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Glen Capelli


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Learning and Laughter

Author, songwriter, and media personality Glen Capelli is also a National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional. Specialising in presentation topics such as improving leadership, problems specific to service related industries and improving business culture, Glen is both creative and informative. He is a pro at tailoring his presentations to the specific company or event he is speaking at, and has a unique gift for melding information with entertainment.

The creator of the much-revered Dynamic Thinking course for leadership, Glen Capella founded the True Learning Centre in 1987, the same year he was awarded the Winston Churchill Fellowship. Having spent over seven years traveling the world, Glen has held just about every job imaginable, from a fisher in Israel to a comedian in Los Angeles. A respected member of the international organization MENSA, Glen has co-authored two books: Maximising Your Learning Potential and The Thinking Learning Classroom.

Having spent the better part of 20 years studying how humans both think and learn, Glen has a unique way of approaching a variety of topics, and this trait has made him one of the most respected and sought-after speakers in Australia.

Awarded Presenter of the Year by CPA in 2001, Glen has made keynote speeches and presentations all over Australia and the world. In his home country, he has presented in Queenstown, Lindeman Island, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. He has also spoken in cities worldwide, including Madrid, Orlando, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Bali, bringing his unique knowledge to countless companies, organizations, and individuals.

Presentation Topics

• Dynamic Thinking, Creativity & Innovation
• Learning & Leadership
• The Flow Equation: People at Their Best = Productive Organisations
• Tales from Service Heaven - Tales from Service Hell
• Humour, Values and Your Business Culture
• The Power of Enthusiasm


"Glenn is an excellent facilitator who’s life experiences compliment his vast knowledge of thought process, technique and the human mind. Glenn’s positive energy is contagious and he had every person in the room engaged. Each and every person I have spoken to was able to take away a key learning to apply not only in their respective roles but also their daily lives. Glenn’s life experiences and stories were inspiring. Attending Glenn’s sessions was by far one of the most valuable experiences to date."
IMB Building Society

“Your talk on the ‘Six Words to Create Magic in Today’s World’ was creative, entertaining and has provided a basis for all of us to think differently in the future."

“Excellent. Glen did a fantastic job.  This was the first time a speaker has been able to incorporate the conference theme into their message."
Tricon Restaurants International 

“Fantastic speaker, Telstra considered Glen the best speaker of the entire 3 day conference."
Performance Partners 

“Excellent.  Outstanding performance.  Received the highest rating ever in our post conference survey.  Thoroughly engaging, informative and entertaining."
Tricon Restaurants International 

“Excellent.  Practical, workable ideas.  He was very positive and left people feeling optimistic about themselves and their teaching.  Entertaining.
Mt Erin Secondary College 

“Excellent.  Very positive feedback received from participants, they want more!"
National Wealth Management 

“Glenn pitched his presentation at exactly the right level for his audience, and they warmed to him immediately. He was able to present a very serious message in such a fun way that people greatly enjoyed the learning process. The anecdotes were relevant and sensitive. One participant told me afterwards that she had seen only ever seen two presentations that affected her life profoundly, and this was one of them". 
Unilever Australia 

“Glen is our ‘King Kaizan’ A most exemplary person, presenter and MC. The bar has been raised and Glen will be forever remembered for his anecdotes, his delightful signage and his wonderful ability to bring everything together creatively, succinctly and in such an ‘appetising’ way. Being part of Glen’s audience was like sitting down to the most delicious banquet of colourful, entertaining and wonderfully flavoured experiences. Thank you Jack & Joan – you did great in your ‘Magic Moment’ - a bonza gift to humankind."

“Excellent. Glenn Capelli's presentation was outstanding. Our team really enjoyed the participation, the energy and the inspiration. All the feedback has been extremely positive. A great addition to any conference."
Orlando Wyndham

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