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Kerri Pottharst OAM


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International Beach Volleyball champion

Kerri Pottharst is one of Australia’s most long serving international sporting heroes, representing the nation for over twenty years. She also proudly holds the title of Australia’s most highly decorated Beach Volleyball player. Kerri’s pragmatism and steely focus have ensured an illustrious career in the sport, even when injury lurked and threatened an abrupt end. The stats prove Kerri’s remarkable track record: in the past 15 years she has never been out of the international top 10. On retirement Kerri turned her sights to motivating others with her celebrated story of success and overcoming challenge.

Kerri Pottharst is without question, one of Australia’s most popular female sporting personalities. She is also Australia’s most decorated Indoor and Beach Volleyball player, having represented her country for an incredible 20 years. 

About Kerri

When she took up the sport at the age of 15, she hadn’t yet dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion. “I was simply given an opportunity, set myself goals, worked hard and most importantly, I loved every minute of it!"

She also remains the only woman to have played professionally in the world’s most prestigious A1 Italian Indoor Volleyball league.

In 1992 a sickening knee injury should have ended her career, but in her typical no-nonsense style she recovered late in 1993, changed her goals to Beach Volleyball and then went on to win two Olympic medals. 


One of those was Bronze at the Atlanta Olympics and then the Gold that everybody remembers at Bondi Beach during the Sydney 2000 Games.

“It was the ultimate win and after so many personal sacrifices and hardships there was no way I was going to let that moment slip away!!"

She is renowned for being one of the fiercest competitors in the world of Volleyball.

A glance at the statistics indicated that since 1994, Kerri has never been out of the top 10 and rarely out of the top six in International Beach Volleyball events. Kerri and her partner, Natalie Cook, brought new ideas and moves to Beach Volleyball, which are now being copied by teams from all over the world. 


Recently retired from International level competition she continues to be an inspiration to her peers in sport and to others in their business, school and personal lives. Kerri’s vision is now to continue to inspire and motivate through her keynote speaking presentations and her fun, team-building Corporate Days on the beach, “Beach2xl."

Her warm and personal presentations include her fight back and struggle to overcome her terrible knee injury, how she turned her Bronze into Gold and how she constantly set higher goals to achieve success.

She captivates her audience with amazing tales of walking on fire and glass to help her overcome fears and doubts. She can also demonstrate this and invite others to walk across the glass with her!

She has her own posters, autograph cards and Olympic memorabilia that can be used during appearances and Corporate Days and makes sure that all autographs, and photos are given that personal touch, therefore making everyone present feel special. 


•  O.A.M
•  Gold Medal - Sydney Olympics 2000
•  Silver Medal - World Champs 1996
•  Silver Medal - Goodwill Games 1998
•  Bronze Medal - Atlanta Olympics 1996
•  Numerous Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals - FIVB World Tour 1995 - 2001
•  Most Outstanding Beach Volleyball Player - Australia - 1994 - 1998


“Kerri is extremely down to earth and has the rare ability of being able to network with all levels of the community. Kerri has presented at a number of major corporate functions for Suncorp Metway as well as participated in a number of charity events. Her attitude and enthusiasm in networking with the audience perfectly compliments her on stage performances." 
Suncorp Metway

“Your presence at the Launch was both appreciated and was very inspiring to our staff." 
Westpac Banking Corporation

“It gave us a lot of pleasure to see and talk to you and our memento photos will be treasured for years to come and remind us how much we enjoyed your company and how proud of you and all our Olympians we felt." 
Bayfield Hotels

“You are a fantastic ambassador for the sport. There is no doubt your presence would have been a great inspiration for many of the students." 

“She involved the right amount of humour, motivation and information to ensure she was the highlight of the evening. She was then happy to stay on and speak one on one to selected VIP’s visiting from France. Kerri is a professional and motivating guest speaker that would be an asset at any conference, team building or corporate event." 

“Excellent. Well presented, obliging and helpful all the way." 

“Excellent. Very responsive with the audience and she was motivating." 
The Heat Group

“Excellent. Kerri was an excellent speaker. She caught everyone’s attention as soon as she walked up on stage. Kerri was down to earth - she is such a natural public speaker. Kerri's speech was well received by everyone who attended the Sports Awards Gala Night." 
Blacktown City Council

Excellent. Kerri was a brilliant presenter and a pleasure to deal with. Kerri covered the brief brilliantly and tied in our messages to her presentation to perfection. The glass walking was talked about for the rest of the conference. 
Financial Services Partners Pty Ltd

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