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Freda Miriklis


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Financial Management

Freda Miriklis is a private client adviser with Tol Hurst Stockbroking and formerly with Barton Capital Securities Pty Ltd. For the past 10 years, she has been reaching out to the broader community and successfully enthused many everyday people, to acquire greater independence to manage their own investment needs.

Freda’s scale of participation and commitment is best seen through her lecturing involvement to University and Secondary school students, community groups, adult education centres - rural and metropolitan, to international delegates, and National Promotions for the Australian Stock Exchange and the Australian Taxpayers’ Association.

Through her dynamic and creative presentations to thousands of men and women, Freda has achieved wide media coverage, which includes being featured in the national press, financial journals, and having a regular spot ABC 774 and SBS TV.

Her enthusiasm, vivacity and leadership style is contagious as she demonstrates tremendous creativity in the world of finance and brings a passion to her work that is most refreshing.

Freda was the Australian Young Business and Professional Woman, 1998 - 2000. She was Awarded, Young Victorian Business and Professional Woman, 1997-1999 and established “Confident Investing" - a joint seminar for women with the Australian Stock Exchange and BPW.

The key to Freda’s leadership success is finding out what makes people passionate - and nurturing their own dreams and aspirations.

Freda’s aim in writing her soon to be released book, is to educate people on the culture of investing and in doing so, provide them with the knowledge to become the best investor they can be … a AAA investor.

According to Freda - ‘I have created a book for today’s new investors that have emerged over the years. They are the investors who just managed to save a little here and there and have a portfolio as a result, or those like the “mum and dad" investors who took part in the government privatisations but have no clear strategy about what they should do with their holdings. Even the “potential" investor – wanting to start investing but doesn’t know where or how to invest will find this book of immense value.’

In her high-octane presentation, Freda shares her AAA formula that helps you manage your life like a corporation, with heart, soul and strategy. It all gets down to having an Awareness of where you are, maintaining the right Attitude and Achieving what you planned.

Freda compels people to seek and find their purpose among the distractions and embark on it with passion. It’s easy to do and easy not to do. Freda shows you how to find your passion and purpose. She also combines her brilliant success across investment, retailing and management with an incredible energy, enthusiasm, passion and expertise, which totally captivates audiences.

*  Young Australian Businesswomen’s Award 1998-2000
*  Finalist Telstra Ausindustry Private Sector Award 1999
*  Finalist Telstra Alcatel Young Women’s Award 2000.

Presentation Topics

• Personal financial management
• Business and economics


“Excellent. Very informative, high-energy speaker. Interesting and fun."

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