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Mike Morrison


Advertising - Ageing - Brainstorming - Branding - Communications - Competitive Advantage - Creativity - Facilitation - Forecasting - Future - Generation X - Generational Change - Global Trends - Innovation - Marketing - Moderators - Social Trends - Strategy - Trends - Y & Z

Consumer Trends

Mike Morrison is a branding and business growth expert.

He is the former Chief Strategy Officer for the Y&R Brands Group (Australia/ NZ). He has worked internationally on assignments in Seoul, New York, L.A, London, Delhi, and Singapore and his list of clients includes Telstra, Sensis, Foxtel, Yellow Pages, Nintendo, LG, Panasonic, NAB, Suncorp, Fosters, Nissan, Hyundai, Jaguar, AFL, ACB, and ARU, as well as many other blue chip companies.

Mike has run the biggest brand study in Australia called the Brand Asset Valuator (BAV), providing invaluable insight to diverse audiences and organisation. He has also been published on many topics including: Gen X , Y and Boomers, Australia's NPD Crisis, Kidults, Australian Men, Crowded Nesters, Brand Valuation, Silver is the new Black, and Simplexity. Mike's book 'is titled A Real Mans Guide to the Office', 

Mike is also a sales expert, winning almost every account he pitched for over the past decade. Audiences have benefited from his knowledge in branding, growth and business development. In fact, his speaking style keeps audiences rapt. Through the use of humour, stories, and easy to understand metaphores, crowds gain amazing knowledge and motivation from him.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Consumer Trends, Brands & Communication
  • Winning New Business
  • How to get yourself bought

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