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Sally Browne

Sally Browne


Adventure - After Dinner - Business - Challenge - Change Management - Competitive Advantage - Creativity - Fashion - Global Trends - Leadership - Management - Manufacturing - Marketing - Motivation - Personal Development - Risk Management - Risk Taking - Sales - Social Trends - Teamwork - Trends - Women in Business

Change & Choices

Sally Browne’s presentations are known for being enthusiastic, entertaining and energetic; filled with humour, personal experiences, great anecdotes and unique perspectives.

She’s built a multi-million dollar fashion empire, won many awards for design and business leadership excellence and is widely regarded as an expert in future business trends, retail and consumer directions. Sally has also worked in Finland to develop the first heart rate stress monitor. Furthermore, she balances her gruelling schedule of business leadership and being a mother of four. She lives a fascinating life full of meaning, philanthropy and adventure.

Sally’s presentations focus on three themes: Challenges, Change and Choices. She’s a professional in managing change and she gives fresh insights into future opportunities, present possibilities and strategies to be victors of change, not victims of change.

Sally believes the success we experience in our business and personal life is a matter of choice, not chance. We can achieve almost anything on which we focus. Her passion is helping others embrace and achieve their business and personal goals.

Sally’s captivating life narrative inspires her audiences to embrace change, enjoy challenge and reach their maximum potential.

“Change is not something that happens to us…we can choose to be victors of change not victims of change. When things get tough or challenging, this is an opportunity to break through, not a reason to back down,” Sally said. “This is when we push our comfort zone; this is when we achieve extraordinary things and discover how great we can feel and how thrilling our life and career can be.”

“Change is endemic and frenetic on all fronts…in values, focus, lifestyle, consumer expectations, leisure activities and in business strategies,” she said. “This is a stunning era of enthusiasm and extraordinary opportunities…we need to stop re-engineering and start re-energising our organisations.”

As well as being a ‘walking textbook’ on corporate heroes and tomorrow’s business trends, Sally has immense knowledge on trends in emotional health and champions of compassion, making her a multi-faceted conference or convention speaker.

Her presentations have motivated thousands of people to review, re-evaluate and re-invigorate their business and their personal life.

Currently Sally is working on an amazing documentary project called “BREAKTHROUGH”. The film involves challenge and mastery of change through living totally different lives. Over a 28-day period Sally lived with a Masai Tribe; climbed Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro; explored the Philosophy of Happiness in Bhutan; spent time in the same jail where Nelson Mandela was confined; visited Ghandi’s House and trekked across Spain via the historic pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela.

Sally Browne is an upbeat, uplifting keynote speaker, mixing comedy and sound business principles which can be used by any organization at any level. Her “can-do” philosophy sends audiences away with an optimistic attitude and a smile from ear to ear!

“This is a great time to be alive,” Sally said. “It is an exciting era of new opportunities, a perfect time to build a better business, a better marketing vision and a better life.’

Sally’s symposium and seminar presentations are personally researched and customised to your needs.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Living and Working to your Full Potential
  • From High Fashion to High Adventure and High Altitude


I was in the audience this morning at the seminar where you presented. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your very personal and inspiring stories. I enjoyed every moment of it and wanted to let you know you had a real and profound impact. I'm about to leave my job after 5 years in a senior exec role, and I am so excited for the next adventure! I am planning to work in my own coaching and HR consulting business.

This is a just a short note to let you know that last week’s presentation with Sally Browne was fabulous. Sally was engaging, entertaining and thought provoking. The feedback from our guests was overly positive – Sally was also generous with her time following the event when she took the time to talk with some of our guests.

Hi Sally! We all enjoyed your talk so much. I still cannot believe how much ground you covered and how many wonderful / funny / insightful / tender stories and words of wisdom you shared in only one hour! I am making my own big changes in my life as a result!

After 20 years working for international companies like Nike, running a digital advertising agency and being the first employee at a startup, I’m about to start my own start-up. With that in mind I found your talk energizing, entertaining and full of ‘take-home’ nuggets! 
Deakin University 

Highly engaging and the audience greatly appreciated Sally’s insights and openness.
Austbrokers Countrywide

“Superb speaker who engaged the audience in the hard to fill spot straight after lunch. A lovely lady who was very easy to work with.”
Office of Training and Further Education

“She met all expectations and more. She had researched the area and was very well prepared.”
South Gippsland Shire Council Economic Development and Tourism

“Sally was an absolute delight, a breath of fresh air, she warmed to the audience instantly and kept them entertained throughout the evening. A true professional.”
City of Eltham

“Your talk helped me realise how many options I have and the many paths my life can take.”
Melbourne Girls Grammar School

“This is the second year we have asked Sally to present to our centres around Australia – excellent again.”
Westfield Shopping Centres

“Excellent…Sally engaged the audience with her style and wit but also showed how through research of our municipality could personalise and involve all those who attended.”
Hume City Council

“Excellent…A very relaxed personal approach with a feeling for our group”
Department of Education

“Excellent…Sally was an inspirational speaker. Her earthly and passionate presentation allowed the summit participants to identify and relate to her many experiences.”
Victorian Eastern Development Association

“Vivacious, interesting, inspiring, presentation on marketing tips and trends beyond 2000”
Stephen Sully Consultants

“Sally was very good. I have had people ring up and thank us for bringing Sally to
Katherine (NT).”
Dept of Industries & Business

“Excellent. We now have a women’s revolution. Excellent speaker & Great Fun to work with. Certainly did her homework.”
Top Tourist Parks

“Excellent. Sally was well prepared, accommodated herself to our needs and was energetic, enthusiastic and energised the audience. Her background research & presentation were impeccable.”
Enterprise and Vocational Education

“Excellent. Sally was motivational, inspirational and generally a lot of fun. She was faced with a small crowd and handled herself with professionalism and class.”
The Heat Group

“Excellent. Sally was a very entertaining, enthusiastic, and informative speaker. Her capacity to hold a captive audience was excellent.”
Ararat Regional Business Association

“The response was phenomenal and the evaluation forms were 100% positive. The comments ranged from ‘Sally Browne – we love her!’ ‘You go girl!’ to ‘Fantastic, very funny and so motivational.’ You certainly have raised the bar and will be a tough act to follow.”

“Excellent. A great speaker, with a message for everyone. Our participants were very complementary.”
South Gippsland Bass Coast Local Learning & Employment

“Sally was able to engage the audience immediately and keep them until the end of the morning’s meal. I have had too numerous positive responses about her to mention! Any one I meet who heard Sally that morning continues to speak of how her message impacted on them. Well done Sally!”
City of Casey

“Excellent. Sally was extremely entertaining, as well as being able to provide really good, strong messages. Her storytelling was applied to the key principles that we had discussed, making them very relevant to our staff.”
Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)

“Sally was great how she incorporated her presentation in line with the audience - understanding what they did and relating well to them. She was very humorous and energetic in her presentation and the audience related extremely well to her giving some great positive feedback.”
City of Casey

"An enjoyable presentation. Sally is a really engaging person and it was a pleasure to listen to her speak. I Loved This Presentation."
Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner.

"Superb - Inspirational"
Tourism Australia

"Excellent. The best presentation of the day"
Melbourne Water

"Absolutely Brilliant. She brought tears to my eyes - sometimes with laughter sometimes becasuse of the pure honesty in which she expresses herself - THanks"
Trudie Beattie

We were thrilled with Sally’s presentation! Sally was engaging, humorous and inspiring – a real treat for the women who attended our event. Sally took the time to contact me prior to the event to gain a real understanding of our audience and what our expectations were and arrived in plenty of time before the start of the function. Sally exceeded all of our expectations.I would confidently recommend Sally for future presentations.
Custodian WealthBuilders

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