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Adam Fraser Dr


After Dinner - Change Management - Education - Generational Change - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Life Planning - Motivation - Personal Development - Stress Management - Thinking

Leading Educator & Researcher

Stress, deadlines, interruptions, negative emotions, bad habits and long working hours. When it's not possible to control the environment that creates challenges, the answers lie within us.

Dr Adam Fraser is experienced at facilitating solutions for individuals, teams and organisations helping them to improve performance. Adam has worked with elite sports people, armed forces and top business professionals in Australia and worldwide. He has channelled his unique insight and research into a series of ground breaking presentations. Adam is a speaker who can truly help people effectively manage their mindset and energy with positive results.

Adam shows audiences how to move from theory to action, no matter who they are or what role they perform. He has an incredible ability to make facts both relevant and fun. Audiences regularly describe Adam as engaging, dynamic, funny and highly practical. Participants immediately walk away with more awareness about themselves and strategies they can implement in work and life.

Presentation Topics  Include:

  • Grit - Getting you to thrive

We’ve been sold a lie. Told happiness comes from being content, taking it easy and not struggling. What this has meant for your company is that you now have a workforce who is allergic to change. Scared to risk. Frightened to evolve. It’s why 77% of all change plans FAIL in organisations – because at the first sign of a struggle everyone retreats to a “why can’t things stay the same" mentality.And while organisations cower, the business world is evolving without them.
In this gritty and powerful presentation Dr Adam Fraser will:

* Empower teams with simple tools to increase their perseverance and tenacity in the heat of battle
* Demonstrate how a shift from a “fixed" mindset where things are too hard to a “growth" mindset greatly increases GRIT
* Unlock key tools to help team members tap into the meaning and purpose of their role to increase their passion for their work

  • The Third Space

In life and work we are required to wear multiple hats that demand we transition between different roles and environments.  How do we move from one interaction to another without dragging the energy, mindset and baggage from previous interactions?  The Third Space is a fascinating and entertaining presentation that explores the human psyche as we transition between roles at lightning speed.
By understanding what The 3rd Space is and how to apply it audiences will identify what action they can take to positively influence work, life and relationships.

* Audiences will understand they are personally responsible for how they choose to ‘show up’ and the true impact their engagement has on culture, performance and results.
* Learn ways to help them better manage emotions and challenges and promote behaviour patterns that build rapport and trust relationships.

  • The Art of FLOW!

Flow is a state of focus, high performance and positive mindset. Dr Adam Fraser knows what prevents us from hitting the flow zone and on the flip side what promotes it. Individuals, teams and companies are challenged every day. When controlling your environment isn’t an option you can shift your efforts into achieving a more productive personal state. Dr Adam Fraser teaches audiences how to tap into their high performance by identifying triggers and practical techniques. His sessions have facilitated transformations within people and culture by improving their resilience and results.

* The Art of Flow will show you how to self-direct change and a new frame work to view work, performance and pressure
* Deliver practical techniques to minimise distractions, reduce stress, increase productivity and transition between multiple roles and environments

  • Rehab your habits

When we are truthful and take the time evaluate our habits we often find we have adopted unhealthy patterns that do no serve us.  Poor habits lead to poor performance, results and relationships.  The difficulty lies not only in understanding how bad habits are destructive but how we go about changing them.  This presentation is designed so individuals and teams can assess the habits that are holding them back.  Audiences have the opportunity to reflect on their own behaviour before Adam walks them through a 9 step strategy for rehabilitation.  This session is high in content yet tongue in cheek in delivery.

* What habits do you need to put in to rehab and how to do it
* What to do if you relapse and how to get back and how to stay on track


“AMAZING!  Loved every minute - by far the best speaker of the day." -
Australian Tourism Export Council

“Our Sales Teams found Dr Adam Fraser to be a very engaging speaker. His material was extremely relevant and thought provoking.  He was a bit hit again and delivered real practical value" -
Merck Sharpe & Dohme

“Adam spent the day with our Executive team. Executive level staff can be difficult to cater for but Adam is very credible, he backs up what he says with facts, is engaging, and knows his stuff. The team enjoyed the day and each reported taking something different away from it" -
Vision Super

“Thank you for another fantastic presentation for Superpartners! In particular people loved the energy you brought to the session, it was a highlight of the offsite." 
Manager, Communications, Superpartners Pty Ltd

“Amazing and engaging presenter. One of the best speeches that I have had the privilege to listen to."
Manager, Communications, Superpartners Pty Ltd

“Very well received, topical, entertaining and connected well with our Leadership Team's messages for 2014." 
AMP Services Ltd

"Adam was fantastic.  It was my second time in his audience and I was entertained as much as the first time. Adam moulds interesting research results and statistics into a humorous, informative and engaging presentation.  It is a great reminder on how to better look after ourselves, if we want to work more happily and productively. Adam’s presentation lead us to reflect on our work environment and showed us how important it is to sit up and question our mindsets, especially in regard to our rituals, habits and health."
Commonwealth Bank

“Adam doesn’t give you the option to NOT walk away with something – BRILLANT SPEAKER"

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help in booking Adam for our workshop yesterday, everyone is still raving about it this morning! They found it extremely useful, mainly because it was so relevant and provided tips that we could implement immediately. Adam is a fantastic presenter and I am sure we as a firm will be using him again in the future."
PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia

"This is the second time I have used Adam as a speaker for a client event and I cannot recommend him highly enough.  In fact, on both occasions the audience were left energised and inspired and wanting to apply his ideas in their own workplace. I would say he’s one of the best corporate speakers in the business!"
Strategic Marketing Matters

"Adam’s speech was high energy, entertaining and thought provoking. My managers and team leaders now have a clear understanding of how they can better prepare and motivate themselves, and their teams, during times of high pressure and the accompanying stress that results. I would strongly recommend Adam as a speaker at any presentation focusing on the key interdependencies of energy, health and stress management in raising the effectiveness and performance of staff and management."
Thomson Legal & Regulatory Limited

"I thoroughly endorse Adam as a speaker. He was the epitome of professionalism. His presentation was exceptional. He delivered fresh, useful information in a highly engaging, humorous way, and in the exact time period we asked for. Our audience LOVED him!"
Last Thursday Club

"Dr Adam’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious! He gave our team a real boost and his session was the highlight of our Strategy Day. Importantly, we came away with simple tools which make significant improvements to everyday life at work and home."
Goodwin Financial Services

"Beginning with a very sceptical staff comprised of teachers and administrative staff, Dr Fraser’s down-to-earth , comptemplative and motivating presentation won the staff over completely. They have now asked me to continue working with Dr. Fraser, so they can continue improving their productivity and keep our unique workplace culture."
Ability Education

"It's obvious from your performance that you were well prepared, practiced and familiar with both your topic and with speaking in public to groups. As our guys were ¾ of the way through lunch when you commenced your talk, it was a credit to you to be able to capture their attention and keep their interest throughout!
It is without hesitation that we would recommend you to other organisations looking for someone to inform, excite, rev up their teams, or represent them in front of clients and customers."
Century 21 Australia

"Adam is able to present information and concepts in a practical way that encourages thought, discussion and action. Adam also brings a highly positive energy into the room that stimulates people to think and participate. The time we spent with Adam was invaluable for our Management Team to further their journey as the leadership of the business."
Suzanne Grae

"Following Adam’s presentation we had overwhelming feedback. The only problem was that we got the time allocation wrong, we didn’t have you on for long enough everyone wanted more! Looking forward to a longer presentation at our next event."
Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia

“Adam was a winner with the delegates, who responded to his factual, practical and humorous presentation ‘Flow: The key to high performance’ with comments such as: ‘full of applicable tips and suggestions’"
Ross Clennent

“I was impressed with the communication maintained by Adam prior to the conference.  When Adam arrived at our venue, he allowed adequate time to talk with us to familiarize himself with the needs/specifics of his audience. He also made personal contact with participants as they came into the theatre, immediately establishing a relationship with them."
Department of Education

At our national conference Dr Adam Fraser’s presentation was one of the highlights. Some of the comments were “The best presentation of the conference so far", “Very useful and excellent use of examples". 96% of all attendees rated it as excellent!"

I would have loved to have Adam for the Whole Day....BRILLIANT!
Department of Education and Training

I just experienced your amazing presentation at the Terry White conference and I need to tell you that you have changed my life. "How do you show up?" This question spoke so strongly to me. It's made me realise that what I've become doesn't reflect who I really am, and all I need to do to change is to take a moment to reflect on myself, my actions and my emotions. On behalf of my family, my colleagues, but most importantly from myself...thank you for who I'm going to be from now on."
Terry White

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