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Dr Katrina Warren


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Australia's Best Loved Vet

Dr Katrina Warren is one of the best-loved and most recognised faces in Australia.

A qualified veterinarian Dr Katrina has extensive experience in all aspects of the media including television, radio and print.

From her seven years as host of Seven Network’s hugely successful Harry’s Practice thru her US show Beverley Hills Vet and on to her new TV show for the US Animal Planet Network Housecat Housecalls, Katrina has combined her scientific knowledge with passion for animals and the environment to solve pet behavioural problems and become one of Australia’s most trusted media figures.
Dr Katrina appeals to a wide audience – kids adore her love of animals, women admire her beauty and professionalism, men think she is smart & attractive and older people see her as the ideal girl next door ready to help an animal in need – so basically all animal lovers of all ages can relate to her because she is down to earth, very personable and genuinely cares about their relationship with their pets.

Katrina is passionate about dogs and dog training and her beloved Toby the Wonderdog is well known across the country for the work he does with her.

Katrina loves to give advice to help people enhance the bond with their pets and has just been made national ambassador for a program called "we are family" which educates parents and children how to interact happily and safely with their pets.

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