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Kylie Bartlett


Branding - Business - Communications - Customer Service - IT - Keynote Speakers - Media

Social Media Expert

Entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to carve out their market share in the revolutionary age of social media have a powerful ally – Kylie Bartlett. The self-driven businesswoman, international public speaker and author thrives on demystifying social media and the web for online newbies. As the driving force behind new media agency Mogul Media Group, Kylie has trained, coached and inspired more than 1,000 entrepreneurs globally to become socially savvy.

These days, Kylie is also known as the ‘Web Celeb’. She teaches SMEs (small to medium enterprises), startups and corporates how to become ‘Web Famous’ in their industry by leveraging the power of the social web. Kylie’s message on ‘why social media?’ is simple: “It’s the new telephone and you need to answer the call or run the risk of your competitors answering it for you!” She is convinced that thanks to the web, social media and technology, size no longer matters. Small is now big business. With a powerful online presence, there’s never been a better time in history for budget–conscious SMEs to compete with cashed-up corporates. The serial entrepreneur’s journey into the social media space is an inspirational story in itself. Despite being a high school dropout and a homeless teen, by the age of 21 Kylie owned her first business (a café), by 24 her first home and by 30, she made her first million – not bad for a girl who never finished high school.

A string of ventures followed including Pinnacle Training Solutions, one of Australia’s leading corporate training companies, and Quantum Leap Corporation, a consultancy for personal and professional performance. In 2009, hugely successful but burnt out from working 100 hours a week, Kylie decided it was time for a career change. She stumbled upon the worldwide web with its allure of being able to “make money while you sleep, work from home in your pyjamas and turn your passion into products”. Her new business niche was born. Since then, Kylie has studied with several of the world’s leading experts in personal branding and internet marketing. Her success goes well beyond understanding the dos and don’ts of social media. She draws on her own challenging life experiences and her qualification in organisational psychology and corporate training to drill into the essence of social media’s success: the impulse for humans to create connections and community.

Kylie has accreditations in various science and psychometric profiling tools, including the Myer Briggs Personality Typology, Enneagram Personality Typology, DiSC personality assessment and Human Synergistics’ products. She is a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Kylie is no stranger to traditional media either. She’s appeared on numerous Australian television and radio broadcasts including the Today Show, 9AM Show, 3MP and 2UB. She has also featured in many Australian newspapers and magazines such as The Sunday Herald Sun, Dynamic Business Magazine, Australian Banking and Finance Magazine.

A pro on the public speaking circuit, Kylie combines substance with humour to inspire, motivate and serve as a catalyst for others to achieve outstanding success and celebrity results in business by leveraging the power of the social web.

Presentation Topics Include

    * Why we Must Stop Selling and Start Serving to Build Customer Loyalty in the New Economy.

  • BRAND YOU 2.0
    * How to use Social Media to Build a Rock Star Profile and Web Famous Brand

    * How to Sell Socially in the Digital Age.

Workshop Topics Inlcude

    * Learn How to Craft Content that Connects

    * Learn how to become a Facebook Master in your Business


"Kylie Bartlett is a truly extraordinary presenter. She has the wonderful ability to make complex ideas simple and within the reach of her audience. I am constantly impressed by her ability to achieve this across so many topics. I don't know a single organisation that wouldn't benefit immensely from having Kylie Bartlett share her knowledge and expertise"
Andrew Griffiths,  Small Business Author, Presenter and Advisor

“Kylie Bartlett is by far the most engaging and professional trainer, public speaker and facilitator I have ever come across. After working in Corporate HR for many years I have used Kylie multiple times in a variety of capacities. Whether she is running her amazing DiSC program, helping people to learn about their own behaviour or facilitating a high level leadership program with CEO’s, the end result is always the same. It is amazing to watch participants have their “a-ha” moments over and over when in Kylie’s sessions. Kylie is funny, witty, down to earth and her sessions are always fun and full of entertainment, Kylie makes learning fun for everyone.” 
Director HR Gurus

Whether addressing audiences of 50 or 500, for 15 minutes or 50, Kylie Bartlett consistently leaves audiences educated and inspired. Kylie is easily one of the top female speakers in Australia. - Glen Carlson, Director of Key Person of Influence.Over the last ten years I've worked with some of the worlds top rated speakers. Kylie Bartlett is one of the best. She's wonderful on stage, she's personable face to face, she's easy to work with and she's a lot of fun. Kylie has the rare blend of great content, engaging delivery and a pleasure to do business with behind the scenes 
Director Entrevo

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