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Rhiannon Tracey

Rhiannon Tracey


After Dinner - Keynote - Keynote Speakers - Inspiration - Inspirational - Motivation - Personal Development - Overcoming Adversity


Many people would say their life began at birth, but for Rhiannon Tracey life truly began the day she hit her head on the bottom of a swimming pool in Bali.

Once the student at the back of the classroom, Rhiannon is now using the experience that could have potentially ended her life to recreate a story where every new adventure is one she was once told would be impossible.

Continuing to break down the barriers of adversity, Rhiannon chooses not to be defined by what happened to her, she prefers to be defined by what she has chosen to be. Not just a women in a wheelchair, but THE WOMEN who turned the impossible into the I’M-Possible.

Once diagnosed a quadriplegic, and now just weeks away from walking down the aisle at her own wedding, Rhiannon's story is true testament to the power of a positive mindset and the ability to heal your body using holistic medicine.

Voted the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year, Rhiannon is a game changer, continuously changing the way disabilities are perceived. Whether she is riding every rollercoaster at Disneyland, or climbing upon the back of her horse, Rhiannon will forever be an advocate for becoming the best version of yourself and reaching your goals and dreams, even if it means altering them to suit your situation or needs.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The miracle baby
    Entering the world against all odds
  • There's got to be more to life
    How a high school drop out realised her potential to create a better life for herself
  • The Game Changer
    When the universe has another plan for you, how do you make it through?
  • Overcoming adversity
    Finding motivation in the toughest of situations & creating a better version of yourself
  • The Next Step
    Using an experience to motivate and educate others
  • Kissing frogs and finding a prince
    Remembering who you are and using it to get your groove back!
  • Everything happens for a reason
    Forgetting the ‘What if’s” and focusing on the “What’s Next”
  • Questions/ Audience Participation


Rhiannon really shows that true grit and real Aussie spirit of never giving up!
Health Ability

Rhiannon’s spirited, warm and honest account has left its mark on us. For her fortitude and preparedness to continue making a difference was strikingly uplifting. Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College VCAL students embraced Rhiannon’s real life example of converting a somewhat negative, life changing experience into something positive.
Mount St Joseph Girls' College

Our students were engaged and inspired throughout Rhiannon’s amazing story and presentation. She is one of the most positive and inspiring people the students said they have ever met. Her story and life lessons were plentiful and she has left the mantra ringing in our ears – I’M POSSIBLE!
PDS Coordinator

With such charisma Rhiannon tells her story with so much passion that it's impossible to not have a connection with her.
VCA Student, Victorian College of the Arts

When you meet someone who is so positive and is doing so much to help others, it means a lot and inspires you to do the same.
Former AFL Footballer and Sports Commentator

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