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Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt


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Demographic & Social Change expert

Bernard is a leading commentator and advisor to corporate Australia on consumer, cultural and demographic trends. He is sought after by blue-chip companies to stimulate thought provoking discussion, and property investors and developers on matters of trend forecasting. Author of best-selling The Big Shift, Bernard has released two other books, is a magazine and newspaper columnist, and guest on television programs including Business Sunday, SBS debate show Insight, and 60 Minutes. Bernard is a compelling and entertaining speaker.

Leading Advisor

Through his work, Bernard Salt has established an enviable reputation as an advisor to leading property investors and developers on matters relating to market demand.  He is however best known to Australian business for his commentary in the media on the business implications of demographic and social change.  

A columnist with 'The Australian' and 'Wish' magazine, Bernard Salt is also the author of the popular best-selling book 'The Big Shift: Welcome to the Third Australian Culture' and his 2006 release, 'The Big Picture'.

Diverse corporations, diverse interests

Bernard Salt is engaged by diverse corporations to review market trends and to advise on business acquisitions and expansions. He is frequently quoted in the Australian media and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including 'Business Sunday', 'A Current Affair', '60 Minutes', 'Today Tonight', 'Today Show', and 'Nightline'.

Informative, witty, incisive

Informative, witty, incisive and ‘very human’, Bernard Salt's style is a unique blend of substance and humour.  He can provide a lively and dynamic exposé of cultural change and demographic shifts, focusing on the outlook and implications for business over the next two decades.

Presentation Topics include

  • Retaining Generation Y staff
  • Evolution of Australia's three consumer cultures
  • Sponge cities and regional growth
  • Generation X as agents of social change
  • The Man Drought and the Fella Filter
  • The Seachange Shift
  • Your place as the new workplace
  • Global demographic trends from US, New Zealand and Asia
  • Jobs and the 'brave new world' of technology
  • The rise of retirement and portfolio lifestyles
  • Demographic and social change across Australian cities
  • Australia on the Move

Best-selling books

Bernard Salt's best-selling book, 'The Big Shift' is a landmark outlook that chronicles Australia from the unique bush culture of the swagman, to today's world of boomers, Xers and Dotcoms. Through its engaging text, the book considers the rise of suburbia in our national psyche and maps out the likely influences on Australian culture over the approaching decades of the twenty-first century.

Bernard Salt's conclusion is powerful - no less than the rise of a third Australian culture - the culture of the beach.  He forecast the growth in popularity of the 'seachange'. What are the implications of such a seachange? How will Australian society look in 20 years' time?  Will the rush to purchase real estate in the Central Business District areas last? And how will the baby-boomers' maturing to middle-age and beyond impact on our culture?

'The Big Picture'

In 'The Big Picture', Bernard Salt poses some big questions about social change. When did it become socially acceptable, or at least not unacceptable, for a young couple to have children out of wedlock?

The answer is at some stage during the 1990s.

What events and value-shifts have had the most influence on us as a nation? Can the Fella Filter save us from the man drought? Is food the new sex for the over-40s? What is the chaperone syndrome? At what age do you cease being young?

Bernard Salt tackles these and other social and demographic questions facing the Australian nation. 'The Big Picture' interprets the factors that have a bearing on where we live, when we marry, and how we will work.

The motivational forces that shape the Australian community are revealed under Bernard Salt's unique scrutiny and analysis.

Entertaining and Persuasive 

An entertaining and persuasive speaker, Bernard Salt travels Australia extensively. The Age describes his style as “part stand-up comedian, part number-crunching economics…."


“Excellent.  Very entertaining, gives a different perspective. Thought provoking."
Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd

“An unqualified success … riveting …the anecdotes and verbal illustrations were worthy of the most highly acclaimed entertainer."
Franchise Council of Australia

“I continue to receive very positive comments from attendees who thoroughly enjoyed your lively exposition … excellent presentation."

“Your presentation was excellent and was the perfect mix of fun and fact.  The participants left with much to ponder in terms of the impact on their business (and personal lives) of the very interesting demographic and cultural trends you identified.  I would be surprised if you do not get some speaking invitations."
IMA Pty Ltd

“Excellent presentation style… clear, humorous and informative."
Finance & Treasury Association Ltd

“Excellent - informative, but good fun too. Had obviously put some work in to make the presentation relevant to Adelaide - everyone could relate to it . Feedback has been excellent." 
Workcover Corporation

“Excellent. Bernard would rate in the top five speakers we have ever had. His delivery was seamless and professional, his content very relevant and most importantly his data up to date and easily interpreted. His is one of those presentations that will be referred to by our members for a long time to come."
Farm Management 500

“Excellent.  He presented with energy, enthusiasm and passion. He obviously knows his subject matter well. His presentation hit the mark and provided the framework for the morning session as well as setting the tone for the remainder of the business sessions during that week."

“Excellent.  Participants at the UDIA Congress were very impressed with Bernard’s presentation – he had everyone’s attention from beginning to end providing an excellent mix of fact, positive comments and light heartedness. His presentation was easy to follow and provided very interesting cultural and demographic trends – something for everyone present."
UDIA SA – Urban Development Institute of Aust (SA Div)

“Fantastic presenter. He had the audience in every state fixated. Bernard is an entertaining, informative speaker that I would highly recommend."

“Bernard was a outstanding presenter. What impressed us most was his subject matter knowledge and the thought and intelligence with which he delivered his messages."
Pitcher Partners

“The presentation was well received by the delegates. The feedback from the delegates on their feedback form was very positive. The information presented was relevant and well prepared and presented."
Showstopper Events Pty Ltd

“Bernard Salt was excellent and our Rotarians enjoyed hearing his thoughts on the future for us all. He was both informative and entertaining."
Rotary District 9640 Conference

“Bernard was an entertaining and insightful speaker who was very well received by our customers. He was able to tailor his speech for each state, so that the audience could relate more closely to the information provided. Bernard mixed well with our customers and the feedback we received was very positive."
Kimberley-Clark Australia Pty Ltd

“Bernard’s presentation was a total surprise to the audience who I am sure were geared for a ‘dry’ paper.He took the room totally by surprise right from the beginning and they loved him. We have not as yet received back the Evaluation Sheets from Adelaide, however, the energy in the room was palpable and Bernard totally met their enthusiasm and kept them completely enthralled throughout his session. Consistent comments: this is how statistics should be presented…..I love it!"

“Topical, focussed and importantly entertaining presentation. Bernard’s depth of knowledge on his subject has significantly enhanced his ability to deliver not only the prepared presentation, but also to further delve and discuss broader issues relative to the topic and particularly relative to the audience."
Southern Cross Broadcasting

“Bernard Salts presentation “Australia’s Changing Demographics" received an overwhelming response of 99% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing that the presentation was engaging and interesting. Respondents were acutely impressed with Bernard’s ability to deliver statistics in such an interesting and entertaining format."
National Employment Services Association

“Bernard's style was really good for a dinner, which is a time that can be difficult to work. I haven't heard any negative comments from the people I have spoken to about his presentation. He has certainly generated a lot of interest and discussion."
Toowoomba City Council

“Bernard’s presentation was outstanding , his topic was excellently researched and was presented in an extremely professional manner, and his audience have been overwhelming in their praise of his presentation. We would have no hesitation in recommending him as an exceptional speaker." 
City Of Burnside

“Excellent. Bernard spoke well and for an appropriate length of time. He also contributed to the Panel discussion and audience participation section as we had hoped he and other panellists would which benefited the event. He seemed well prepared and well-disposed to the event."
City of Melbourne

“Bernard was an excellent presenter. We have had feedback from our delegates that he 'certainly knew his business'. He made an impact for most of our financial planners in the way they operate their business and make contact with prospective clients. We thank you Bernard for your business savvy!"
Bridges Financial Services

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