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Dr Louise Mahler

Dr Louise Mahler


Body Language - Personal Development - Presentation Skills - Psychology - Stress Management

Communication Specialist

Dr Louise Mahler is a communication specialist and a proven performer in moving individuals and groups to take positive action through a unique perspective focusing on the unsung wisdom of voice. With a background in opera (soloists contract Vienna State Opera, Aldeburgh and Salzburg Festivals) as well as a strong business background (PhD, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Applied Management in Service Management and Innovation, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, roles in London and BHP in Australia) she has brought the worlds of Art and Business together in a pioneering combination that breaks the barriers of standard communication and begins the process of getting truly behind your mask

Her energy and enthusiasm for her topic is presented with palpable expertise and large doses of humour, energizing audiences to achieve things they never thought they would and come out better for the experience.

Dr Mahler has worked with leaders, managers and business groups, providing education and opportunities for personal and team improvement. Positive results abound in lessons for leadership, presentation, sales and customer service, as well as group activities for teambuilding and the ‘opera of organization’ as a whole.

The practical power of understanding your voice:

Most people could not recognise their own voice in a crowd, have no inkling of how it is produced and are bewildered by the thought of changing it. Yet, voice is a critical component of personal presence and voice is a choice. The permutations and combinations of sound are endless and discovering them will have a dramatic impact on your working and personal life. Understanding the power of your voice is an integral part to motivating and inspiring others.

Keynotes & Workshops

Dr Louise Mahler is able to tailor her talks and workshops to suit the audience she is presenting to. 

Some of the other practical learning’s people will experience:

  • Recognise that mind, body and voice do not work in isolation.
  • Hear how the mind-body-voice cycle works for well known voices in the public eye
  • Learn that unlearning blockages rather than learning new tricks is the key to success.
  • Discover how to work with that new-found breath for your advantage in communication and trustworthiness.
  • Understand the critical connection between pitch variation and emotional intelligence.
  • Diagnose your personal strategy for power under stress.
  • Get your body back into control and overcome performance anxiety.

Professional Development

  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming (’08)
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training ('05)
  • Practitioners Certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming ('97)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certificate of Accreditation (‘95)
  • Quality Assurance Auditing Certificate (‘94)
  • Train the Trainer (AIM ‘95)
  • Facilitation Skills (AIM ’94)
  • Estill Voice Craft Levels 1, 11 and 111 2004

Academic prizes and scholarships

  • PhD scholarship, RMIT
  • Award for Innovation in Research RMIT 2006

Vocal Achievements

  • Apprentice soloists contract, Vienna State Opera '87- '89
  • Premier Of Benjamin Britten “French Songs" 1986
  • Rodelinda in Handel’s “Rodelinda" for the Aldeburgh Festival 1985
  • The Countess in Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro" for the Salzburg Festival 1986 with Sire Peter Ustinov producing
  • Performances include: Opera festivals, Solo concerts and oratoria solos in Germany, England, Austria and Australia

Presentation Topics Include

  • Work with your voice to build rapport with clients
  • Take control of your leadership voice to motivate and inspire
  • Manage yourself physically, mentally and vocally through the media
  • Vocal Intelligence: the missing leadership ingredient
  • Getting rid of performance anxiety and getting back in control
  • Women taking control of the leadership voice
  • Presentation skills
  • Leading with confidence
  • Making difficult messages easy to hear
  • Grow personal resilience and creativity
  • Develop strategies to recognize and manage stress in the moment
  • Build a culture of collaboration and harmony
  • Discover how to expand your creative zone and improve innovation at work
  • Heal personal blocks
  • Identify stress patterns held in your body
  • Release tension and trauma
  • Develop new ways to interact and present in the world
  • Managing change


Louise was amazing and she created an atmosphere that maintained all day.
Mimecast Australia

Louise was a breath of fresh air. Her presentation was right on point for the audience. what a great way to end two days.

I love Louise’s energy and presence. She commands the room with plenty of great stories and examples to illustrate her teachings.
LWH Group

Louise ended our conference on a high our staff left wiping tears from their eyes and smiles on faces.

I had the pleasure of attending a training session with Dr Louise Mahler in Washington DC last year. It was one of the best sessions I've attended in my professional career. I absolutely love Louise's ability to use humour, compassion, practical exercises and theory to help people like myself to feel much ,ore co for table and charismatic in front of people. Dr Louise Mahler you need to come to Paris and hold some seminars!
Deputy Director, Transdev Group

We have received nothing but positive feedback from the forum participants regarding Louise's presentations. She was informative, energising and funny, The participants left on a great high at the end of the day highlighting components of her presentation that resonated with them. It was fantastic she was able to spend the day with us and adapt her presentation to our needs. "Louise Mahler was excellent - entertaining and the content was useful and applicable. ""Keynote speaker very engaging (and funny)." "I feel very confident in articulating how DELWP 2020 is relevant to all my staff and how together we will deliver towards a Strong, Better, Fairer Victoria (yep, Louise totally drummed that in to me).""Louise Mahler was the highlight of the day for me - it was great to be able to have a laugh and learn at the same time."
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Excellent delivery and message, would not hesitate to recommend,
Imaje Events

Louise came with an outstanding reputation and did not disappoint. She was engaging, full of energy and involved the audience. The information and techniques she delivered resonated with our delegates and as evidence by their feedback, many of our delegates intend to incorporate into their daily interaction with others. Both the workshops and plenary keynote added to the success of this year’s conference.
AMP Services Ltd.

Dr Mahler's presentation was the best I have experienced. She was so helpful, entertaining and knowledgeable. Again, some of herexercises pushed the participants out of their comfort zone. The other presenters were also engaging.

Handling difficult situations was a must for all leaders, excellent!
Contact Energ

Great range of speakers with many perspectives that were new to me. Dr Mahler was one of the best speakers with a very different approach I have ever seen.
Entity Solutions

I wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU for your contribution yesterday – it was left of centre for a conference like ours and it went over perfectly – so many people took the opportunity to provide great feedback on your session and it set the day off like no other. It was great working with you leading up to the event and you surpassed my expectations.
CEO, Managing Director

Louise achieves a wonderful sense of engagement with her audience. Her recent presentations to our syndicate groups on ‘Vocal Intelligence’ have placed her in our top speaker category- of all time. She has inspired our (very experienced) CEO’s to apply new “mind-body-voice" techniques to their business and personal lives- with real success. Louise is a professional who can be relied upon to deliver beyond your expectations.
Chief Executive, CEO Institute

Thanks Louise, you were great and the feedback has been fantastic.
Program Director, Mt Eliza Senior Executive

You have no idea how much discussion your session has inspired in our group and personally I gained an enormous amount of personal insight and development from your session. It was fantastic, went much further than vocal intelligence, was more whole of body intelligence, fantastic!!!

For the past several years Louise has worked with MBS on the Senior Executive Program which is one of the Executive Education unit's Flagship Programs. She has undertaken a small segment of approximately 1-2 hours. Participants are either CEOs or top echelon Executives from National or international Organisations representing many countries from the Asia Pacific region. On each occasion she has presented a stimulating, exciting and always well received program, people inevitably report that she has given them new perspectives and insights and that their learning was greatly enhanced by her material and her methods of presentation. I am the designer and director of this program, and both I and my facilitation partner Rob Burke, the MBS Futurist recommend Louise without reservation.
Program Director, Melbourne Business School

I wanted to send you a thank you for delivering a great session as part of our women’s forum. The feedback has been terrific.

What a pleasure it was to have Dr. Louise Mahler present at the Dynamic Growth Conference, 2010. Louise was quite simply OUTSTANDING. ...At times Louise had the audience deep in thought, rolling in laughter and singing in tune. A masterful performance! In preparation for the event, Louise was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She was very willing to customize her presentation for our delegation and really delivered on what she promised. I highly recommend her, whether for a keynote presentation or a longer workshop format. She will deliver!
Convener Dynamic Growth Congress, Australian Spinal Research Foundation

Excellent. The agenda was perfect. The facilitation was excellent. This weekend I know will change my life and I just want to say THANK YOU!
CEO Corporate Services, City of Brimbank

Louise has an amazing ability to instantly connect with her audience with her enthusiasm, energy and passion in delivering her message. … to say that Louise has a gift for public speaking is almost an understatement. Not only is her work thoroughly researched and structured for optimal learning, but it is fun and enjoyably interactive.
Business Coach, Event Organiser, The Coaching Connection

Louise, you lifted the performance bar for what it means to have true presentation skills. The paradigm shift that you create within your course attendees takes your holistic approach of Mind-Body-Voice to beyond any existing world class teaching standards on this subject.
Quest Unique

This was one of the most rewarding, practical, relevant and fun workshops I have ever done! Everyone should do it!
Manager Community Engagement and Education, Fire and Emergency Management

Thank you for the excellent vocal intelligence session today ... every minute was fabulous !
Target Homes

You were truly awesome!! I LOVED the way you so obviously spent time chatting to everyone at the start and incorporated that into your talk … it was so relevant to everyone there!! It was truly incredible and everyone I spoke to was so impressed and really felt like they’d benefitted from your talk, especially when they've had a good time, been really impressed and learnt something as well.
Leanne Watson

Thank you again for a great workshop. It was great to have someone with such a deep knowledge of this area to show and encourage us.
John Hamilton

I’m just back from 2 weeks leave that I started the day after we were privileged enough to spend a day with you. If you remember I had a presentation to give the day following to a large group of people at Telstradome. I followed your tips, the main one being the little cough prior to speaking – and the talk when fantastically well. My time was cut to 35 minutes from the allotted 45, but I could have spoken for an hour easily! So, just a short thank you for the fantastic session you had with us, and the manner and energy which you shared with us.
James Moreno

I always knew the work you bring to the world of communication was not only much needed, but also contained even more added value.…. Every corporation needs to have this philosophy and program embedded into all leaders and professionals’ induction, skills development and continuous improvement programs. The evidence of your outcomes will without any shadow of doubt positively impact not only financial performance, but importantly – client relationships, intra and inter organizational dialogue and overall will contribute to a culture of supreme professional performance. There is no organization that exists without the need for communication between individuals…Your deep experience, well researched knowledge, delivery and coaching methodology to ensure sustainability of performance is in itself a powerful value proposition. The Corporate world at all sectors, all Public institutions, Academic environs, Social practitioners, Sports and Theatre etc will do themselves a service with the benefits reaped from this investment. The value add even above this to the individual in building self esteem, confidence, perspective and therefore growth and fulfillment through their own potential is absolutely beyond the price tag!
Joseph D’Souza

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