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David Thomas


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Think Global

David Thomas, CEO of Think Global Consulting, is highly respected in Australia for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries.

He challenges his audiences and clients to view the world differently and to see new economic trends as an opportunity for leading businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to profit from the new emerging markets of the 21st Century.

David has been speaking with authority, experience and passion on global hotspots, offshore business opportunities and economic trends for over 20 years. He educates his audience on the importance of the “BRIC countries” and other emerging markets and highlights opportunities for export, investment and overseas business development.

He is a regular speaker at CPA, TEC, FPA, CIPSA, ACBC, FINSIA, ASFA and Australian Institute of Export events and conferences and recently presented the opening keynote at the China Australia Business Congress 2009. David is a highly experienced keynote speaker and workshop facilitator and is often asked to chair industry events, particularly those with a focus on China, the BRIC countries and other emerging markets.
David’s speaking topic draws on his experience as a global networker who is constantly travelling the world to uncover new business opportunities for entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies of all sizes.

David’s speaking style is businesslike and informative. His topic encourages the audience to think of their business in a new way, re-packaging their expertise, products and/or services for new markets and discovering offshore opportunities that they didn’t know were available to them.

Speaking Topic:

Follow the Money … and discover new opportunities, markets and customers for your product or service.

David Thomas will take you on a journey to enlighten you on how to develop your business in emerging countries where the GDP is exploding despite the global financial crisis.

If you haven’t heard this term before, then it’s one you’ll need to know – “BRIC” - which stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China or the “Big Rapidly Industrialising Countries” of the 21st Century.

It is becoming increasingly important for all business owners and managers to properly understand these new countries, so that deciding to do business (or not) in these markets is a considered, rational progression – not a blind leap of faith!

David provides his audiences with:

-  An insight into how and where to do business offshore
-  Ideas on how to attract new customers, develop new revenue streams and generate higher profits from emerging markets
-  The importance of making high value connections with key influencers in new markets
-  Introductory skills to building cross-cultural awareness and understanding Messages and case studies that are tailored to their particular industry, association or area of interest

In his presentation, David appeals to companies and business leaders to avoid procrastinating or sitting on their hands. The world is changing at a rapid rate and becoming aware of opportunities in new emerging markets will be the key to success and growth in the years ahead.

“You could be a market leader in your industry if you tap into these new opportunities, markets and customers ahead of your peers. So what are you waiting for?”


As a Keynote speaker, David speaks to large and small audiences, executive teams, Boards and CEOs with an interest in growth, expansion and offshore business development. His focus is on the Big Rapidly Industrialising Countries of the world and he encourages entrepreneurial, innovative and dynamic business leaders, as well as those responsible for investment decision making and research, to open their minds to the new developing and emerging markets of the 21st Century

Presentation Topics:

  • CEO of Think Global Consulting
  • Discussions on ever-changing business and economic trends
  • Re-vamping old expertise & models into today’s market
  • Offshore development & maximising opportunities


“I am truly grateful for the professional way you conducted yourself, your direction and input into the China Australia Business Congress 2009 throughout the two days. Your depth of knowledge in the China / Australia theatre added enormous value to the delegation as you were able to quickly summarise each session with confidence, clarity and relevance. It is my sincere hope I may call on you again for your guidance and participation to enable us produce another quality event which we can build on from the success of our inaugural China Australia Business Congress in Sydney in May 2009. Your position as Chair for this event enabled the Congress to run smoothly, professionally and seamlessly and I look forward to working with you again very soon”.
Conference Director, Association & Communication Events

"The University of Technology Sydney recently had the privilege of David Thomas presenting to its students studying Business and Culture in Asia Pacific (BCAP). To hear from an industry specialist is a significant benefit for students. With conviction I highly recommend David as a speaker. His knowledge and practical understanding of the dynamics of these two significant markets is outstanding. David's presentation was topical, insightful, thought provoking and certainly created much discussion. His style is relaxed yet focussed delivered with great enthusiasm and humour. Thank you David for a great evening - it was a pleasure to listen to you."
Marketing Operations Lead, IBM Australia Ltd

David's unique insight into our changing world is a message worth tuning into. An engaging speaker, his well-informed presentation on emerging markets will enlighten and galvanise! I recommend David to those who are looking at global expansion, particularly business development in China as well as in other countries in the region."

"I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your excellent presentation to our senior bankers and customers on China and India. The feedback from the session has been overwhelmingly positive. The energy and clear insight that you brought to the Masterclass was a real strength. I look forward to continuing to work together on future events."
Head of International Products, Westpac Banking Corp.

"Joining the Think Global China tour was the best business decision I’ve made this year. I went on the tour with an objective of quickly immersing myself into Chinese business culture so I could understand the growing focus on this marketplace amongst my Australian clients. The insights from the trip have profoundly changed the way I look at China, and other BRIC economies. The bonus for me from this experience was emerging with a range of immediate business and partnership opportunities in a market I had only intended to explore this year. David Thomas and his Think Global operation are unique in their expertise and the quality of their offering. They provide a service that I strongly recommend to any executive needing to quickly wrap their mind around and / or penetrate the BRIC marketplace."
Director, The Launch Group

I met David Thomas when he was the Guest Speaker at a MBA class on Business & Culture in Asia Pacific. I was inspired by his talk and signed up immediately for his eNewsletter. Now that I myself are living and working in India, I more than ever look forward to receiving David’s newsletters. His commentary on this exciting, emerging market is always spot on and his insights into the possibilities of doing business with and in India are extremely relevant & valuable.
Vice President, Franchise India

David encourages fellow professionals to seek further education and experiences in environments that are not readily available or accessible. The speakers and material that have been presented by Think Global are first class & I encourage other professionals to take the journey.
Head of Retail, Schroders

David is a deep thinking, well organised person who has a depth and breadth of knowledge in the business services and particularly the financial services sector that would be a wonderful asset for any organisation seeking to expand their business.
Owner, Barnes Dowell James

We contacted David Thomas at Think Global Consulting to help us resolve contractual difficulties we were facing with our Chinese technology partners. We secured David's services in order to provide some expertise and direct coaching to our teams and personally to our CFO and myself. These sessions revolved around some cultural learnings and an adaptation of what we saw as legal issues into 'relationship challenges' with our Chinese partners. We took on board David's advice and, accordingly, adapted our direction and strategy in all of our dealings with China. Within what was an astoundingly short period of time, the strength was restored to the relationship and, today, that relationship has developed into a partnership which represents one of the key cornerstones of Blueprint's business. Without a doubt, David's expertise was the key element in this success. We would not hesitate to recommend David to organisations with objectives which include expansion into Asia.
Group CEO, Blueprint Management Group

“Our organisation, a major financial services firm, recently engaged David Thomas to present at our national professional development days across the country. The brief was simple, though the task was complex. We wanted our advisers to gain an international perspective, particularly on the BRIC countries and their potential impact on the Australian economy. This was to have a particular focus on China and it’s impact on our long term recovery. David produced an extremely interesting presentation, which thoroughly engaged his audience. His technical understanding coupled with on
the ground experience provided insights that soon had our advisers asking questions and taking note of what he had to say. The feedback across the country has been very positive and we are looking at how we can use David again in the future.”
Professional Development Manager

"David Thomas has been a constant support to CIPS over the last two years. His expertise on China & BRIC countries is much appreciated. His recent speech at our Strategic Procurement Forum in Perth [May 09] was relevant, informative, engaging and well received by a demanding audience of senior procurement professionals – many from the resources sector.”
Managing Director, CIPS Australia

The Australian Institute of Export ran a very successful event for the NSW Export community in Sydney on March 25th, 2009. Our MC for the event, where the theme was a focus on the BRIC countries and their trade potential, was David Thomas. David has a particularly strong interest in this group of countries, and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the opportunities came through loud and clear. David’s presentation was sharp, focused, and built on key facts and figures; and gave all who attended a wonderful insight into those four countries. As MC, David also had the role of “interviewing” two established and well known exporters about their experiences with the BRIC countries. Again David’s knowledge and insightful questioning allowed all present to really benefit from the experiences of these export panelists. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with David for that event, and plan to collaborate on a number of future opportunities. Accordingly we acknowledge David’s skills as a first class facilitator, and commentator, in his areas of expertise, and would recommend him to others seeking that expertise.
General Manager, Australian Institute of Export

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