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Daniel Flynn


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Founder - Thank you Water

At the age of 19, Daniel was deeply affected by hearing about a boy in Africa who spent his whole day collecting water for his family. In this case, the water was so contaminated that this boy’s two younger sisters had become extremely sick from drinking it. This story deeply moved Daniel, who at that time was at university working on his “five-year plan".

After researching the World Water Crisis, Daniel discovered that Australians spend $600 million on bottled water each year, while in developing nations over 900 million people didn’t have access to safe water.

The injustice of these facts inspired Daniel to do something. He came up with the idea to marry these two extremes together in the form of a bottled water company that would fund safe water projects – and Thankyou Water was born in 2008.

Initially, Daniel and the team were faced with $250,000 of start-up expenses. Peers and established business people said it would be impossible to launch the brand. However, in late 2008 they landed deals with distributors around Australia and hit shelves of independent cafes early in 2009. It wasn’t until 2011 that they got their first major retailer on board with 7-Eleven Australia.

In July 2013 Thankyou Water rebranded to Thankyou with the launch of two new ranges, Thankyou Food and Thankyou Body Care. After a successful nation-wide social media marketing campaign, Thankyou’s products were taken on by Australia’s largest supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths.

To date, Thankyou has helped over 60,000 people across nine different countries. Thankyou now has over 70,000 people in its social network community. The organisation also recently launched an Australian-first reporting app called Track Your Impact, which allows customers to see the exact result of their purchase.

Daniel has been guided through Thankyou’s startup process by key mentors and advisors with experience in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), finance, legal, accounting, strategy, marketing, operations, human resources and international development industries. Thankyou has also appointed legal, accounting and independent audit firms.

Daniel is passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and inspiring others to achieve their dreams and do what others might say is impossible.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Making the impossible possible
  • Digital/social media marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and social business
  • Leadership and innovation
  • Philanthropy
  • FMCG businesses
  • Taking an idea and making it a reality


Daniel was an incredible keynote speaker who delivered a 65 minute speech that was inspiring, relatable, interesting and dynamic every single minute.​ In the history of our staff conferences, standing ovations are very very rare and Daniel deserved all of the 850 people that stood for him. Our staff were engaged for the full session and could have listened to him all afternoon. We would recommend Daniel without hesitation to anyone considering a keynote speaker to inspire staff, encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and adapt and embrace change.

Daniel was engaging from the moment he was on stage. A perfect level of humour while delivering his important message. I received fantastic feedback from my Council and many registrants with regards to Daniel and the theme of the plenary session. Would happily offer a reference for Daniel to any potential clients.
Australasia Society for Ultrasound in Medicine

Daniel’s talk could not have been better aligned to the Waterman business values. Such a perfect fit and Daniels presentation style was unassuming and very engaging. Wonderful positive feedback from many attendees.
Bossman Media

Daniel was the hit of our show. He will make you laugh, cry and end up having the audience on their feet from a standing ovation.
Founder, Worldz

Excellent. When you can hear a pin drop in the audience you know you have a good speaker. Daniel was terrific and we have had great feedback from our members. I hope he continues to wow the world.
The Conference Team

Very inspirational
Blue Lake & SECAV Partnerships

Daniel was one of the most inspiring speakers I have heard. Our audience was all ages and every single person was impressed with his story, presentation and overall learnings.
King Events

Daniel truly understood the objective of these events. He brought with him his entrepreneurial spirit along with his innovative business knowledge. He confidently lead the conversation and interacted with our c level guests with ease, he brought humor but more importantly his inspiring story of giving back.
Revolution 360

Fabulous speaker, you could have heard a pin drop.
City of Yarra

Perfect fit for our audience, lots of positive feedback
Connect Entertainment

Daniel was one of the keynote presenters at ADMA’s annual Global Forum conference where he delivered the most unforgettable presentation the conference has ever seen. His passion, spirit and stage presence made the audience laugh, cry and received standing ovations at the end. Daniel was the highest regarded presenter across the two days of the event. We look forward to another opportunity to have Daniel address an ADMA event in the future.

Wonderful presentation – another speaker we would love to have him again. Inspirational and engaging individual.

Daniel's friendly nature, passion and gift for story telling had our group totally engaged.
CT Connections Totem Group

Daniel is an exceptional speaker, his story was topical, relevant and engaging, delivered in a way that captivated our audience from start to finish.
Banyule City Council

Daniel ended our annual convention with a presentation we will never forget. As a community of speakers, we are no strangers to talent stage delivery but Daniel set a new bar. The standing ovation at the end of his session was the longest I've ever seen and seemed an almost inadequate response to the impact he had made.
National President, Professional Speakers Australia

The overwhelming feedback from all the players was that you were the best speaker that we have had into the club. So congratulations as it's a mean feat to keep the playing group engaged the whole time.
Captain, North Melbourne Football Club

We had Daniel speak at our Annual Convention and he was nothing short of inspiring. Our group is made up of highly accomplished principals and sales people with years of experience, they can be a tough audience, but he seemed to completely capture them with his energy and conviction so much so that he was given a standing ovation. Well done and thank you.

Dan Flynn delivered the wow factor to the 300+ members and invited guests at The CEO Institute Summit recently. We were expecting an insight into Thankyou’s success, but we received that and much more!. With a rating of 10 out of 10 by over 70%, those gathered were blown away by Dan's extremely entertaining and inspiring tale. As one member stated; "Dan made such an impact on me that I rushed home, gathered my family around the computer and trawled through the website". The CEO Institute says; "Thank you, Dan!"
The CEO Institute

He was brilliant – everyone was enthralled… would have him back again.
Harcourts International

When speaking at a recent national partners conference for KPMG, Daniel Flynn had the audience engaged from the moment he walked on the stage. For a ‘young’ leader setting out to change the world through Thank You, he speaks with authenticity and purpose – his message is clear and memorable, he is humble, honest and very engaging.
KPMG Partner

Daniel was the talk of the conference. Having seen Daniel a few years ago at a showcase I was pleasantly surprised that he has gone from a good speaker with an inspirational story to a fantastic speaker who has a great business success story combined with an inspirational message of making a difference. He is polished and has well timed humour – we used him as our conference opening and his humble yet entertaining story had the room in a trance and set the energy levels for the day. Additionally our pre-event briefing with Daniel went really well and you could tell he was interested in who his audience was going to be and told us how he could tie his story to our business needs – I rarely leave a briefing feeling so confident! And then he NAILED IT – his tie-in messages were spot on.
I could go on and on about what I loved about Daniel’s session - Daniel was sensational and I would 100% recommend him to anyone and hope to use him again soon.
Colonial First State

WOW - several weeks after Dan story, the Travelzoo team are still talking about it. The lessons Dan shared can be immediately transferred to the business and referred back to long after his time with us. Dan participation in our offsite meeting was a perfect way to wrap up 2 days of discussion to support our core messages.
Managing Director, Travelzoo Australia

Dan was engaging and more substantively it was refreshing to see a young entrepreneur be purpose driven by nature and through his business stay true to his own personal values. His alignment to values resonates within our industry, as we have a strong obligation to help our customers be good with their money. Truly inspiring individual and amazing company.
Group Executive Personal Banking, NAB

Daniel was wonderful to deal with and provided an outstanding presentation. Not only was his story remarkable to hear about, but Daniel’s speaking ability is to a very high standard. He was funny, genuine and engaging – our audience were captivated by him the entire time. We wish there was more time available within our event so that he could have talked for longer. All the best to Thank you Group for your future endeavours – what an amazing thing you are doing! Well done guys and girls.
Enterprise and Training Company Limited

Thank you Daniel for being part of ASFA 2014. Your professionalism and commitment to delivering at both the Emerging Leaders’ Forum for our under 30s and the Parallel Session at our annual conference was excellent. Our delegates were truly inspired by your story and as one of our highest rated speakers this year, we hope to have the opportunity to work with you again. Congratulations.
Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA)

Dan’s presentation was passionate, enthusiastic and engaging. All our delegates at the conference walked away with motivation and feeling inspired. Dan was well prepared for his preparation and ensured that the message was aligned to who we are at People’s Choice and what we are aspiring to. His messages were succinct and well crafted. All of us will bear some of his messages in mind for a long long time. Having him as our closing speaker was the best decision we’ve made! Well done and we all wish Thankyou Water well and hope to continue to see Dan’s success in helping more people in the world. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for an external speaker for their event. Thank you Dan for your story!
People's Choice Credit Union

Dan’s commitment to this social enterprise, and his selfless resolve to strive for success was an inspiration. At our recent Franchisee conference attended by approx 1800 people, we invited Dan to tell us the story of Thankyou Water. We had a number of speakers on the day and Dan was the absolute stand out. His passion to provide safe drinking water is absolutely inspiring and he captivated the audience through the use of real life stories and powerful images. The feedback from the audience was fantastic to say the least.
7-Eleven Australia

Daniel’s story is a source of inspiration to all. He proves that with the right will and intent, you can take a grand idea and turn it into a reality and a real success story. He has put aside his own interests, overcome many obstacles and challenges, and achieved something that is truly remarkable, for the benefit of others. A fresh, new generational thinker and leader.
Australia Post

Yet again Dan was an excellent speaker. Our students responded well to his enthusiasm and honesty and he has a natural way of making you want to jump on board with his cause. We wish Dan & Thankyou Water every success. I hope to see the bottles on the shelves of Coles & Woolies soon!
The University of Queensland

Passionate presentation; incredible persistence and perseverance to make a vision reality no matter what the difficulties and challenges.
APCO Service Stations

Dan was excellent, inspiring and very engaging with the whole audience.

His presentation totally stole the show, it was so engaging and inspiring, and his contribution to the panel discussion was also invaluable. We have had really positive feedback on the event - and especially about Daniel's contribution - and on the strength of this we're planning a LIVE forum for 2016. Once again, a massive thank you.
Food & Drink Business

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