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Pauline Nguyen

Pauline Nguyen


After Dinner - Keynote - Keynote Speakers - Inspiration - Inspirational

Award Winning Businesswoman & Author

Keynote speaker and popular chef Pauline Nguyen worked her way to the upper echelon of Australia's foodie community in the most unlikely of ways. Before she even turned five years old, she'd escaped Vietnam on a boat, survived a year in a Thai refugee camp as a child and was forced to work before she went to school.

Today, Pauline is an award-winning businesswoman, one of the Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and a best-selling author. Pauline’s life experiences have given her unique insight into the psyche of business and individuals. She uses this insight to impart the bedrock principles of her career: self-mastery, mindset and spiritual entrepreneurship.

Pauline has a reputation for being an voracious, provocative and highly motivative individual who constantly sharpens her personal development while elevating the ability and focus of those around her. Nowhere is this more evident at Sydney's Red Lantern, her Vietnamese restaurant that has garnered more awards than any other Vietnamese restaurant in the world. In 2012, her efforts won her the Australian Telstra Business Award for medium-sized businesses.

Yet her accomplishments at Red Lantern are just the beginning of her collection of awards and achievements. Her memoir, “Secrets of the Red Lantern”, met critical acclaim in Australia and around the world and appeared on many best-seller lists. In 2008, Pauline won the Australian Book Industry's Newcomer Writer of the Year.

She holds a BA in Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Pauline has achieved a lot in her short life – entrepreneur, businesswoman, chef, international speaker – a fact she attributes to a powerful combination of a strong mindset, fierce business skills and an unquenchable hunger for success.

As a keynote speaker, Pauline's presentations focus on the power of mindfulness and meditation, an ancient practice whose ability to centre an individual is an indispensable tool in today's frenetically fast-paced world, not to mention the high-energy, high-stress environment of Red Lantern's kitchen.

In addition to being a coveted conference speaker, Pauline is a consultant for entrepreneurs, executives and business owners. Her wisdom and emphasis on mindfulness is a breath of fresh air for business people, and will also be the basis for her next book: “Grace Under Fire – The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur”.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Grace Under Fire - Self Mastery and Mindset
    How to take control of your thoughts and emotions to stay cool under pressure and show up as your best self

  • Thought Leader and Commentator in the Space of Spiritual Entrepreneurship
    Finding inner peace and happiness amongst the chaos and confusion

  • Thought Leader and Commentator in Resilience and Courage
    My personal story of overcoming adversity and eventually finding success and fulfilment in business and in life

  • Work Life Balance is Bullshit
    the myth about the unattainable

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