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David Bartlett

David Bartlett


After Dinner - Education - IT - Keynote - Keynote Speakers - Motivation - Science - Technology - Telecommunications

“Decoding the Future”

David Bartlett was the Premier of the Australian State of Tasmania from 2008 until 2011. During his parliamentary career he also held the positions of Minister for Innovation, Science & Technology and Minister for Education & Skills. His time as Premier was characterised by bold reforms designed to lift Tasmania educational outcomes and capitalise on Tasmania's natural advantages in water, high speed telecommunication, high end food production, innovation and renewable energy.

For his work in promoting innovation and broadband infrastructure David was recently named by The Australian as one of Australia's Top 50 most influential people in technology.

Prior to entering Parliament, David had an extensive career in the information technology and telecommunications sector including roles as Chief Information Officer and innovation industry development specialist. As Premier, he switched on the first non-Telstra owned optic fibre backbone in Tasmania, developed the first broad scale Fibre-To-The-Premises brownfields roll out and championed his home state as the first National Broadband Network location.
He brings a unique perspective to discussions about broadband, innovation, commercialization, technology and digital futures. David asserts that often only when technology gets really boring does it get really, really interesting.

David says “About five years ago the number of connected devices on the planet first outnumbered the number of people on the planet. We have reached a state of ubiquitous connectivity and that alone is driving extraordinary global transformations. Those transformations are radically altering the ways we create wealth, the business models that used to work no longer will in the very near future. That connectivity is massively disrupting the way we have a conversation with our customers - and all of a sudden our customers can talk back. Equally radical and unexpected new solutions are emerging to old and wicked business and public policy problems driven by the crowd.”

In his engaging presentation style David takes you on a journey of stories from around the globe about how this seemingly boring, every day connected technology is just starting to get really, really interesting.

Since leaving the Parliament, David has been working with regional economies, key Australian industry sectors and communities across Australia to prepare strategies for maximising economic and social renewal underpinned by broadband and digital technologies.

David is also Chairman and co-founder of Asdeq Labs, a technology startup building enterprise mobility solutions and currently expanding operations into the US. He is a Director of PlaceSpeak international, a company delivering the world’s first geo-social online consultation platform for Government and industry. David has recently been appointed as Non Executive Chairman of TasmaNet, a rapid growth telco, data centre and cloud services provider. David is an advisor to many governments, industry sectors and businesses in the area of digital transformation and disruption.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The Great Digital Disruption: ubiquitous digital connectivity is changing everything. New business models are destroying the old ways we used to create wealth.
  • Living in A Smart City: what does the great digital disruption mean for cities and the way we live? What are truly smart cities around the planet investing in?
  • How digital is changing everything: the way we live, the way we work, the way we play. What does this mean for your business?
  • The Great Digital Disruption to Health/Aged Care: the rise of the engaged patient means great opportunities and threats for our health system, insurers & providers.
  • The Great Digital Disruption to Education: the rise of the MOOC (Massively Online Open Course) threatens to disrupt education delivery as we know it. But is it all threat or more opportunity?
  • A New Conversation with Your Customers: ubiquitous connectivity is changing everything, all our traditional sectors and business models are headed for rapid change. Driving this change is a new disruptive ways to have a conversation with your customers.
  • Why a digitally empowered community is smarter than 1000 policy works or business strategies? How big data is changing the game of strategy.
  • Australian Political Narratives: from research conducted into the last 30 years of Australian political campaigning David concludes there are only six successful Australian campaign narratives. Which will we see at the next election?


Much more than an MC, David chaired our three day conference with deep knowledge of the subject matter and helped guide our delegates to better understand the future and explore possibilities. David remains a trusted friend and advisor for our organisation.
Midi Cities Conference Convener

David helped us glimpse a better future by helping us solve a really difficult problem with multiple high level stakeholders through a highly innovative, flexible and engaging workshop process.
CEO Darling Downs Regional Development

David's keynote speeches and forums across the region engaged our key business and education sectors in understanding the digital future and planning for action. Our key business sectors kicked off a digital journey inspired by David's knowledge that has made us an award winning region.
CEO RDA Sunshine Coast

David Bartlett was engaged by the City of Greater Geraldton to develop our Digital Strategy and link into the IBM Smarter Cities initiative He is definitely a leader and expert in the new digital economy.
CEO City of Greater Geraldton

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