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Anders Sorman Nilsson


After Dinner - Authors - Business - Change Management - Creativity - Demographic Trends - Future - Generation X - Generational Change - Global Trends - Globalisation - Innovation - Inspiration - Inspirational - Law - Social Issues - Social Trends - Y & Z

Change Expert/ Future Thinking

Anders is a reformed lawyer, an avid social commentator, and a somewhat funky thinker. He is the Creative Director and founder of the consultancy Thinque.

Anders unique global perspectives have been helping leaders, teams, and business owners in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia make sense of and harness disruptive trends in innovations, generations and communications. His misfit insights have recently been manifested in his book Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking and amplified by endorsements via AFR Boss Magazine, Wired (UK), and Monocle.

Advising clients like Apple, MTV, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, SAP, McCann Erickson, CPA Australia, UTS Business School and Macquarie Bank on 'next practice', Anders' future thinking provides GPS directions for businesses, teams and leaders seeking to navigate a constantly shifting business landscape, and successfully enter a new decade of thinking.

Swedish by design, Germanic by schooling, and Australian by choice, he is a linguistic gymnast who challenges his audiences to upgrade the way they think. A self-confessed cultural transvestite, Anders draws on a smorgasbord of international ideas and trends to inspire ideas and facilitate conversations. Anders is an expert on generational trends, thought leadership branding, and innovation. He works with an innovative portfolio of brands including Dow Jones and Fortune 500 companies, and some of the leading organisations on BusinessWeek/Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Ranking.

We upgrade, exchange and replace our software because we know that old technology, rusty circuitry and limited bandwidth won't suffice in the future. Yet why are we so reluctant to apply the same upgrades to our thinking? The current rapid pace of change in every industry means that we need to be constantly upgrading our personal, organisational and leadership software.

The only way to make these upgrades is to understand how oncoming trends are likely to affect your organization, so you can act swiftly when the next tidal wave of information hits your shores. How would your company be different if your staff were inspired about change, rather than paralyzed by it? Or if your leaders could raise performance to meet the oncoming generations, do more with less, and innovate their way into the future? Or better still, if you knew which trends were impacting your industry today and how to position your thinking favourably for the future?

About Anders

Anders Sorman-Nilsson was born in Sweden in 1981, and is a true Generation Y spokesman. He grew up in the centre of the Swedish capitol with his brother and parents, and attended a German Public School under the instructions of his parents, who were keen for their sons to become bi-lingual and independent thinking at an early age. At the age of sixteen, he joined his family in Canberra, where his parents had been stationed to the Swedish Embassy.

Within two years of learning English, Anders scored a UAI of 99.70, earning him an international scholarship to study a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in International Relations) at the Australian National University. After completing a Specialization in the Law Governing International Relations at the University of Vienna, Anders finished his studies at the A.N.U. with a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. While studying, Anders balanced his academic commitments with coaching, international conference attendance, sports and legal work.

After completing his Honours thesis in law and finishing a clerkship with one of Australia’s pre-eminent top tier law firms, Anders felt that he could make a more profound impact in the world by channeling his resources and experiences in a unique way. He became interested in personal development while at school in Canberra, researching trading psychology while day-trading the ASX and Foreign Exchange Markets during his university years, and immersing himself in certification courses at each level of various cutting-edge personal development methodologies. Anders realised his calling lay in the field of success coaching and training. In 2005 he founded Thinque and has since evolved his coaching and training skills by attaining the NLP Trainers’ Trainer Certification, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

An internationally awarded speaker and magazine contributor, Anders has effectively coached his clients towards great success. One of his training clients was recently voted Ethnic Business Person of the Year 2006 after a massive business expansion; a second won the Triple J Unearthed 2006 Competition; and a third achieved her long sought-after career goal as a producer with an international TV channel within 1 month of coaching.

As the Managing Director and Principal Trainer at Thinque, Anders has been interviewed by ABC and SBS Radio, and has featured in Australian, Swedish and Austrian magazines. He has authored numerous articles, and is the author of the popular personal development blog - the Thinque Tanque and is featuring in the 2007 book ‘Secrets of Top Success Coaches Exposed’ by Dale Beaumont.

Presentation Topics Include

Anders speaks on trends in innovations, generations & communications

  • Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking
  • Future Thinking: global rends and thinking that are upending your industry
  • Gapminder 3.0: How to communicate cross-generationally
  • Social media in the 3.0 Age: connecting with the cynical consumer
  • Thought Leadership Marketing: the ultimate competitive advantage
  • Zeitgeist: the vibe of the times and how it's impacting your business 


I've never seen such positive feedback on our leadership meetings. People really left energised and engaged.
President of Business Unit, Fortune 500, Pharmaceutical Company

Anders' style is as entertaining and engaging as it is upbeat and informative. From the audience feedback, I know the attendees appreciated his unique take on forces at play in our global business environment and the personal transformations we must all undergo to remain compatible, effective and relevant.
Transport and Defence Industry

Anders provided an engaging and energetic presentation of real and relevant information to the business that could be used in all areas across the business both now and moving into the future!
Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company

Excellent, professional, well-structured presentation and good connection to audience, very energetic and engaging
Executive Director, Bus Industry Federation

At the US event, after two solid days, Ander has the entire audience on their feet and a room full of 130 people plus were more engaged than I have ever seen. His knowledge around trends in innovations, communication, and generations is unparalleled and the research he does into adapting his style cross-culturally was incredible. If you haven't heard one of his keynotes yet, add it to your bucket list!"
Eli Lilly, America

"I needed my opening keynote to not only energize the crowd but to also help set the tone of the conference for the full week. Anders delivered all the above and so much more, helping us kickoff one of our best conferences to date. He adopted his speech to the unique demographics of our audience, heeding all my recommendations and requests. His informative, energetic and quirky / entertaining style was a huge hit with our attendees. I highly recommend him for any speaking engagement and look forward to calling on his services again."
Cisco Systems, Inc

"What a fantastic presentation. You really have an art at catching people’s attention and retaining it for the duration. In fact it was disappointing the hour was over all of a sudden."
"Thanks for the entertaining and valuable presentation you gave this morning on thought leadership and streamlining ideas. I found it to be a rewarding experience and am sure I will be able to take something away from it."
"Thanks for the fantastic presentation this morning here in Perth, definitely one of the one of the best and funniest I’ve ever been to – well done!"
Aurecon Roadshow 2010!

"Anders' delivery was schmick! He had a room full of Real Estate Agents in stitches & engaged throughout his presentation. Cheers!"
Ausnet Real Estate Services

“On both occasions that we have hired Anders to speak, Anders’ message has been diverse, clear, interactive whilst delivering great meaning which all attendees have obtained and subsequently implemented within their individual environments. We will continue to incorporate Anders into our future seminar calendar due to numerous and impressive feedback received and would recommend Anders to any company wishing to inspire “funky” thought processes to their target market.”
Schwarzkopf / Henkel

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Anders during reparation for a national congress, where Anders was voted Best Speaker’. In all my dealings with Anders I found him to be extremely accommodating and helpful. Our timelines were incredibly tight but he was able to work within the parameters with no issue. He makes his presentations so applicable and relevant to the audience. I have been lucky enough to have attended a couple of Anders’ sessions and have come away each time with new strategies to try, which is otherwise rare and I am pleased to say the strategies have been effective!”
Novotech Pharmaceutical

“Anders presented to a group of leading finance executives on behalf of the CFO Ambition forum. His topic was very well presented, with a mix of media and interaction that maintained and captured the whole audience. He is very knowledgeable, inspires thought and creates motivation to change our thinking. He is without doubt one of the most engaging speakers out there!”
Ambition Recruitment

“Anders is like a B12 shot in the arm……you go in feeling lethargic, exhausted, lacking motivation. You leave feeling energised, enthused, alive. He enables you to get back out there and tackle your problems head-on with practical solutions you can implement today. Do yourself a favour ……get a shot.”
Queensland Health

“Thanks again for your participation and cooperation with our past event, you were a dream to work with and I will tell everyone in the “game” who is looking for a special presenter for their next event!"
Mater Health Services

"Anders was the perfect opening keynote for our marketing-focused conference. He listened to what we wanted to achieve and he delivered exactly what we asked for. His energy, creativity and engaging speaking style help us set the tone, excitement and focus we wanted to achieve from the kickoff for our event."
Vice President, Juniper Networks

"I was looking for an engaging and thought-provoking speaker for our conference in early December 2010. I needed my opening keynote to not only energize the crowd but to also help set the tone of the conference for the full week. Anders delivered all the above and so much more, helping us kickoff one of our best conferences to date."
Cisco, Barcelona

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