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Keith Abraham

Keith Abraham


After Dinner - Business - Customer Service - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Retail - Small Business - Workshops

Customer Loyalty Expert

Keith is about delivering substance that is relative to the real world of business. He shows business people how to work smarter, engage their people, rekindle their passion and capitalise on their current market opportunities. Most importantly, his strategies are proven and have achieved some phenomenal results.

From humble beginnings, Keith climbed the rung to head a team of 65 with a $15 million dollar budget at the tender age of 27. Over the past 16 years, Keith has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most in-demand conference speakers, business growth catalysts and innovation facilitators, working directly with some of the world’s leading brands like Toyota, Lexus, Asteron Insurance, HICAPS, Toshiba and NAB, to name a few.

Keith is the founder of Passionate Tribe and believes his purpose is to leave an everlasting legacy that will make a profound difference to individual’s lives. He has also authored the best selling books 'Creating Loyal Profitable Customers' and 'Living Your Passion.’ Keith regularly contributes to magazines and industry journals across the country, recently doing a segment on ‘Grow Your Business’ Fox TV.

Keith is a unique, entertaining speaker guaranteed to make an impact. He is a master at goal setting and will share with you his unique goal setting process that he has developed, tested and researched for the last 25 years. He uses every means available to make his message memorable, practical, and powerful and thought provoking for every conference delegate.

Presentation Topics Include

It is critical that your people finding meaning in your business initiatives and meaning in their life. By understanding their WHYs and reasons they are more moved to implement ideas that lead them to achieving not only your business goals but their personal goals as well.

We assist your people to focus on the things that will count in their journey towards achievement. Having dreams is the first step but without a plan and a deadline it will never become a goal worthy of achieving. Anything is possible if people have the right mindset and personal belief that they are worthy and deserving of future success. Very rarely is it a set of circumstances or situation that stops people from achieving. It is more often their self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence.  


ow more than ever before each business needs their leaders to take Initiative, be Innovative, Inspire their team members to follow and Implement their strategies and tactics.

This presentation is about having more of your people become passionate about leading themselves, embracing change so that they can capitalise on your marketplace opportunities and become the living example of a leader who is passionate, proactive, productive and positive.  

The time has arrived that it is no longer about how many customers you have but how many of them return to buy from you again and how many of them are recommending your business to their friends and colleagues.

Too many businesses get confused about what business they are really in, when really it is about turning customers into advocates and in return your customers become loyal profitable customers. The foundation that provides this base is about creating a world class service selling experience that is built on standards, systems and the right culture for your business.


“In today’s world we want more than just a speaker to inspire and inform us. We want them to partner with us to provide us with innovative ideas and strategies to ensure that the presentation message lives on. Keith gives us unprecedented value by working with us to deliver a tailored solution for our people."
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

“Keith is an exceptional presenter who has a great ability to acquire the knowledge of the business and to deliver a dynamic and engaging presentation to the audience. Keith stands out as a professional who delivers long lasting business results every time."
Woolworths Limited

“Keith’s energetic and passionate approach in his delivery is just what the delegates needed to experience. Introducing Keith to the audience was a pleasure as we were confident his presentation would be beneficial and add value not only to the conference but also the individuals who attended."
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

“Keith’s contribution to our peoples personal development has been phenomenal. He has been a catalyst for our people and our organization to achieve measureable gains in performance."
Terry White Management Pty Ltd

“Keith had an ability to sum up issues quickly and engaged people in appropriate conversation to put in place a clear plan for the long-term future of our business."
Benjamin King Money Pty Ltd

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