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7 Habits of Happy People

By Admin | 20 February 2020 |


How to Boost Employee Morale

By Admin | 30 January 2019 |


You Win Some, You Learn Some

By Admin | 25 January 2019 |


How to Overcome Challenges

By Admin | 10 April 2017 |


How to Be a Good Listener

By Admin | 20 December 2016 |


Habits for Leaders

By Admin | 23 May 2016 |


Wisdom: Our Keynote Speakers Have It

By Admin | 16 March 2016 |

Wisdom is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to be a leader in the business world. We’ve curated our team of keynote speakers, in part, based on this principle. We want wise, well-seasoned speakers who have legitimate life experiences to back up what they’re saying durin…


How Australia’s Best Female Speakers Could Benefit You

By Admin | 14 March 2016 |

Australia’s women are on a mission; a mission to break away from the boundaries and bonds that restricted their mothers and grandmothers, and to pursue their own paths towards entrepreneurial and business excellence.


Why You Need a Motivational Speaker

By Admin | 11 March 2016 |


Motivation and inspiration are two of the universal driving forces in life. No matter what field you are in, no matter what stage you are at in your professional or personal development, no matter what obstacles you have successfully navigated…


Motivational Speakers and Inspirational Speakers: Is There a Difference?

By Admin | 23 February 2016 |

Think about your own definition of motivation and inspiration. Is there much difference between the two? At first thought, the terms seem interchangeable. Inspirational stories motivate us and motivational stories inspire us, right?


Page Turners! We’re Starting Off 2016 With Three Books by Three Successful Speaker Keynotes

By Admin | 28 January 2016 |

Over the past few months we’ve devoted a series of posts to the best business books of 2015. We know that the best entrepreneurs never stop learning, which is why we like to offer our recommendations for reading material.


Why We Quit: A Few Lessons for the New Year

By Anonymous | 10 January 2016 |

The big question is why. Why do so many of us fizzle out before reaching the finish line? Why can’t we seem to follow through even though we often start with a bang? For answers to these questions, we turned to several different articles and studies and created a list of three reasons why …


How to Motivate (Not Frustrate) Your Employees in the New Year

By Anonymous | 7 January 2016 |

No manager ever says (at least we hope not) to himself or herself, “What effective strategies can I use in 2016 to frustrate my employees and sap their motivation?” All of us want a motivated workforce, but how you actually achieve that goal depends on which book you read, what seminar y…


Music, Behaviours & Economic Crises: Three Great Business Books for the Summer

By Anonymous | 25 November 2015 |

This week we’re continuing our series of the best business books of 2015. Our selections are an interesting lot that combines the music industry, behavioural economics and a hard-hitting analysis of the 2008 recession and the 1930’s depression. We think this list of books is just as stro…


Motivation: The Important Distinction Between Extrinsic and Intrinsic

By Anonymous | 25 November 2015 |

This past week we watched a TED Talk given by career analyst Dan Pink. He used a very simple experiment to illustrate his main point: rewards-based motivation isn’t sufficient to motivate employees to do better work. If you’re like us, that assertion gave us pause. But as Pink unpacked …


Motivational Speakers and the Principle of Exclusivity

By Stefanie Warner | 14 November 2015 |

Every speakers bureau you come across will have a team of motivational speakers. The prevalence of this type of speaker is an indication of how much value companies and organizations put in the matter of motivation. But with all the time and energy companies spend on employee morale programs…


Three More Books For the Business-Minded

By Anonymous | 19 October 2015 |

A few weeks ago we took a look at three of the best business books of 2015. Our series continues today with three more tomes that will expand your skill set and hone your business acumen.


Why Keynote Speakers Are Still Relevant

By Anonymous | 14 October 2015 |

The keynote speaker industry is still going strong even in the face of a millennial movement which seeks to decentralize leadership and emphasize a community-oriented learning environment.


How a Guest Speaker Can Help Your Business

By Nahid | 28 September 2015 |

Companies often get inspirational speakers in Melbourne, Sydney, and all over Australia for their conventions, conferences or events. But why is this? What are the benefits of guest speakers and how can they help businesses?


Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Event

By Nahid | 21 September 2015 |

The speaker you get for your event can be a key component to its success or failure. This is why it’s important for you to get the right motivational speakers who will not only entertain, but most importantly who will engage, inspire and move your audience with their speech or presentation.


To Hike or Not to Hike: Experts Debate Future of Fed Rates

By J. R. Duren | 14 September 2015 |

Earlier today, ABC reporter Stephen Letts posed a question that many in the finance world have been debating for quite some time now: Will the U.S. Fed raise interest rates this month?


Selecting the Right Speaking Topic for Your Company Event

By Suzie | 10 August 2015 |

Do you want to create a buzz in your next company event? Selecting the right topic that your speaker will present is the best way to do this. What the speaker will talk about during the event will be the attendees’ topic of conversation when they go back to their homes and offices. This is…


5 Great Quotes From Successful Speakers Keynotes

By Suzie Isak | 22 July 2015 |

We love a good quote – one well-phrased sentence can live on for a long, long time. With a formidable list of well-spoken businessmen, entrepreneurs and thinkers, our Successful Speakers team is a gold mine for wise words and powerful platitudes. We've come across many a great quote…


Four Principles for Success

By Suzie Isak | 15 July 2015 |

Every business needs a little inspiration from time to time. Successful Speaker's catalogue of keynote speakers doubles as a handbook on how to transform ideas and dreams into the reality of successful businesses, brands or movements. We've looked through our line-up of business, tech, life …


Four Reasons Why A Great Speaker is a Great Investment

By William James | 18 June 2015 |

Planning a corporate retreat, organising a company-wide series of meetings or orchestrating a convention or conference is a process which requires an individual or a team to fine-tune thousands of details ranging from booking a conference space, organising catering, creating a schedule, and …


Maximising Value From Your Keynote Speaker

By Suzie | 8 June 2015 |

Successful Speakers has been providing guest speakers for important events and conferences for almost a decade. We’ve seen hundreds of professional keynote speakers in person. All are great presenters who have exceptional experiences and successes in their chosen field and topic, but some …


The Attributes of a Truly Successful Speaker

By Stefanie Warner | 8 June 2015 |

Selecting a speaker for your event is crucial. The speaker you choose can spell the difference between a successful event and a disastrous one. It is essential that you pick the best keynote speakers, whether these are male or female guest speakers, for your business or organisation’s cele…


Keynote Speakers 101: Knowing the Different Types to Match Different Events

By Nahid | 1 June 2015 |

Keynote speakers do more than just send a message. They are able to capture the essence of an event and highlight it to the audience, providing insights and evoking awareness in an energetic, entertaining, professional and motivational manner.


The Significance of Speaking Engagements

By Nahid | 16 March 2015 |

Corporations, organisations and universities hire the best keynote speakers for major public speaking events. In various instances, they even hire celebrity speakers and successful speakers to grace their celebrations or to take charge in trainings. They invest largely in these speaking enga…


Why Hire a Speaker for Your Corporate Event?

By Nahid | 26 February 2015 |

When an organisation seeks to keep their employees engaged and productive, reinforce their culture and values, or get insights as to how the company can be improved, leaders often get the job done by organising a corporate event. Be it in the form of a training seminar, team building event, …


How to Boost Attendance at Your Next Business Event

By Nahid | 18 February 2015 |

Whether it’s a trade show, networking lunch, or a training seminar, a well-organised corporate event can prove highly beneficial to businesses, no matter the industry. Corporate events can help organisations promote their brand, develop customer relationships, get in touch with inspiring p…


Selecting the Perfect Speaker for Your Next Event

By Nahid | 23 December 2014 |

The effort you put into selecting a speaker for your event is therefore very important for its success. So if you’re organising an event for your company or organisation, start sifting through the list of candidates now to find the perfect speaker.


Creating Staff Loyalty & Retention Amongst Gen Y

By Ian Elliot | 6 November 2014 |

Everyone understands the high cost of recruiting quality talent. But having made that investment, it appears that too few companies concentrate on innovative staff retention strategies and understand that Gen Y employees are a greater flight risk than any generation before them.