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Dr Deane Hutton

Dr Deane Hutton


After Dinner - Climate Change - Current Affairs - Environment - Forecasting - Future - Generation X - Generational Change - Global Trends - Inspirational - Science - Technology - Trends - Y & Z

Futurist, Science and Technology

Dr Deane Hutton is one of Australia’s best-known Science Communicators and Futurists. For more than 25 years, he has been sharing his enthusiasm for science and technology with others through nation-wide television, as well as through books, radio and the internet. His work on television has included programs for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Australia's National Nine Network. For 18 years he was a writer-presenter of the international award-winning Curiosity Show, and over 8 years as science presenter on Australia’s top variety program Hey Hey It’s Saturday. 

In addition to his keynote talks at business conferences and seminars, Deane visits schools in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to present live science shows for young people. He presents three shows: The Magic of Science; Journey through Space; and The Information Superhighway.

With degrees in science and education from Adelaide University (Australia), Deane also has a Ph.D. In Visual Perception and Message Design from Indiana University (USA). He is a member of the National Speakers Association of Australia and has earned that organization’s highest level of accrecditation — CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). Also, he is a member of the Australian Science Communicators Association, a Life Member of the International Visual Literacy Association, and a Fellow of the Australian College of Education.

As a nine year old, Deane Hutton pulled the family clock apart and put it back together again - with three pieces left over. It still worked! From that time, Deane knew that he not only wanted to understand science and technology, but also to share his enthusiasm for learning with others. It was inevitable that he would become a science communicator.

In Adelaide, he taught science in high schools and then educational technology at University. Deane travelled to America, where he completed a Ph.D. in Visual Perception and Message Design at Indiana University.

Deane received a Michael Daley award from the Australian Government in 1992 for "excellence in science, technology and engineering journalism".

Recent clients include: Hoechst, MLC Insurance, Landcare, Cold Storage Association, Aust Society of Educational Technology, Local Government Association, Westfield Shopping Centres, S.A. Marketing Association, CSIRO ORICA, BHP, Philips Car Systems, Nora Goodridge Management, Learning Assistant Program Conference, Annual Conference on Application of World Wide Web in Australia, Australian Institute of Engineers, Myer, Rentokil-Calmic, MLC Insurance, Landcare, Graphic Communication Teachers Association, Australian Society of Educational Technology, Edinburgh International Science Festival and many more…

Speaking Topics Include 

Science & Technology

• The Information Superhighway: What is it? Where’s it taking us?
• Creating The Future: Understanding and capitalizing on the new technologies
• Spaceship Earth: Caring for the environment
• Virtual Reality: Business and pleasure in the 21st Century
• Entertaining Ideas In Science: Spectacular experiments and demonstrations
• The Magic Of Science: Optical Illusions – beyond belief!
• How To Move Mountains: Force, energy and the human spirit
• Human Brain: The world’s greatest computer!
• Chais Theory: Predictions and Uncertainties in the 21st Century
• 2020 Vision: Homes & Families in the 21st Century
• People Movers: Transport in the 21st Century


• Message Design: Making sure you say what you mean!
• Interactive Communication: Satellites, computers, multimedia and people
• More Than Words: The importance of visual communications in business
• Feedback: How to give it! How to use it!
• Changing Your World: A proactive approach to achieving success
• Mental Imagery: Using pictures in the mind to improve performance
• Active Listening: Searching for ideas, enthusiasm, fears and undertones
• Stress: How to make positive use to stress and anxiety!

Sample Keynotes For Business Conferences

The Science of WINNING! 

The Science of Winning! Is a fast moving, high energy visual extravaganza of scientific experiments and demonstrations. Deane illustrates new technologies which are changing the world, and also uses science demonstrations as analogies to explain winning in business. A swinging hammer illustrates self-belief, a water-powered rocket demonstrates corporate power, a mouse trap chain reaction reveals teamwork, and the classic pulling-the-table-cloth trick shows confidence. The message which comes through The Science of Winning! is this: You can control your own destiny and create your own future by choosing and using the technologies, goals and team patterns which ensure that your business grows.

Predicting the Future: From Crystal Ball to Silicon Chip

Predicting the Future examines a wide range of techniques and procedures which have been used through the years in attempting to predict what will happen next. These techniques include crystal ball gazing, composing and playing jazz music, preparing game plans for sporting contests, analysing the stock market, and preparing a weather forecast. Clairvoyants teach us to trust out intuition; music suggests the develop- ment of an individual style or motif; sport emphasizes the need for flexible strategies; the stock market advocates technical analysis; and the weather forecaster shows the need for using many sources of inform- ation. Deane shows that with careful application of new technologies and communication devices, we can predict the future by creating it!

The Foreseeable Future: Life in the 21st Century

In his keynote The Foreseeable Future, Deane takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of the world we will experience in the next 20 years. With stories, drama, video and computer, he creates visions of the future. These images include: The Home; Work; Travel; Relationships; and Recreation. Homes and places of work will continue to overlap and interact while new forms of transport and communication technologies will continue to shrink the world. We are witnessing the annihilation of time and space Developments in biotechnology are forcing us to rethink the meaning of life, death and eternity. Deane invites members of the audience to experience simulations of the changes which are approaching. However, he points out that the future is not pre-determined. What we all need to do — as individuals and as members of the community — is to decide what it is that we want. Then we can all be involved in building the future!

Product Launches

Deane has designed and delivered many tailor-made keynote addresses to assist companies in launching new products and services. These companies include: National Semiconductor; James Hardie; Gillette Duracell; Philips Electronics; AXA insurance; and Hoechst Pharmaceutical. In each case, Deane works with the client to plan a presentation which puts the new product or service in context alongside the other technological and cultural changes which are occurring in society.


“Deane was well prepared in both his presentation and relevance to rotary with a delicate mix of rotary and science enjoyed by all." 
Rotary International District 9780

“The audience got really involved in the show and thoroughly enjoyed the performanc. “Everyone seemed entranced by his presentation - once again a great success" 

“Excellent. Deanne gave a very professional presentation with audience participation, it was great fun." 
McCormac Cooper & Assoc

“Deane's presentation was very well received, it was interactive and informative. Deane's presentation was the highlight of the conference." 
City of Onkapringa

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