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Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton


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TV Personality

Andrew Denton is Australia's most provocative interviewer and one of the country’s most captivating keynote speakers. He vaulted himself into prominence through "Enough Rope" with Andrew Denton, a successful ABC program. By the end of its first season, “Enough Rope” proved itself to be smart, thought-provoking, must-see TV.

Every Monday evening, one million viewers tuned in to see Denton conduct captivating interviews with a fascinating spectrum of individuals including celebrities, politicians, activists, artists and unsung 'ordinary' people with compelling stories. Andrew has a knack for engaging his guests in profound conversation and encouraging them to reveal themselves in unanticipated ways.

Denton has been plugging away in the entertainment and media business for more than 10 years, making him much more than just an overnight success.

He hosted and co-produced his own late-night, live chat show called "Denton” – a collection of quirky interviews, witty sketches, uncalled-for violence and topical wisecracks - perfect viewing for the whole dysfunctional family.

Denton also presented a pair of television interview specials: "Andrew Denton Meets Kevin Costner" and "Paul Keating Unplugged," an engaging look at Australia's then-Prime Minister.

He also hosted “Andrew Denton Breakfast Show,” a popular morning radio show in Sydney. Every weekend, listeners throughout Australia enjoy a “Best of” edition of the show.

For two years, Denton co-produced and hosted "The Logies," Australia's television awards. He also co-produced and hosted a one-hour prime-time interview special, "Andrew Denton in the Deep End with Ian Thorpe."

Denton is also a sought-after convention speaker and conference speaker.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Communicating At An Unknown Rate (How To Lead A Joyful Creative Life).
    60 minutes with clips from Enough Rope, Chase, Gruen and Hungry Beast.
  • Meeting Creative Challenges.
    30 or 45 minutes without clips or 60 minutes with clips from Gruen, Chaser, Logies and Enough Rope.
  • What I Learnt From Bill Clinton, Life Lessons From Enough Rope.
    40 minutes without clips or 60 minutes with clips.
  • An Unnatural Act In A Public Place, The Secrets Of Interviewing.
    45 minutes without clips or 60 minutes with clips from Enough Rope.
  • A Pain In The Ice, Extraordinary Tales Of Antarctic Exploration.
    45 minutes or 60 minute.
  • Inside Enough Rope - Secrets Of Interviewing The Stars (features clips from Miriam Margolyes, Cate Blanchett, Michael Stipe, Mel Brooks, Richard E. Grant, Richard Dawkins and Bill Clinton)
    60 minutes or shorter.

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