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Sebastian Terry

Sebastian Terry


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Beyond 100

Everyone can name at least one thing they want to accomplish before they die. Some even have a list. But how many of these aspirations do they actually achieve?

Seb Terry had a list:

Running with bulls: done
Marry a stranger in Las Vegas: done
Bet $1000 on black (roulette): done

Although Seb is world-famous for his list of 100 things he wants to do before he dies, his mission in life isn’t about a bucket list. It’s about other things more far reaching permission, choice, growth and connection.

After the death of a close friend, the ever-curious Seb experienced a moment when he asked himself a simple question; 'Am I happy?'

The answer was 'No'.

So, he decided to pen down a list of 100 things that he’d always wanted to achieve.

Armed with nothing but 100 dreams, a few dollars and an adventurous heart, Seb embarked on his journey. His life has become an incredible story of achievement and personal development which inspires people and organisations around the world to not just set meaningful goals, but pull the trigger and achieve them – and to help others do the same.

From delivering a baby in Canada and playing for the Mauritian national rugby team at the African Championships which they won, his journey is like no other.

He’s turned his story into a bestselling book and a Discovery Channel documentary.

Seb’s story doesn’t stop there, however. In his pursuit of 100 Things, another movement inadvertently started. The project, now called Beyond 100, focuses on awakening philanthropy in people, then giving them opportunities to help people in need.

This peer-to-peer style of kindness has seen people all over the world perform random acts of altruism which have helped people and, in some cases, saved lives.

Seb’s presentations are unlike any other guest speaker or keynote speaker you’ll find. He tells his unique story, incorporating the major themes which have transformed his life and the lives of those who’ve participated in 100 Things and Beyond 100: the principles of goal setting, altering your mindset, benefiting from change, the art of achievement, opportunity creation and helping others.

The 100 Things keynote will re-engage, connect and inspire your organisation to move forward as one team, with a few tears, laughs and moments of motivation along the way.

What’s on your list?

Presentation Topics Include

  • Goal setting
  • Modern Day philanthropy
  • Finding your ‘why’
  • Benefiting from change
  • Disruption
  • The process of achievement
  • Creating and responding to opportunity
  • Value Identification
  • Overcoming fears
  • Building resilience
  • The art of committing
  • Capitalising of Strengths
  • Maintaining drive
  • Achieving balance
  • Intention V Spontaneity
  • Helping others
  • Connection


It's only every once in a while I feel so strongly about a speaker that I want to recommend them... and this is one of those times.  Our members can be a tough audience to please.  Between finding someone they haven't already seen, a topic they haven't already heard, not 'ruffling any feathers', or just simply not providing anything of interest to our members or not adding value, it can be tough!  Hiring Sebastian we definitely went a little outside the box for our group... and, admittedly, I held my breath up until he was a couple of minutes into his presentation....... and...... They LOVED him!!  Our members and our CEO are pretty conservative, so check him out and you will see what I mean.  I thought the fact that he doesn't wear shoes, alone, was going to potentially end my job, but...... Nope!  Not. At. All.  He was interesting and HILARIOUS! And SUPER nice! After his presentation, our members lined up to meet him and take photos with him... and this almost never happens.  Once I was able to exhale, I thought, "If nothing else, he is funny - it's like being at a comedy show" (and not cheesy AT ALL)... but he was actually more than that.. and has a great message.  Annnnd.... His fee was more than reasonable!  So, what I'm saying is... Book him!  You won't be disappointed!
Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA),USA

Sebastian was a keynote speaker at McGrath Estate Agents annual Kickstart conference 2019. He spoke across Sydney, QLD and VIC. It was a pleasure to work with him as his high level of professionalism and general passion was evident from start through to finish. He delivered a keynote presentation that was exciting, engaging down to earth and inspiring. He kept things real which was a perfect addition to the event. Thanks Seb, you are awesome.
McGrath Estate Agents, Australia

Sebastian had the daunting task of opening on the morning after an epic, and very late, event party and he certainly delivered.  The aim was to leave people inspired, despite the late night, and he did this through an emotional and heartfelt session which had us all in tears – laughing and crying…simultaneously!  His enthusiasm is infectious, his lust for life 100% genuine, and just days after the event we had people lining up to help him on his journey.  We cannot recommend him highly enough as a motivational speaker and an all-round nice guy! 
Hostelword Group, Ireland

Sebastian is entertaining, engaging and fun.  He shared his incredibly uplifting life story with our employees, and inspired everyone in the room.  Sebastian easily communicates how we can all make a difference, either directly helping others, or by being the connection needed in the world.
Aegis Living, USA

Very eye-opening and uplifting. Made me excited to attend more masterclasses, as this was my first one.
Great speaker. I left so inspired!
I left feeling very motivated and inspired.
Amazing . . . Sebastian Terry was interesting, authentic, and super helpful.
One of the best and most inspiring lectures I’ve been to at IVY.
Truly an inspiration.
Amazing stories and suggestions. Especially liked the fact that how he was able to connect and balance out his goals and things that made him happy with obvious life requirements.
It was inspiring and insightful and sprung me into action. Happy to report I already signed up for Kindsum and messaged a person I can help!

Awesome guy and presentation, hit the mark.
PLAN Australia

Inspirational, Engaging, Funny, and Life Changing.....

From the moment Seb walked on stage, he had the undivided attention from our Customers and Partners throughout his Keynote Address. His life journey and experiences were insightful and filled the room with laughter and emotions.

Feedback from our senior executives included one of the best Keynotes ever through to Seb's talk resonating with the event's theme, whilst promoting helping others.

I would thoroughly recommend Seb's talk at any event... and thank you for topping off our event as one of the best!!
Intalock Technologies Pty Limited, Australia

As the last speaker at a full day event, Sebastian had quite the task ahead of him when presenting to a conference-weary audience. Sebastian instantly lit up the room, and re-energised the crowd with his captivating story, getting them fired up to take on the world! A big thanks to you Sebastian, on behalf of the Airtasker team.

Sebastian’s workshop lit a fire under my ass! I thought I had no outstanding desires, what I found was that I had desires that I had forgotten about.   His workshop made me realize ‘why not now?’ It was also such an amazing bonding experience with my employees. Hearing their lists gave me insight on how I could help them achieve their dreams which is my favorite—and they saw how they could help each other! It was a win-win-win!

Sebastian was absolutely phenomenal and had our audience in both laughter and tears. He inspired so many people and has changed the mindset and outlook on life for many of our employees. Such an incredible person with a passionate, courageous and authentic view on life. In our internal feedback survey 93% of our employees said Sebastian was Excellent. What a great find.
People & Culture Team Leader

Sebastian Terry is a remarkable person and speaker. He brought such a lively energy to the stage as he shared his story and message to members of the financial community. His journey and his message are very powerful and very touching. He reached so many of our attendees in many different ways. The audience absolutely loved him. We would highly recommend him to all audiences. He is not only a top notch speaker, but he is also a touch notch human being.
SVP, Head of Production
Opal Group

Sebastian was incredibly inspiring and had some very interesting stories.
The Missing Link Network Integration and Security

Sebastian was great to work with and a perfect fit for our client's audience. He has a truly inspiring story and delivers it in an engaging way. Flexible and easy to work with, Sebastian is one of Australia's top keynote speakers. 

Sebastian was friendly, fun, engaging and on-time.

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