best Comedy Artist by the Variety Club, his professionalism and the respect he has in the industry are unquestioned.

Over four hundred television appearances to his credit - including hosting the 'Midday Show' - have made Doyle's face well-recognised among Australian audiences. His ability to communicate is renowned and his storytelling ability and witty conversation make him a crowd favourite.

For Brian Doyle, nothing is sacred. But with his humour and joy for life, he is always enlightening on even the traditionally difficult topics: politics, sport and religion. Brian Doyle is Australia's most in demand and successful corporate comic for a reason. He revels in interacting with audiences and guarantees you will recommend him to friends. And you will! 


“Another great performance. Audience loved him." 
Cadbury Schweppes

"Brian had everyone laughing for 35 minutes - it was fantastic." 
Murray Goulburn Trading

"His performance was outstanding. Brian has a great personality and ability to captivate his audience, which helps to make a special evening a huge success" 

"The Best" 
National Mutual

"Excellent - with a capital E. Mr Doyle was certainly a great asset to our Conference." 

National Mutual Travel

“Excellent. Really suited the audience, all of whom expressed their enjoyment of Brian’s performance." 
AV Jennings Homes

“Excellent. Brian is so funny it hurts. He appealed to all the audience and kept over 500 guests spellbound." 
John Danks & Son

‘Excellent. Brian delivered a sterling performance appealing to the mood of the evening." 
Caulfield Race Course

“Excellent. Brian was the ideal choice for our function. He lived up to expectations. The audience was in stitches from start to finish." 
All Saints Anglican School Connections Club

“Excellent. Brian as usual was terrific." 
Southcorp Appliances

“Excellent. If laughter is the best medicine – Brian is one hell of a doctor." 
Swann Insurance

“Excellent. One of the funniest comedians I’ve had the pleasure to listen to." 
Tricon Restaurants International

“Excellent. Brian Doyle was fantastic! The feedback from clients and staff alike has been excellent." 
The Higgins Group

“Excellent. He bought the house down. Guests were complaining of having sore jaws!" 

“Excellent. Entertained the group very well." 
Loy Yang Power

“Brian Doyle was excellent. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his performance. He had done his 'homework' and the comedy was most appropriate for our guests." 

“Excellent. Brian had the audience laughing from start to finish – there were no lulls." 
VACC Insurance

“Excellent. Brian judged the audience perfectly and interacted brilliantly so that everyone felt part of the performance." 
Moller Consulting

“Excellent. Started the day with a positive feel. Very entertaining." 
MI Travel

“An excellent performance that had everybody in stitches throughout. A longer performance would have resulted in complaints of sore stomachs from all the laughing." 
Dairy Industry Association of Aust

“Excellent. The man is a true professional. His timing is perfect and he is possibly the most hilarious comedian I have heard." 
MRW Co-Operative Ltd

“We used Brian to lighten up the audience after the mini auction component of the night. Crowd loved him and he gave them something to talk about after they left. Finished the night on a high." 
South Australian Soccer Federation

John Holland Pty Ltd

“Brian was charming and very funny. Very pleased that he joined us after dinner for some networking. Please convey my thanks to Brian." 

“Had us in stitches of laughter. Not a dry eye in the house. Incredibly funny, up to date with current affairs. Very dry sense of humour. He related well to a wide range of people of various age groups." 
The Mercury

“The old warrior battles on. Brian delivered his unique brand of Irish humour and his view of how tiresome life is at his age. He had the audience in his hand, great humour really set the mood for a fun night. Brian never ceases to reach the audience no matter what the age or gender. If he is still on his feet in 2 years we would have him back." 
P & O Cold Logistics

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