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Linda Friedland Dr


After Dinner - Ageing - Excellence - Fitness - Health - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Life Planning - Motivation - Personal Development - Stress Management - Women in Business

Health Expert

International health expert, medical doctor, television personality, international speaker, and author Linda Friedland is one of the highest rated public speakers in the world. Having presented in over 25 countries, Linda is well-travelled, engaging, and informational. She focuses on both men and women’s health, living one’s best life, and finding balance between one’s health, emotional well-being, and career.

Linda Friedland is considered an authority on both corporate and individual health, consulting internationally on these topics with a variety of industries, including healthcare, corporate, and financial institutions. She has delivered keynotes in Australia, Asia, the UK, the US, and South Africa, and she is the author of four bestselling books, including Self, Having it All, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Health, and The Ultimate Guide to Health.

Linda regularly appears as an anchor, guest host, and participant on television and radio shows throughout Australia and South Africa.

As a speaker, Linda is approachable, kind, and energetic. She makes a lasting impression on every guest, and is highly regarded for her unmatched level of respect for both event coordinators and their guests. With the firm belief that anyone can live a rewarding, healthy, and enjoyable life, Linda is often referred to as a “breath of fresh air" and can make even the smallest event one of a lifetime. 

Presentation Topics Include

  • Fit is the new rich
  • Are you living with a time bomb?
  • Find Your Balance
  • Living with vitality, passion and purpose
  • Hot topics in men’s health
  • Living a frazzle free Life (Stress management)
  • Having it all- A woman's guide to health & success
  • The Ultimate Anti-ageing plan¬- Unlocking the secrets to living longer and better.
  • A woman's blueprint for an extraordinary life
  • Live your best life


“Dr Linda Friedland’s presentation was the best this year!" 
Steven Pan, Chairman, Taipei YPO Chapter 

‘The star of the conference was undoubtedly Linda - you could not have a better ambassador for South Africa (except possibly, Nelson Mandela himself!)" 
Tom Sackville -CEO International Federation of Health Plans UK“

‘Your presentation in Amsterdam was the outstanding conference highlight for me!" 
Robert B. Bucher, President & CEO, Pacific Blue Cross (Canada)

“I have no words to express my gratitude .You have left a very deep impression on me" 
Chairman Calcutta YPO event 

“Like a breath of fresh air, fantastic open approach, warm, great event!" 
Chairman, Hospice Malaysia

I loved Linda! She was a superstar last night and the clients felt so good afterwards! Linda, thanks for your insights, wisdom and genuine humanity. 
US Equity Research Analyst CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets |Credit Agricole Securities (USA) Inc.

“ 9.9!! You were brilliant. Our ratings are normally high but have never been this high!!!" 

‘Linda -The corridors are still buzzing from your talk. A great success! & we'd love to have you back soon."
MD Fidelity asset management fund – Japan

“My expectations of this speaker were exceeded" 
Managing Director, CLSA Capital Partners" Hong Kong

“We've had amazing feedback since yesterday They loved you !!!" 
CLSA Tokyo

“The most remarkable thing from the San Diego Conference was your presentation! I have taken your ideas to redesign our strategies in the future. You have a fan in Colombia." 
Mauricio Toro Bridge Gerente General Susalud; Colombia

"You truly were inspirational, feedback has been amazing. The standing ovation you received, speaks volumes of the calibre of your presentation" 
Hazel Levin Cape Town

“Your ability to connect with your audience is extraordinary: although you are awe-inspiringly dynamic & energetic you manage to convey the sense that you share the ordinary space with lesser mortals." 
Director Glenhove Community centre

“I was overwhelmed by your presentation. Thank you for an incredibly uplifting and enriching talk! - You are a remarkable woman, Linda and you have most certainly touched my heart and soul" 
Beiersdorf , Nivea workshop

“Thank you for one of the most insightful talks I have ever experienced!" 
Investec Bank, South Africa

A big thank you for the fantastic presentation at our Breast Cancer breakfast .It was such a privilege to meet you." 
MD Estee Lauder group South Africa, regional brand director Estee Lauder, Asia Pacific.

“All of us at Newport Asia got a real kick out of your visit and your excellent presentation" 
Partner, Newport Asia LLC. San Francisco

“Dr Linda Friedland's presentation was truly inspirational. We were so inspired by her approach to stress and health that we have already begun to change" 
Blackrock, London

“Thanks so much for the presentation and for doing a wonderful talk in Malaysia!" 
Executive Director, Templeton Asset Management Ltd. 

“Thanks very much Linda. The whole group so enjoyed your talk and learned so much that we look forward to having you again to follow up" 
Chairman, Templeton Asset Management Ltd.

‘Dr Linda was excellent & she was sensitive to the Muslim religion. I was also fortunate to spend some time with her and she is one wonderful lady!" 
CLSA Kuala Lumpur

“Your talk this morning at the Finlay’s event in aid of NOAH (Nurturing orphans of Aids for Humanity) was truly the best that I have ever heard!" 
Luhabe-Hutton People Development

“Your presentation was brilliant, inspiring and thought-provoking– both in terms of style and content. We have had such positive feedback" 
Editor Psychologies Magazine

“I loved every bit of your talk and found you an absolute inspiration! You make such a difference to the lives of so many. You were fabulous!!!" 
Nedbank South Africa

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