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Ryan Phelan


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Sports Presenter

Ryan’s career saw rapid growth in the ten years from community radio station volunteer, to one of media’s most recognised faces. The former Sports Tonight presenter spent five years with Network Ten, reporting on a number of high profile and international sporting events before he took a co-hosting role with ESPN’s Sportscenter.

The 2005 Cleo Bachelor of the Year winner is now hosting Sports News and Monday Night NRL on Fox. An accomplished presenter, Ryan’s ability to perform makes him a sound choice for any occasion.

One of the most recognisable faces of the Australian media Ryan Phelan is a highly accomplished television presenter with a wealth of experience.

Ryan is the face of rugby league on Fox Sports. He joined the network in 2008 as the host of Monday Night NRL and also presents on Fox Sports News channel.

He spent 2007 in the United States as the inaugural presenter of ESPN's Asia Pacific SportsCenter service.

Prior to his posting to the US, Ryan made rapid progress through the ranks at Network Ten to be at the forefront of his industry.

In less than 10 years he has gone from volunteering at a community radio station to ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports broadcasting.

Along the way Ryan co-hosted a reality television dating program and was identified by Network Ten as a key personality.

Ryan's television career started as a presenter for Sky Racing where he produced, wrote and hosted the award-winning harness racing program, "In the Gig".

An outstanding presenter with an enormous future Ryan is a passionate performer who has excelled in his chosen profession.

Ryan was also Winner of Cleo Magazine's 2005 Bachelor of the year Award voted by the public.

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