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Morry Morgan


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'Selling Big to China'

Morry Morgan is the author of ‘Selling Big to China’ and publisher of China’s largest bi-lingual human resources magazine, ‘Network HR’. Since 2001 he has been an authority on HR, marketing and sales strategies for businesses entering China or existing companies failing to live up to their targets.

He has also built his own firm, ClarkMorgan Corporate Training, from scratch to a multimillion dollar business spanning three offices across Mainland China. He has trained Global 1000 companies and governments across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Morry has an engaging training style, often referred to as ‘Einstein on Stage’ which is both informative and entertaining. He combines video interviews with China-based Thought Leaders with high impact visuals and memorable case studies. Few expatriates can claim the title of ‘China Expert’ but Morry Morgan comes close.

Keynote Presentations

What is your China Strategy
How to combine HR, Marketing and Sales components to create a winning strategy

A company worth its salt should be in China. Whether it is low cost production, reducing supply chain hurdles, or selling directly to the world’s largest market a ‘China strategy’ is a must.
But China’s rapid rise, economically and politically, has created problems with the day-to-day operations, as the sand beneath one’s feet seem to be constantly in flux. Stand still and you’ll sink, but keeping abreast of the changes in HR, marketing and sales landscape is also a challenge for businesses, especially those ‘fresh off the boat’.

In this session you will

  • Understand the Macroview of China, and the context you now live in.
  • Understand the Microview of China, with respect to the people who make up this most populous country.
  • Understand the human resource challenges, both legally and socially, and how to overcome them.
  • The difficulty in planning a Marketing Mix in an economy which still translates ‘marketing’ as ‘propaganda’
  • Learn how to build a strong sales platform, including people and processes to create perpetuity for your organisation.

Selling Big to China
Negotiating Principles for the World’s Largest Market

The Global Financial Crisis created an opportunity for China. The demand for its products began to dry up from abroad and the future looked bleak. But suddenly, the huge gears of the domestic market, with the help of Chinese government policy began to turn and almost overnight a ‘consuming culture’ was created, which surprised both China and the world. Luxury, automotive, FMCG and health care began to boom – a sign that most of the East coast of China is no longer an emerging economy – it has arrived.

Understanding this radical change, which is only 4 years old, and being able to build a strong sales platform based on people and processes is the challenge for new businesses wishing to cash-in on the economic success of China.
In this session you will:

  • Learn the secrets to selling to the Chinese.
  • Learn how to build a sales process, and instil the skills onto sales teams.
  • Learn how to negotiate based on true strength, even when it appears you have none.
  • Negotiate with difficult people using 12 negotiating techniques.

Presentation Topics Include

  • China
  • Strategy
  • Emerging Markets
  • Selling Big to China
  • Negotiating Principles for the World’s Largest Market

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