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Freda Miriklis


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Financial Management

Freda Miriklis is a respected entrepreneur, executive and board director with an immense amount of experience educating and supporting world leaders to promote equality and economic opportunities that empower women at a global level.

Over the past decade Freda has risen through the ranks of international business and is now in demand when it comes to board directorships, non-executive roles and advisory work.

She is regularly invited to address key business, economic, institutional, government and United Nations forums on issues such as gender inclusion, economic and sustainable development, women’s empowerment and the importance of women in business.

Freda’s current advisory positions include Co-Chair and founding Board member of the Commonwealth Business Women (CBW) Network (London, United Kingdom), Immediate Past President of Business & Professional Women (BPW) International (Torreon, Mexico), Board member of BPW International (Geneva, Switzerland), Inaugural Member, United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Leadership Group (WEPs LG) (New York, United States of America), Adjudicator, United Nations WEPs CEO Leadership Awards 2014 and 2015 (New York, United States of America) and Advisor, The EntreHub Advisory Board (Sydney, Australia).

Her inspiration, courage and experience provides her the unique ability to transform traditional divides between civil society organisations and governments while actively managing complex relationships, boards, governance structures and the nexus between commercial development and sustainability to identify, progress and deliver wide-spanning and global opportunities for women.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Exploring the potential for women’s empowerment
  • Empowering women for leadership
  • Closing the equality gap
  • Women innovation for a sustainable future
  • Eradicating poverty through the meaningful contribution of women
  • Women's Empowerment Principles: Equality Means Business (WEPs)
  • Social development and sustainability
  • Partnering for wealth creation


Freda was an absolute joy to work with. Energetic and genuinely interested in our organisation, goals and the work we do. Freda’s presentation and engagement with the audience exceeded our expectations. Our value proposition was woven beautifully into her presentation forming the perfect marriage of speaker and audience. She had great interaction with the audience and remained relevant, on topic and on time.
Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

Freda Miriklis was a powerful addition to our 2016 celebration of International Women’s Day. Her experience as a business leader is clear as she passionately promotes gender equity and systems which strengthen women’s economic empowerment. Her willingness to share case studies was a powerful eye opener to the gender pay gap but also to what is possible. Her presentation was well received and incredibly thought provoking. She was able to keep the audience engaged during and after the event and has prompted many positive reflections across the organization.
City of Casey

I met Freda Miriklis when she was the International President of the Business and Professional Women (BPW). Freda is an impressive lady and her courage and conviction when leading this organization of 30,000 members was motivating. Her presentation skills are extraordinary, her ability to convince and persuade - incredible. No one who hears Freda Miriklis leaves the room unmoved. This is a lady who was born to convince others!
Head of Stakeholder Relations, Business School Lausanne

As a keynote speaker at the 2014 BPW National Convention, Freda provided a very inspiring voice for women across Canada and around the world. She exemplified a true passion for the topics in which she spoke about out and listeners got a real feeling for her commitment and dedication to the BPW cause. It was heart-warming to see how many women were inspired and energized by Freda's words. Not only were Freda's presentations professional and stimulating, but Freda herself was a true example of a genuine, caring, and experienced woman in leadership. These qualities shone-through when Freda volunteered to participate in interviews from the local television media. Freda was more than willing to take time to participate in the interviews which were handled very professionally by her with all interview questions answered to the fullest extent and without hesitation. This made for a very professional and credible outcome, resulting in the interview being showcased on both television and online. Whether it is a presentation, television interview, or personal one-on-one chat, Freda's passion and genuine nature are exemplified throughout.
Global TV Saskatoon

Freda is a force of nature. Her passion, her commitment to women's empowerment, her eloquence - she is a powerful speaker. When she makes remarks, it is heard as a strong call to action.
Governance and Social Sustainability UN Global Compact, New York, USA

Freda is a powerful and articulate advocate. She is able to clearly and persuasively present to any audience her views, messages and expectations. She has an open and engaging personality that comes through strongly in her presentations and is able to transmit her passion and ideas directly into the hearts and minds of her audience.
International Organization of Employers, Geneva, Switzerland

Freda was apart of the inaugural ITC Global Platform for Action on Sourcing for Women’s Vendors that secured $18 million of contracts for women entrepreneurs in its first year and a strong supporter of women entrepreneurs bringing buyers and sellers together to facilitate business and trade opportunities. An energetic and experienced presenter, strategist and leader, Freda will leave you inspired and thinking outside of the square. She is an engaging speaker.
ITC (International Trade Centre), Geneva, Switzerland

As Past President of BPW Canada, I had the opportunity to hear Ms. Miriklis speak in the USA and South Korea and was extremely impressed. When looking for a keynote for our Canadian Convention, she was the first to be contacted. Her speaking skills are suburb as she is clear and concise. No matter the topic we asked her to cover, she had the expertise to speak confidently and passionately about it. If you wish to fire up and inspire a crowd, there is no better and she always leaves the microphone to sound of a loud standing ovation.
BPW Canada

Freda brings to issues of women in business and women’s economic empowerment her extensive knowledge and experience as an international investment adviser and entrepreneur. This is a unique combination of skills, experience and knowledge that enhances her ability to lead and contribute. She is a compelling speaker who can energise and move her audience.
World Bank Group, Washington, USA

As President of BPW France, I had the opportunity to work with Ms Freda Miriklis during the last years when she was BPW International President. I was very impressed by her leadership, by her ability to convince people. She is so passionate when delivering key messages on strategy or other topics that she wins the support of the stakeholders very shortly. She presents her topics in such a clear and structured way that everything seems very simple and easy. She is a true leader: her passion leads people to excel and to dedicate themselves to achieve the projects or to adopt her recommendations. She has the ability to find the right words according to the audience and to adapt to different cultures. She pays great attention to people working and collaborating with her and she helps those who need to be mentored and trained.
BPW France

Freda Miriklis is an engaging speaker with an uncanny ability to build connections with her audience while presenting strong messages about smart business practice. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are used to challenge pre-conceived ideas and to help listeners re-evaluate their own attitudes and goals. After listening to one of Freda's presentations I always leave feeling uplifted and empowered to engage with others with determination and generosity of spirit. Vicky Mee, President, Pukekohe, BPW New Zealand, 2014 The material which you presented as part of the Post Budget Panel was very relevant and topical, and contributed to an analysis of the Money Markets going forward into the financial year 2002-2003. Although the general thrust of the budget was fairly well publicised before the Treasurer’s speech, you were given the task of examining the budget papers as they became available and then giving a very professional presentation and constructive analysis to an audience with a great deal of financial and economic expertise. You were able to do this very well… Once again thank you for your contribution to CEDA and we look forward to seeing you in 2003.
CEDA, Australia

Freda was an outstanding success, enthusiastic and exuberant in her delivery and showed her expertise and vast knowledge of the current financial situation. Freda was clear and concise and interacted well with audience members so successfully that many want to meet on an ongoing basis. The success of the function is a testament to Freda’s ability to motivate and empower women to take ownership and manage their financial future. We highly recommend Freda to any perspective group/conference/function and we wish her every success in the future.
City of Kingston, Australia

Thank you again for your exciting presentation… it was motivational in the best meaning of the word and very appropriate for the group concerned. In fact, the way people were still talking about it a week later indicated that the concepts were still very fresh in their minds and valued as worth revisiting. Not only did you grab the attention of a disparate group in a large venue but you kept them focused and responsive throughout. As I said on the night, we could not have asked for a better speaker nor a more relevant presentation.
Industrial Relations Society of Victoria, Australia

What a pleasure it was to have you as our guest speaker at our Business Chicks Breakfast this morning. We were all very lucky to enjoy the benefit of your knowledge and experience and I have already received calls from guests commenting on how much they enjoyed the Breakfast. Our thanks again for your support through your radio slot on 774 and your participation over the past weeks.
Kids Helpline, australia

Having Freda speak at our function helped make the evening a success. It added a fresh spark half way through the evening and made the occasion more memorable for our guests.
Kliger Parners, Australia

Freda’s presentation style is on one of high energy and motivation. She is exceptionally articulate and she has the ability to present complex concepts and information in an understandable and entertaining manner. It was apparent form her presentation that she has a comprehensive and extensive knowledge of all financial markets and issues and is able to translate them to relate to the level of understanding of her audience. During question time, following the conclusion of her formal presentation, she displayed the ability to connect with her audience and their problems. A number of attendees spoke with Freda during the networking time following the seminar. She was extremely generous with her time and the feedback we received was that she showed a genuine interest in them.
Maddock Lonie & Chisholm, Australia

Freda’s presentation looked at Financial Matters in a way that many of us had not heard before. Her passion, enthusiasm and energy allowed participants to think about their own financial matters and begin to understand that to be a successful investor you must follow the AAA Rating, which includes Awareness, Attitude and Action. Her energy flowed onto the participants, and provided them with the Challenge to go out and learn more about their financial health. It certainly was unlike any other financial seminar and the feedback was amazing. Freda’s presentation is a must fo r any orgnaisation that is wanting to help their employees become more aware of their financial matters and give them the get up and go to take up the challenge to learn more.
MBF Health, Australia

Your presentation at Doyles on Tuesday was excellent. I got so much out of it. I had a presentation to do just yesterday morning and after watching you present and build the rapport that you did, I presented the best one I have ever done. I think I have 3 new clients out of it!
Life Coach, Australia

Thank you for giving us your time last Tuesday to present the Shares Seminars. Who would have believed that the US tragedy would happen that night? Am still trying to comprehend the destruction to life and limb. I was mesmerized by your presentation. I watched the audience during your presentation – you astounded, encouraged and stimulated them in a way I doubt they have previously experienced. Having briefly perused the questionnaires, they have indicated that they want to continue to learn more about share investing – all because of you! I really enjoyed your presentation, and considering I have sat through similar 10+ times, you are to be congratulated. You have the amazing ability to draw the audience in, explain the market clearly and concisely and capture their thoughts for the duration of the seminar. No mean feat considering it is 2.5 hours of learning. I really enjoyed working with you and hope we continue this relationship.
Fairfax Media, Australia

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