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Tim MaCartney-Snape OAM


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Everest Conqueror

Without oxygen or companionship, Tim MaCartney-Snape conquered Everest and has become one of Australia's best known mountaineers. His two time achievement of mountaineering’s greatest challenge has drawn world-wide acclaim and is reproduced into award winning film, Everest: Sea to Summit. Tim’s adventurous spirit and the essential qualities required of such a lifestyle are the foundation of his inspiring and motivating story.

About Tim

Tim is best known for becoming the first person ever to climb the whole of Mount Everest's 8,874 meters. He began the three months climb at the Bay of Bengal walking the 1000km to Base Camp with his wife, Dr Ann Ward. From Base Camp he climbed alone and without the assistance of Sherpas, fellow climbers, or the aid of bottled oxygen, achieving the summit on May 11th, 1990. This event was captured on film as the multi-award winning documentary From Sea To Summit.

This was no isolated achievement for Tim. It marked the culmination of twelve years of successful Himalayan ascents on ten major expeditions, all of them achieved without bottled oxygen in a daring, lightweight style and some of them up previously unclimbed routes.

In 1984, Australian climbing was put on the international map when Tim and fellow climber Greg Mortimer reached the summit of Everest via the north face. A film was made of the ascent, with Tim filming right to the summit, and has been shown to a world wide television audiences.

Tim Macartney-Snape is the only Australian to ever have climbed Mt. Everest without oxygen and he lead the first team to successfully climb the south face of Annapurna.


Although mountaineering has occupied a good part of his life, Tim's main interest is not in mountaineering or filming. His interests are much broader and revolve around issues which are central to what he considers to be the long-term well-being of our community. They include the global environment and the efficient, more intelligent use of human resources for the creation of a better, more sustainable future. Tim is passionate in his quest to impress on others the need to preserve wilderness areas.

As a result of many mountaineering trips to Nepal Tim is involved with the Nepal Eye Program and has worked to raise funds to assist the Nepalese in building a factory in Kathmandu where they can manufacture plastic lens.

Tim is a biologist by profession with a BSc from the Australian National University, a qualified outdoor instructor and a writer with two published books.

Tim is in great demand as a speaker and he has given numerous lectures to business and public gatherings. Using dramatic examples of his mountaineering achievements as a spectacular framework, his talks are inspirational, motivational and profoundly relevant. The story he tells lends itself well to communicating the fundamental aspects of achievement and gives the hackneyed but important topics of goal setting, motivation, dedication, self-discipline and teamwork a fresh, meaningful and memorable perspective.

Presentation Topics Include

  • From Seat to Summit - The Everest Challange
  • Adventure
  • Motivation

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