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Adam Ferrier


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Behavioural Science

Adam Ferrier is Global Head of Behavioural Science (B.S.) and Founding Partner of Naked Communications. He graduated university with degrees in Commerce and Psychology and by a strange twist of fate began his career in forensic psychology. Adam worked in maximum-security prisons and private practice, before making the natural move to marketing consultancy, working for Added Value.

Here Adam switched his interest from understanding criminal behaviour to consumer behaviour.

He completed his Clinical Psychology Thesis in 'Identifying the underlying constructs ofcool people', and for a short while was a global cool hunter. Continuing the slide from the moral high-ground Adam joined ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, before starting Naked Communications Asia Pacific in 2004.

Naked harnesses a behavioural change model in all communications, focusing on building brands whilst changing behaviour for clients such as Coke, Sony, the TAC and Unilever.  Naked has had success since opening its doors with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Naked hasbeen consistently voted as one of Australia's top agencies, regularly winning Agency awards across multiple categories, such as The Effies, Cannes, Clio, ADMA, AIMIA, LIA, and others.

Adam is regular on ABC radio (Sunday Nights with  James O'Loghlin) and TV (Gruen and Channel 10 (News and Breakfast).   He writes at The Punch, Startup Smart, and Adnews, and blogs at  Adam was West Australian State Under 12 Chess Champion, and inventor of ‘The Analyst’ a board game translated in 4 languages and selling well in the Benelux countries.

Build a better, more distinctive, more valuable business or brand

If you want to stand out from the crowd, develop a clear and consistent brand voice, and ultimately build a fruitful business – listen to your brand. Stop Listening to the Customer offers insights into how consumers are driving homogeneity in brands, and shares the proven strategies you can implement to amplify your uniqueness.

The customer is not always right. In fact, our obsession with the customer is devaluing brands by making them generic and forgettable. Brands have become consumer-led, where they are driven by journey-mapping, customer-centric design, and an excessive focus on consumer-driven data, instead of brand-led, where brands and businesses can truly become unique, interesting and highly profitable.

*Establish a strong, brand-led business
*Develop a unique brand by embracing and leveraging your weaknesses
*Define your brand using Ferrier’s brand-building formula
*Get your customers to pay attention to you by strategically creating weakness

Further Presentation Topics include

  • Existentialism and Marketing How to make people / Brands Cool
  • How to Change Consumer Behaviour
  • Social Media and Consumer Behaviour
  • Creativity and Emotionally Engaging People
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Viral / Talkable Creativity


    During the last decade of running the annual Advertising, Marketing & Media Summit, I can safely say that Adam Ferrier rates as the number one speaker for both inspiring and enlightening the audience with his wisdom and engaging presence. One delegate testimonial even went as far to say that Adam Ferrier is the most interesting person in Australian advertising and rocks his world!
    Elite Media Group

    Adam was one of the highlights of the festival. His insights into Social and Consumer Behavior provided were both enlightening and entertaining. Industry professionals with strong International backgrounds and experience all took something positive from the content. From an event management perspective Adam was a pleasure to deal with. His flexibility in terms of speaker logistics and tailoring his adaptive presentation to the concept was much appreciated.
    South West Development Commission

    Adam possesses a rare gift to be able to communicate often very complex human psychological issues at a level which our directors could absorb. He has a uniquely “human” communication style, which traverses industries and political persuasions. His presentation delivered its message with clarity and single mindedness. He was without doubt our most talked about speaker. He has the ability to make people who are not used to thinking differently, do so! Australian boardrooms need more Adam Ferriers.
    IFAA - Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

    Post conference surveys showed that 100% of delegates rated Adam Ferrier’s presentation “How to change people’s behaviour (yes really)” at Mumbrella360 as either ‘Excellent’ (71%), or ‘very good’ (29%).

    "His quirky presentation was a breath of fresh air that cuts cleanly through the noise, and is quickly and deeply absorbed"       B&D Group

    "Adam was outstanding and his presentation was relevant and thought provoking"                                                             Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association

    Adam's session was a great mix of taking people out of their comfort zones, impactful thinking, humour                                  SOCAP Australia

    Adam has the ability to make people who are not used to thinking differently, do so!                                                      Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

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