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Tony Christiansen

Tony Christiansen


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Australasia’s most inspirational speaker

Tony Christiansen is one of Australasia’s leading motivational and inspirational speaker. He is humorous, bold and straight talking as he brings you a story you will never forget. The basis of Tony’s presentation is self-belief; the theme is simply "Your attitude determines your altitude in life".

Tony has no legs, a result of a horrific train accident when he was 9 years old yet has achieved remarkable feats in his life. He shares his life story and the secrets to his incredible success and encourages his audience to set their own challenges, rather than accept the limitations imposed by their own attitudes and other people's perception.

Tony has never allowed his disability to slow him down. In fact, he has achieved more in his life than most of us are willing to even try.

Tony has scaled the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro and participated in Speedweek at the Bonneville Salt Flats where he gained the reputation of being the “World’s Fastest Amputee”. In 2012, Tony took position as driver of the 2-man bobsled and raced down the Utah Olympic Park bobsled course with the US Bobsled and Skeleton Federation in an effort to apply for the sport’s inclusion in the 2018 and 2022 Winter Paralympics.

Tony finds delight in every living moment and shares his passion and enthusiasm with audiences. Now in constant demand as a keynote speaker to corporations and conferences, he has spoken all over the world, leaving his audiences with an insight of what can be achieved with determination, belief, a burning desire to succeed and accept the challenges in life.

In his presentations, he exudes a strong presence and speaks with clarity and purpose. Tony starts by climbing a 1.5-metre high scaffolding, a stunning start to the roller coaster of emotions which he takes audiences through.

Presentation Topics

  • A successful businessman and former City Councillor.
    World class athlete and medallist, qualified lifeguard, scuba diver and 2nd degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • A champion in speedway, circuit and drag racing who raced the Bonneville Salt Flats gaining the reputation as “The World’s Fastest Amputee”.
  • Qualified pilot who created aviation history as the first disabled New Zealander to fly solo and the first person with a disability who learned to fly from scratch.
  • Scaled the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro on his backside, snow skier and driver of the 2-man bobsled.
  • Author of 3 best-selling books: Race You To The Top, Attitude Plus! And Don’t Just Sit There.


Tony’s presentation was fantastic. He is a remarkable man and his stories have a way of touching everyone who has the privilege to hear him.
New Zealand Drag Racing Association

Thank you for the excellent presentation last night. I was amazed that our people were still on a high from it this morning.
Auckland Airport

Tony demonstrates success as a mindset that depends on your attitude. His achievements and the way he tells his story inspires his audience with a level of humour that only someone with Tony's background can elude to. As a motivational speaker, I truly don't know anyone better.
Tyres4U Australia

Your presentation had the desired outcome (and then some!). The feedback that I have received from the participants has been overwhelming, and I know that you have made a significant impact on their lives.
CSL Biotherapies Australia

I was blown away by the audience’s response. The energy and power of his story wowed our members that day.
MurrAuckland Chamber of Commerce

Tony’s effect on the audience was profound. There were tears, laughter and a palpable sense of awe; not only at his achievements but also his attitude towards what would have been a huge disability for most. He engaged the audience on a personal level and really connected to each and every one.
NZ Institute Of Chartered Accountants

The standing ovation you received says it all. Your story of courage and overcoming what would destroy most people was truly inspirational. You were rated top in the assessments completed.
Downtown Auckland Rotary Club

After listening to Tony’s presentation, I am not sure whether he is or I am the disabled person. Tony was truly inspirational not only for the disabled community but also for the rest of us.
Speaker Of Singapore Parliament

Tony's life story is inspirational. The way he shares his story made it not only inspirational but entertaining. It had a great impact on the audience.
PT Lee Cooper Indonesia

The tremendous willpower and enthusiasm coupled with exceptionally positive attitude towards life that Tony exhibits inspired us to excel no matter how challenging the circumstances are. It was a truly wonderful experience to have met Tony.
Synapse Communications India

I was invited to Tony's presentation today and was so amazed that I have engaged him to inspire 300 members of my staff right away!
SKS Microfinance India

His 'Never Say Die Attitude' is living proof of the extraordinary human spirit and I was truly and incredibly impressed with Tony.
AMP Radio Networks Malaysia

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